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October/1/2014 10:13 pm Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

For the TAKEN Fans: Liam Neeson Returns in TAKEN 3 | Watch the Trailer…



For the TAKEN fans, Liam Neeson is back in Taken 3 as ex-covert operative Bryan Mills, whose reconciliation with his ex-wife is tragically cut short when she is brutally murdered.

“Consumed with rage, and framed for the crime, he goes on the run to evade the relentless pursuit of the CIA, FBI and the police. For one last time, Mills must use his “particular set of skills,” to track down the real killers, exact his unique brand of justice, and protect the only thing that matters to him now – his daughter”.

Earlier this year, I was at ITV studios in London as one of the many Londoners who made up a rousing audience for ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’—and Liam Neeson was a guest together with Peter Andre, Oscar Award winner-Goldie Hawn and Danny Dyer.

During the interview, Neeson mentioned that he will return in TAKEN 3 but only if no was taken—and it seems that is what just happened. The wife was murdered, instead of taken…LOL

Check out the trailer below…

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October/1/2014 9:03 pm Posted By: GC Staff

WHEN BEING BLACK SUCKS: White Lesbian Mother Sues Sperm Bank After She Gave Birth to Mixed-Race Baby Because She Was Sent Black Man’s Sperm

When Being Black Sucks

When Being Black Sucks

First of all, apart from the fact that I find it a little stupid that lesbians will forgo the actual thing and spend money buying toys modeled to look like the actual thing, I also find it hypocritical of them to be going for sperms and inserting them so to have babies…

So they go and buy the semen and then open their legs to insert (I mean the home insemination). Yet they will not open their legs for the real bearer to just pour the things in there for them?

Now let’s look at this case…

A white lesbian mother in the Chicago, United States is suing a sperm bank after she claims she was mistakenly sent a black man’s sperm and gave birth to a mixed-race daughter.

The mother-Jennifer Cramblett, 36, says this mistake has caused her stress and anguish because her family is racist and she lives in a small, all-white Uniontown in northeast Ohio—where racism is just as normal as walking into KFC to by some chicken wings.

October/1/2014 8:15 pm Posted By: Abena Appiah Amoah

PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Nadia Buari on the ROCK!

Nadia Buari2

Nadia Buari

Actress Nadia Buari is looking supa-duper fly—and we are glad to see her looking this good. The actress is reported to have recently flew her entire family (minus her adopted father-Sidiku Buari) to South Africa for an all expenses paid by her family holiday.

Perhaps, the lack of ‘work stress’ is what is giving Nadia Buari the WOW look.

We heard she recently hooked up with Fally Ipupa in the States—and they spent a lot of public and private time together. Who knows; someone must be making her happy…

Check below for more photos…

October/1/2014 8:04 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Diddy Says Jennifer Lopez’s Butt is a ‘Work of Art’

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

From BeyondGossip.Com

Even though former power couple Diddy and J Lo broke up more than a decade ago, Diddy is still a huge admirer of the 42-year-old’s banging body.

During a short interview with Access Hollywood Live, Diddy praised his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez’s famous ASSet — her derrière.

“Oh my God, oh my God! I am so lucky to have that great woman in my history. She is one of the greatest I’ve ever seen. Go girl!,” said Diddy while viewing J Lo’s latest video ‘Booty’ during his appearance on Access Hollywood.

He also quashed rumours that they may be back in to each other’s arm soon. “Oh no, no. We’re great as friends. I’m great as a fan,” said Diddy.

October/1/2014 2:54 pm Posted By: GC Staff

It’s Not Incompatibility | It’s Failing to Accept ‘Difference’


Black couple


Too often, people blame ‘incompatibility’ when their marriages hit rock bottom. When they split up, they often attribute it to the incompatibility being too overwhelming. But they become overwhelmed by their differences, not just because they have them, but because they never learned to manage them constructively or were/are not ready or refusal to accept their individuality which initially was cool.

Differences aren’t so ‘conflictual’ in the early stages of relationships so they don’t pay that much attention to them. They focus more on similarities, as they are absorbed in getting to know each other. They are very excited and enthralled by their similarities more than their differences, as well as what they may share in common or ‘values’.

Truth of the matter is, sometimes, they don’t actually share the other persons likes but ‘buy into their ideals and ways’ to ‘earn’ the much needed relationship with them, forgetting that what we manipulate to get is very difficult to hold on to.

October/1/2014 12:01 pm Posted By: GC Staff

CHRIS-VINCENT: What Changed? | When the Person Who Was Not Interested in You Returns

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

For different reasons, certain enterprises including relationships may not be of interest to us at a point in time—and as human beings, we have the right to evaluate things before jumping into them.

Sometimes, there is a genuine cause for concern when a person who was once not interested in a relationship with you makes a grand return and this time, he/she is not only up for a relationship but seems to be ready to even get married.

The moment this happens, the disconnect between the action and response requires, that the returnee must be well assessed and If possible, the hidden truth of his or grand gesture must be ascertained. After all, a toad does not run in the daytime for nothing, writes CHRIS-VINCENT on BrutallyUncensored.Com.

Perhaps, my experience with a certain relationship returnee may help answer the question; what changed, when the person who was not interested in you returns?

During my College days in London, I met a beautiful young girl who knew how to rock the latest weave. Though I do not have any sort of admiration for weaves, she kept hers decent and the fact that it always smelled good made it not an issue of concern.

She was my senior in College and from the day we were introduced to each other by a mutual friend, my pursuit was on. Of course, I expected her to pull some few women strings before saying ‘yes’ to a relationship but it turned out that, she was set to waste my time.

On campus, it was a little intimidating for a junior to hold on to such a hot pursuit of a senior and the fact that she was as hot as the chase itself made it difficult. Almost everyone wanted a piece of her—as if she was some well decorated Christmas cake.

In the comfort of my mind, the situation was nothing new since all the women I had been with were somehow my senior—by age, career or education. She gave me a deserving attention and about twice a week, we had lunch together. Of course, paid by me and I kept looking for those dates, hoping they would increase my chance of scoring a relationship.


October/1/2014 10:52 am Posted By: GC Staff

First Case of Ebola Registered in Texas in The USA


Ebola Virus

If the United States manufactured Ebola as a means of population control as some people claim, then the gamble must have horrifically backfired, as the first case of the deadly virus has been recorded on US soil.

The man in Dallas, Texas, has been confirmed as the first case of Ebola occurring within the US. The man is believed to have been in Liberia a while ago, where he must have contracted the virus before travelling back to the USA a fortnight ago.

Some aid workers contracted the virus in Africa and were flown back home, but this is the first case recorded of a person contracting the disease in country.

Officials of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, where the patient is being held say he’s been held in isolation.

He returned to the US on 19 September to visit relatives, and started displaying symptoms on the 24th. He was admitted to the hospital and placed in isolation on the 28th of September.

Because he spent days going around before being admitted, health workers are trying to identify whoever he came into contact with to try and contain any potential outbreak.

October/1/2014 9:57 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

Jackie Appiah Swerves World Cup Presidential Commission of Inquiry | She is Holidaying in Czech Republic

Razz Newspaper

Razz Newspaper

Over the weekend, several online reports stated that actress-Jackie Appiah was going to make an appearance before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry set up to investigate Ghana’s 2014 World Cup fiasco—as the first celebrity ambassador.

The reports said; Jackie Appiah and the other celebrity ambassadors were paid over $20,000 each on a state-sponsored all-expenses paid trip to the World Cup, and it was time for her to answer some questions—just as others have been doing in front of the commission.

But Monday passed and Jackie Appiah did not make any appearance as reported. In fact, she was far away in Europe, holidaying…

Razz Newspaper contacted Jackie Apppiah and she said; “I am lost; no one has contacted me or informed be about anything. You are the first person to even tell me about this story circulating online, so let’s consider it as one of the online public rumors”.

Read below for more from RazzNewspaper which comes out every Wednesday…


Pretty Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah was trending as one of the chosen celebrity ambassadors for Ghana’s participation at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. She was again trending over some disturbing speculations about her so-called closeness with the then Minister of Sports and months after the World Cup, Jackie is again trending for her supposed appearance before the Commission of Inquiry set up to investigate proceedings at the mundial.

Jackie Appiah’s name has extensively been bandied around in the media as the first entertainer-ambassador to appear before the Justice Dzamefe-led Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Ghana’s dismal performance at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

The actress was said to make the appearance early this week, together with the Ghana Football Association (GFA) Vice President, Fred Crenstil and former national football team stars, C.K. Akunnor and Augustine Arhinful.

However, Razz investigations revealed that the actress is in far away Czech Republic and expressed her ignorance of her being called before the Commission when the paper spoke to her.

October/1/2014 9:03 am Posted By: GC Staff

GC Cartoon of the Week: Actor Big Akwess’ Apology Edition

Big Akwess Ban

Big Akwess Ban

Last week, Kumasi based actor-Big Akwess (real name Akwesi Asamoah) was in the news for having made a comment which suggested that Ghanaian Directors and Producers sleep with actors and actresses in exchange for movie roles—an industry trade secret.

Following this comment, Big Akwess was attached from all quarters, by a group called Actresses Association of Ghana, then came Ghana Actors’ Guild and FIPAG.

Even though Big Akwess went back to the TV station where he made the above comment to retract his statement as the above bodies demanded, he was still slapped with 2 years ban by FIPAG.

Today, we look at the Big Akwess’ apology with our GC Cartoon of the Week…


September/30/2014 6:16 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Meet the Final Big Brother Hotshots Housemates | Arthur & Frankie from Rwanda

Arthur from Rwanda

Arthur from Rwanda

On 5th October, the 2014 Big Brother Africa, dubbed HotShots will be launched and today we bring you the final two housemates—representing Rwanda.

Check out the profiles of Arthur and Frankie below…

Arthur | Age: 23 | Rwanda

Kigali-born Radio Presenter Arthur describes himself as ‘funny, humorous and humble’. He says he loves the fact that he is social and makes friends easily. He enjoys people who are humble, and dislikes people who are irresponsible.

His favourite foods are rice and beans, his favourite book The Whole Truth, and favourite TV show, Real Husbands of Hollywood. He enjoys Usher’s music and his favourite actor, Kevin Hart, is the star of his favourite film, Think Like A Man Too.

He says that viewers can expect ‘talent and humour’ from him and if he wins, he’ll invest his money in business. What won’t he do to win? ‘Anything that goes against my human nature’.

September/30/2014 5:55 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Black Stars Management Committee Members Collected $557,000 As Appearance Fees



The Justice Dzamefe Presidential Commission continues their relentless search into the events surrounding the debacle known as Brazil 2014.

Several high profile personalities who were in one way or another associated with running Ghana’s appearance in Brazil has appeared, with some making startling revelations along the way. But as the committee gets closer to fulfilling their mandate, they are now interrogating people who were directly in charge of the Black Stars, and some juicy titbits are coming out as a result.

Acting General Secretary of the GFA Emmanuel Gyimah, took his turn in the hot seat today, and if Ghanaians are feeling nauseous by some of the revelations so far, Mr Gyimah’s own is enough to churn the stomach just a little bit more.

According to the FA General Secretary, he received an authority note from Kwesi Nyantakyi, which he presented to the accountant of the Sports Ministry, to cash $557,000 to be paid out as appearance fees to the members of the Black Stars management team.

The money, he said, was for the seven member management committee, with each member being entitled to $82,500. He said he delivered the cash to FA President, a management committee member himself, in Brazil.

Even more astounding was the fact that there were only five management committee members in Brazil, yet the note was for seven. Jordan Anagblah passed away a while ago, whilst Emmanuel Kyeremeh left the committee, and since then the Black Stars had been run by a five member team.

September/30/2014 2:26 pm Posted By: Thelma Louis

A Little Too Much

Thelma Louis

Thelma Louis

When I was thirteen, in secondary school form two and I had to manage a tin of milo for an entire month, I made a solemn promise to myself. I decided that when I grew up, and I had my own money I will drink at least five cups of thick milo everyday, waste one full tin of ideal milk in every cup, spread planta margarine in a loaf of hot tea bread and eat my heart out.

Twenty two years on, I earn Ghc4,735 a month after taxes, I drive a 2013 Toyota Corolla, I live in a beautiful house in East Legon, I travel business class at least once every year but I hate bread. I prefer tea with one cube sugar. Black.

So this particular night I am staring at my husband and wondering what happened to all those cravings I used to have for him when we first married five years ago. Because like my lack of hunger for thick milo, bread and butter I had no sexual desires whatsoever for this guy who once gave me multiple orgasms under ten minutes in the shower.

We were having our usual Friday girl’s hang out at our favorite restaurant. Serwaa Boateng had the floor. She was on her fifth glass of red wine, had let down her long natural locks and was not nearly done spewing her guts.

Luckily we had booked the private room on Monday so we had the space to ourselves. Five girls, all in our mid thirties, gainfully employed, two mothers, two wives, one divorcee, all in thriving relationships with attractive successful African men, all sexually frustrated.

‘For the second time in a row this week I had to imagine myself being hammered by a faceless dirty looking plumber to reach org*sm whiles my husband worked his skills on top of me’ Serwaa blurted out again. She was tipsy. Anytime now she was going to trip over her shoes lying nearby and succumb to gravity. I went to her and led her back to her seat. She laughed her frustration and asked for more wine.

Before Serwaa, most of the girls in the room had vented.

Obviously there were a lot more questions than answers. We were wondering why the cravings had changed. Why Fanta didn’t taste as good anymore? Why chicken and rice was nothing special at Christmas and why the hell did Piccadilly Biscuits tasted like chalk?

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Thelma Louis

Thelma Louis

The Run Up Show

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri



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