November/23/2014 5:49 pm Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

VVIP Responds to Allegations By Former VIP Member-Promzy that Reggie Rockstone Connived With Them to KICK Him Out

Reggie Rockstone

Reggie Rockstone

It doesn’t seem like the controversy surrounding the transformation of VIP to VVIP will end anytime soon— despite the fact that legendary Ghanaian musician-Reggie Rockstone who has now joined the long standing Ghanaian musical group has on many occasions detached himself from the reasons why Promzy left the group.

After Promzy who was part of the formation of the group exited, paving way for discussions which obviously led to Reggie Rockstone’s entry, we’ve heard several allegations of foul play—and according to a new report, Reggie Rockstone teamed up with Joseph Nana Ofori (Prodigal) and Abdul Hamid Ibrahim (Lazy now Zeal) to KICK Promzy out so the former could make his grand entry.

The Clock Newspaper wrote that;

“According to Promzy, everything was well with him and his “brothers” until Reggie Rockstone came into the picture, “we were cool and had made plans for a new project we were about to get underway only for me to hear that I had been replaced by Reggie” he noted.

Promzy, who could not hold back his tears during the entire period of the interview challenged his former group members to produce his resignation letter if they claim he resigned or left the group on his own, “where is the resignation letter, ask Reggie to produce the resignation letter that paved way for him to join the group” he said while shedding tears, insisting that the God father of hiplife was the one behind his fallout from the legendary hip hife group, VIP.”

GhanaCelebrities.Com spoke to Zeal (formerly known as Lazy) in relation to the above publication—and he said, ‘there is no truth in it.’

Zeal said; ‘Promzy had on many occasions come to us, wanting to leave the group and embark on a solo career. And we had on many occasional talked him into seeing the positive side in staying together as group. However, before he even came to us this last time, he had already started his own solo career with a recording.’

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November/23/2014 2:11 pm Posted By: GC Staff

The Girl With The Cocaine Stash: A Timeline of the Biggest Story in Ghana Right Now And One Long Sorry indictment On Ghana And Our Way Of Doing Things

Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Appiah (middle)

Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Appiah (middle)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you surely must have heard about the case involving ‘The Girl With The Cocaine Stash’. That’s the moniker I’ve given to this whole saga, modelled on the title of the uber successful novel and movie, ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.’

Nayele Ametefeh, aka Ruby Adu Gyamfi, aka Ruby Appiah, aka Angel, was arrested by security operatives at London’s Heathrow Airport carrying twelve kilos of cocaine spread between her luggage and handbag. Initial reports claimed she carried a Ghanaian diplomatic passport, and within hours the government had been sent into crisis mode.

The Minister of Communications, Edward Omane Boahmah, was at the forefront of this exercise. He loudly proclaimed that the lady arrested held no diplomatic passport, and pointed to an error of some online publications using the wrong picture to accompany the story, as well as insinuations that she was close to the first family; to indicate that due diligence was not done. The Bureau of National Investigations then ‘invited’ the CEO of Citi FM and the editor of the Daily Graphic in for questioning.

After several questions were raised over their role in such an event, the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB), decided to flex their muscles and show they were on top of issues; they ended up embarrassing themselves more than they ever would have done by just staying silent.

They issued a statement signed by their Deputy Executive Secretary, Richard Nii Lante Blankson. Once again it was categorically denied that Ruby held a diplomatic passport, that she just held an Austrian passport and an ordinary Ghanaian passport. The clincher from NACOB, that she was arrested at Heathrow through a collaborative effort between NACOB and its British partners.

November/23/2014 2:10 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Kwaw Kese Arrested & LOCKED in Kumasi for Smoking Weed?

Kwaw Kese

Kwaw Kese

It looks like the man insane-Kwaw Kese has landed himself in trouble in Kumasi as the Ghanaian hiplife artiste is reported to have been locked up for possesion and smoking of weed.

According to NyDJLive.Com, a blog operated by a Kumasi based radio personality, Kwaw Kese “who dished out a performance to remember at the Old School Reunion in Kumasi on Saturday night was arrested around 2 am Sunday morning at a popular open hangout called Plus 2 (Ahodwo) where he was smoking MARIJUANA with a group of friends.”

Possession and smoking of marijuana remains a criminal offence in Ghana—and we are told, Kwaw is still in custody.

Perhaps, he thought he was in Amsterdam.

November/23/2014 9:46 am Posted By: GC Staff

Shocking Video Showing Nanny Beating Small Girl Mercilessly Goes Viral | What is Your Take?

Maid Abuses Child

Maid Abuses Child

Chris-Vincent’s Comments on the issue

There is a video going around of a housemaid grossly abusing a child—in fact that is atrocious (if you have not seen it yet, check it below).

I am not in anyway in support of the treatment the housemaid gave to the child but two things come to mind after watching the video!

In Africa, we treat housemaids with similar or the same gross contempt and do really we expect them to take genuine and proper care of our children?

Some treat their housemaids less as they will treat their own children. So what do such people expect when they leave these same abused maids alone with their precious children?

Also, have you considered why the housemaid was eating the child’s food? It wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that she does not have any food of her own—else she would have gone and taken her own portion.

Most of these housemaids are given no or little food or even if given, what they eat is what the dogs are worth.

CCTVs are not the answer to the conundrum; the answer lies in Confucius’ golden rule “Do unto others as you would want them do unto you”, found in the Analects (500 BCE). Of course, well plagiarised and stolen by religion (specifically Jesus Christ and the Bible- Matthew 7:12, the Hindu sacred literature- Mahabharata, bk. 5, ch. 49, v. 57, and the Buddhist sacred literature- Udanavargu, 5:18).

If we begin to treat our housemaids with love; they will treat our children with equal love…


This shocking video is enough to leave any person livid with rage at how anyone can be so heartless, particularly towards a child.

The woman in the video is the nanny who takes care of the kids of a Ugandan couple. The footage was taking with a secret cam in the living room, which the parents activated after finding bruises on their kids which the nanny could not satisfactorily explain.

The nanny was reported to the Police and is currently in custody. The girl is still alive despite several stories floating on social media that she had died.

A really sad situation and justice must be meted out to this heartless lady.

Watch the video below (Viewers Discretion)…

November/22/2014 8:36 pm Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

Trailer + ‘WHEN LOVE HAPPENS’ Starring Desmond Elliot, OC Ukeje, Gideon Okeke, Beverely Naya, Wale Ojo, Bukky Wright & Others Set for Cinema Release in Accra on 28th November, 2014

When Love Happens

When Love Happens

Future Gate Pictures, Phebean Films and FilmOne Distribution, the Nigerian-based companies credited with successful box office smash hits-Half of a Yellow Sun and October 1, are set to take over the SilverBird Cinemas in Accra from 28th November, 2014 with the release of their latest romantic comedy-When Love Happens.

The romance flick which is directed by MTV and Channel O Music video award-winning director-Seyi Babatope (Ikechukwu’s ‘Wind am well’ ft Dbanj and Don Jazzy, Tinsel and Ojos in the house) features talented Nollywood actor-Desmond Elliot, OC Ukeje, Gideon Okeke, Beverely Naya, Weruche Opia, Oreka Godis, Wale Ojo, Bukky Wright, Bassey Keppy Ekpeyong, Helen Paul and Shaffy Bello.

In ‘When Love Happens’ Moduroti Bankole –Smith is a twenty eight year old events planner who has always been unlucky with love. She is reminded at every turn how wonderful love is with proof to substantiate the case.

Her parents who are madly in love cannot also stop nudging her to find someone.

Events take a bizarre turn when she is hired to plan the upcoming wedding of a long timw friend. This ignites a change and chain reaction in Moduroti who sets off, determined to open her self to new ways of exploring the dating world and finding romance.

An old flame returns to town to further complicate her plans. Unknown to her, her close friend Tobe secretly harbours affection for her and that starts to reverberate as an under current that will reach a tipping point—a point that will either end badly or for the better.

November/22/2014 4:05 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Ghanaian Lady Who Tried to Smuggle 12 Kilos of Cocaine into London Has Been on Wanted List Since 2009 in Ghana & Yet She Was Everywhere in Ghana Without Any Arrest?

Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Appiah

Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Appiah

Apparently, the Ghanaian lady-Nayele Ametefeh who was arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport with 12kilos of cocaine has been on the wanted list of Ghana’s NACOB since 2009.

StarrFmOnline.Com reports that “a former NACOB Commander at Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport, Anthony Smith – who said he is very familiar with the lady involved in the trafficking saga – made the revelation on Joy FM’s newsfile programme Saturday in an interview with host Samson Lardy Anyenini.

Smith revealed that Ametefeh has several aliases which may have aided her to slip through the security net all this while until her arrest on November 9/10 by UK security authorities at Heathrow.”

Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Appiah

Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Appiah

The former NACOB Commander stated that, the drug trafficker-Nayele Ametefeh, alias Ruby Adu Gyamfi used the name ‘Ruby Appiah’, to traffic drugs years ago—which landed her on their wanted list.

And the question is; if this lady has been on NACOB’s wanted list since 2009—where has seen been hiding? She was roaming in Accra amongst some of the promiment Ghanaians and yet no from of NACOB could fish her out?

November/22/2014 2:30 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Celebrity Instagram & Twit Photos of the Week: Nana Ama McBrown, Roselyn Ngissah, Kalsoume Sinare, Christabel Ekeh, Sandra Ankobiah, John Dumelo & Others

Nana Ama McBrown

Nana Ama McBrown

Ghanaian actress-Nana Ama McBrown visited the Kumasi prison to give out some few things to the inmates—and she shared a photo, as part of her charity activities…

Roselyn Ngissah shared a photo with her fans and we cannot just let the eyebrows go unmentioned.

Check below for photos from Christabel Ekeh, John Dumelo, Kalsoume Sinare, Yvonne Nelson and others…

November/22/2014 1:51 pm Posted By: GC Staff

PHOTOS: How Nadia Buari Spent Turning 32

Nadia Buari

Nadia Buari

Ghanaian actress-Nadia Buari turned 32 yesterday— and she has shared photos of how she spent her day.

Though the photos do not say much, she seems to have spent her day at a pebble beach and we hope she was not alone. Definetely, someone was out there with her taking the photos—so she must have gotten some good company.

Nadia Buari was on 21st November, 1982 at Takoradi to Mama Buari and an alleged Albanian man–and others say, the father is a German seaman.

On her birthday, the actress wrote; “I thank God for giving Me another Year to be Productive and Proactive, to share my life and be a blessing to other people. It’s another year to dream, to live, to enjoy, to share, to celebrate, and to execute whatever left unexecuted in my Life. Thanks for this amazing gift. My joy knows no bounds. #MyScorpioLove #BirthdayBlessings”

Check below for the photos…

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November/22/2014 11:56 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

CHRIS-VINCENT: A Member of Parliament in A Democracy Says Adulterous Women Should Be Stoned & Every One Descends on Him But GOD Says It & No One Dare Coughs



Despite my increasing revulsion for religion and the many religious zealots around, I must commend religion on its grasp of the mind—including that of some of the most intelligent people and those who call themselves moderates.

Surely, religion is the only tool which can make the smartest person in the room fail to use reason and if you want turn a good person into evil without objection, just employ religion. It works everywhere, try it in North Korea, Israel, Iraq or Nigeria and you will get the same result, writes CHRIS-VINCENT on BrutallyUncensored.Com.

In today’s religious communities, there are two obvious groups of people—the fundamentalists and the moderates—and many enlightened persons who for reasons of comfort, indoctrination and a hope of a better afterlife cannot question their faith automatically become moderates.

The moderates believe in many of the 21st century governing principles such as democracy, rule of law, human rights, women rights, gender equality and the many others—all made possible by the increasing notion of secularism and not by any efforts of religion. In fact, religion has always been the main antagonist to the development of these worthy principles.

Since most of the above beliefs sharply contradict some of the required behaviour expected and imposed by the two main monotheistic religions-Islam and Christianity through their Holy Books, the fundamentalists who claim to live by the true meaning of the words find the moderates who are regularly compromising not any better than the unbelievers.

And the moderates somewhat sees the fundamentalists as those unchanged by contemporary development—and as those reading the texts with no amount of flexibility, eventhough flexibility or elimination is not an option when it comes to the religious texts.

So there is this central tension between these two assemblages of believers who are in one sense the same people, following the teachings of one Holy Book—and in another, they define the internal inconsistency and the extent that one is ready to go to accept the barbarism of their Holy Books.

Few weeks ago, a Member of Parliament in the West African democratic country-Ghana boldly suggested in parliament during a Bill deliberation that ‘adulterous women’ should be stoned—and that this punishment which is being used in many religious States who regard themselves as ‘States of God’ should be adopted in Ghana.

From every angle of the country, he was met with attacks—and both the religious and non-religious condemned him for his suggestion and ‘supposed’ contempt of women. His fellow parliamentarians struck him down and I can perfectly imagine the isolation he faced until he later came out to apologize for his ‘not 21st century’ statement.

Here, there is a clear consensus that, stoning of anybody—be it a woman or a dog to death should not be part of our civilization and we must treat with gross contempt, any attempt to have us consider this.



November/22/2014 9:57 am Posted By: GC Staff

Bill Cosby Has Been Accused By A Million Women of Rape: But is There More To The Story Than Meets The Eye?

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

Everyone knows who Bill Cosby is. There can be no doubt the groundbreaking nature of the Cosby Show that run with the affable comedian as its titular character.

Within the past month alone, about nine women have come out to relate stories of sexual assault suffered at the hands of Mr. Cosby. The increasingly scary stories paint the picture of a predator who has no regard for consequence and delights in asserting dominance over those he violates.

And this latest wave is not appearing in a vacuum. In 2005 a similar case was being built against the comedian, which had the appearance of a class action. Though with one plaintiff, they had lined up 13 anonymous women, all of whom were prepared to testify under oath to suffering abuse at the hands of Cosby. The case was abruptly settled in November 2005. There have been numerous allegations also, though no serious trial has ever emanated from any of these instances.

The cast of accusers this time round is a varied one, from celebrities to lowlife nobodies, but all of whom have one story in common. The dates of the encounters also vary hugely enough for the deduction to be made, if true, of a systematic, probably pathological disorder.

Within all these the comedian himself has kept quiet as an avalanche sweeps over his life. Recent projects with NBC and Netflix has both been cancelled, he had two late night talk show appearances also cancelled within the period the allegations surfaced. He also got asked about it during an interview, but he shrugged off the question saying he does not talk about it.

So what exactly is going on here? Do we have on our hands a seemingly loveable man whose calm exterior hides a nasty core, a true Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? Or do we have a question of a victim of circumstance, people seeking to cash in on the inevitable media and public brouhaha surrounding such a shocking story?

November/22/2014 9:01 am Posted By: GC Contributor|Tima Andoh

President Mahama Dissolves The Board Of NACOB + Creates New Ministry Of Power

President-John Mahama

President-John Mahama

It’s increasingly looking like the President is on a warpath to defuse most of the crises his government has saddled the people of Ghana with.

Yesterday he took the largely ineffectual step of ‘firing’ the head of ECG, and he’s now taking more steps aimed at handling another issue that is denting Ghana’s image hard on the international scene.

I am talking about the case of the woman with thousand aliases, Angel for short, who was arrested at London’s Heathrow carrying an obscene amount of cocaine on her. The state agencies handling of the entire saga leaves a lot to be desired.

The Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) has been the worst culprits in this musical chairs of who screwed up most. After failing to detect the cocaine in Ghana (willingly or unwillingly, nobody knows), they then came out to say they allowed her to leave because the operation was a joint one with London authorities.

Of course, that ridiculous assertion was immediately shot down by the Brits, with a statement from the UK High Commission refuting any prior knowledge of anyone travelling with cocaine, whilst saying if that was the case they would ensure the person was arrested here.

November/21/2014 8:56 pm Posted By: GC Staff

PHOTOS: Arrested Cocaine Girl Wore All White With Expensive Accessories to KOD’s Recent Wedding | She Has Friends in the Entertainment Industry Too…

Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Appiah

Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Appiah

Ghanaian/Austrian drug trafficker- Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Appiah has become an overnight celebrity for the wrong reason—and even before her high profile arrest at London’s Heathrow Airport, she was pretty common in the Ghanaian Entertainment circle.

At the recent KOD wedding that took place at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra, Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Appiah posed for photos with some friends—and it’s obvious she spent some of the cocaine money on expensive accessories…

Attending KOD’s wedding does not automatically mean she is a friend of the Ghanaian radio personality but on the face of it, it wouldn’t be far from wrong to infer so…

From the above photos, you can see some well known Ghanaian personalities walking behind her…

Anyway, check below for photos of the girl of the moment…

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