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July/31/2014 7:24 pm Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

VIDEO: Yvonne Nelson is Still Defending Her BLEACHED Skin | Are We Not Over This?

Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

We have had enough of Yvonne Nelson’s bleaching and her counter claims of not bleaching talks….And yet, she continues to discuss this.

Some of us have made our minds up that home-girl has changed her complexion and no level of discrediting can change this.

Someone who recently worked with Yvonne Nelson on set had to this to say “Chris, I know and saw that Yvonne Nelson has tampered with her complexion but can you guys give her other side a little attention instead of her complexion”.

All the same, Joselyn Dumas sat down with Yvonne Nelson recently for her TV show “@ home with Joselyn Dumas” and as usual, the bleaching talk came flying through.

Yvonne is still hiding behind that defensive wall—when most of us have given up on her complexion. At the end of the day, it is her goddam business—just that we won’t be easily deceived.

I watched the video and the only question I asked myself is;  so Yvonne Nelson is happy with how she looks huh?

Check out what Yvonne Nelson had to say…

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July/31/2014 6:52 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Nigerian Woman Kills her Two Kids After Giving Them ‘Holy Water’ from Pastor to Drink

Shocking News

Shocking News

I never understand people’s desperation for spiritual remedies in their lives, a sort of miracle cure to all their ills in this world prescribed to them by a ‘man of God’.

We after all, frown on cheating in any other endeavour of our lives. Yet people seek these spiritual means to give them an advantage over other people, whether for a job, or a husband, or any of those miracles these preachers advertise to us all the time.

A woman in Nigeria found herself in deep anguish today after her actions led to the death of her two kids in Delta State.

The Public Relations Officer of the Delta Police Command, revealed the details of the case in a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria.

The woman, 25 year old Ese Oghenevwe, confessed to the Police that she had given a liquid substance she received from church to her two children to drink. The substance was advertised as having healing powers and was sold to members of the congregation for 1,850 Naira (around $10)

The two children, who died shortly after drinking this ‘holy water’, were aged nine months and two years.

The Delta Police Command also announced that the pastor in question, one Apostle Austin Eduviere of Triumphant World International Church in Abraka, had also been arrested and he was assisting the police in their investigations.

July/31/2014 5:20 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Is It Wrong For Celebrities to Consult SPIRITUALISTS For Physical And Spiritual Help? | My Answer Is NO!

Martha Ankomah

Martha Ankomah

It is high time the general public stop being hypocrites and come to terms or understanding that stars or celebrities – whichever discipline they belong to, face or can face both physical and spiritual warfare just as any other person living in this world.

Stars or celebrities are humans and not angels. They also suffer spiritual warfare: spiritual marriage, spiritual disappointments, spiritual sabotage, spiritual illnesses, amongst others. A year ago, Hiplife musician Castro de Destroyer was sent to a prophetess to cure him of a severe illness he was suffering from.

When the story got into the media, many people took the news with shock. ‘Why did he visit a spiritualist,’ ‘Castro has been exposed,’ he visits spiritualists to promote his music, etc. Those were some of the comments that came from some people.

Even when manager of Castro DJ Amess came public to explain that the prophetess is Castro’s personal spiritualist whom the latter visits for spiritual assistance as and when, those who refuse to learn and to change their minds couldn’t see the sense in that.

Another one that caught my attention for this piece is Nigerian actor Jim Iyke who visited spiritualist Prophet T. B. Joshua and was delivered of a spirit that alleged that it had married the movie star – hence his unable to marry. President of Actors Guild of Nigerian Chegune Arinze resorted to the media and said Jim Iyke’s conduct (visiting T. B. Joshua and being delivered before the congregation) is a shame to Nollywood.

My fury – so because Jim Iyke is a celebrity or star, no evil spirit can posses him or torment him?

I still don’t get it! If you and I who are not celebrities can visit a spiritualist to solve a pressing spiritual problem, then leave celebrities who also visit spiritualists for the same purpose alone! If you don’t believe in spiritual matters, I guess you don’t even have to continue reading – because you are living in a world of your own.

This write up is one that if you are a celebrity who has been attacked spiritually before, can relate to and appreciate better. Or if you know of or have a relative or friend who is a celebrity or star and has been through spiritual attacks before, would appreciate better.

July/31/2014 3:58 pm Posted By: GC Staff

PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Ama K Abebrese, Yvonne Nelson, Becca, Nadia Buari & John Dumelo

Ama K Abebrese

Ama K Abebrese

Ghanaian actress/TV personality-Ama Konadu Abebrese is rocking another short hair, giving her signature long hair style a break—and she seems to be feeling this more, so she shared a photo.

Currently, Ama K. Abebrese is championing a strong anti-skin bleaching campaign in Ghana, with thick billboards having been mounted at several places in Accra. And she continues to celebrate her natural skin tone.

Check below for photos from Yvonne Nelson, Becca, Nadia Buari and John Dumelo…

July/31/2014 11:56 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

TV Presenter-Delay ‘Deloris Frimpong Manso’ Says She is Not the Person in the New Seks Tape Being Circulated | Forget the Resemblance



To be frank, I do not know why Halifax Ansah Addo and Delay will even comment on this, considering the fact that they are certain Delay (real name Deloris Frimpong Manso) is not the woman being banged in a new seks tape circulating around.

Yesterday, I received a video of a woman who somewhat looks like Delay, being given a HOT back shot by a “white man”—and for the 3 times that the face of the woman was shown, I could not miss the Delay resemblance.

For several reasons, I was certain it was not Delay in the video—and almost everyone who saw it said it is not Delay, though there was that striking resemblance.

Someone was even looking to see if there was a gap in the being banged woman’s teeth just as Delay, but nothing of such sort was spotted.

It is therefore shocking that Delay and her team have decided to comment on this when it is obvious that someone is being mischievous. Will they continue commenting when another untraceable bored person somewhere comes up with another resembling video? Certain things are better handled when IGNORED….

Below is what Halifax Ansah Addo, a member of Delay’s PR team had to say (according to NyDJLive);

July/31/2014 11:35 am Posted By: GC Staff

Interesting Sociological Experiment By Panji Anoff | Yet Ghana is Still Not Ready for Gay Rights

Panji Anoff

Panji Anoff

On Monday June 28, manager of FOKN Bois and CEO of Pidgen Music Panji Anoff, carried out a very interesting sociological experiment on his Facebook timeline. Panji ostensibly ‘came out’, announcing to the whole world that he is gay.

Panji’s post read “I wish to announce today that I am gay, so that all the people who don’t want a gay friend on facebook, can unfriend me now. I will miss you all, but I think it will make my facebook world a better place”

Panji later told Ghanaweb one of his expectations was to weed out false friends from his bloated friends list. He was expecting to lose at least 300-500 friends after the announcement, yet that did not happen.

This prompted him to say, “I thought the mode of discrimination levelled against gay practices would have helped me out and earn the same criticism but that’s not happening. With this feedback, those afraid to make public their sexuality, the impact isn’t as serious as it seems”

This is where I absolutely disagree with Panji, as I feel that is an erroneous conclusion to draw. He has close to 5000 friends yes, but how many of those are Ghanaians? And not disagreeing with something does not imply agreeing with it.

It was an interesting experiment, but it proves nothing about the mindset of Ghanaians towards those of same sex orientation. Just because 300-500 people did not bother to click unfriend on his profile does not in any way gauge the mood of the entire Ghanaian society.

And trust me; Ghana is a long way off from accepting homosexuality as a life choice. I’ve personally heard people talking about how it is a demonic possession, something spiritual and not of this realm. To these people no one in their right minds would sleep with someone of the same sex.

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July/31/2014 11:22 am Posted By: GC Staff


Menaye Donkor

Menaye Donkor

We love to see these bikini photos of some of our celebrities with banging bodies. Scratch that, the sentence should read; we are obsessed with the hot bodies of some of our fine celebrities—including Menaye Donkor.

The former beauty Queen, philanthropist and model has something for your viewing pleasure today—and it is a bikini shot from her back

We wish she was not sitting though…

July/31/2014 10:01 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

Upgrade Your Smartphone with Samsung Smart Trade

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Electronics West Africa has announced its Smart Trade Programme that will enable customers to trade in old Smartphones for any new Samsung phone at a discount. From now to the 30th of August 2014, Smartphone users of Samsung and other brands can simply walk into any of the selected Samsung Experience Shop and trade-in their old phone.

“Devices will be graded on current condition, quoted and discounted based on three grading categories: perfect, good and non-functional/broken. Each grading category has explanatory definitions that allow for an accurate value to be attributed to the device that is being traded,” said Jaspreet Singh, Director for Handheld Products at Samsung.

July/31/2014 8:37 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

New Music: ‘Beauty No Dey Lie’ By 2Ras



Talented Ghanaian musician-2Ras (real name Michael Asante), the voice behind the hit singles “My First Love” and ‘Me De Be Bom” is out with another tune-Beauty No Dey Lie—after taking a long musical hiatus.

Leaving behind his comical sharp rap tongue, 2RAS sings it all through on this track, talking about how he wants to hold tight a certain beautiful girl—and how he intend to “dey” with his girl like “bread and butter”.

Reiterating the fact that this girl’s beauty does not lie, 2RAS puts it on the girl to understand him—promising if this African goddess takes him on, he will make the night a worthy one.

Musically, the lyrics are well placed with such a good tempo—this is definitely a song you can play to that special one when you intend to catch her action. “Shody’s body looking like a Rover, I want to jump on it and crash am”.

I already have someone in mind I want to play it to in the car!

Welcome back 2RAS…Are we still going to the Tokyo this year?

Listen to the song below…

July/31/2014 7:34 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

My Thoughts…The World in My MIND


From TopVincent.Com

I grew up in Ghana but there is no bit of any of the infamous ridiculous traits of a Ghanaian left in me.

I have always wanted to be intelligent by spending a lot of time trying to understand so many dead men theories, but I recently realised you don’t need to know everything to be intelligent.

Being a man comes with a lot of props but being a woman sounds equally advantageous. Above it all, being a human is more important.

Love without dedication may work for a short time and the ease of having it so is very tempting, but the beauty of love is hidden in the difficult work channeled towards its full enjoyment.

Reading law has taught me a lot about the importance of rules but knowing the rules is not as important as living within it.

I find it difficult to choose between black and red even though black is my favourite. Red always wins because that is her favourite. As if I have any choice.

Beauty and appearance can easily get one into a relationship but the sustainability of any relationship is deeply rooted in intellect and the connection that can continue to create the wild excitement.

Few years ago, I was confronted with the greatest conundrum of either to pursue a postgraduate degree in philosophy or law. Finally, I found myself back in a law school. After all, philosophy creates nothing, says my friend.

I am African well informed by western ideas but shaped by those true African notions which make life a hell of adventure.

While my friends struggled to select a college some years back because there were several good ones at their disposal, I took the easy route by assessing what books my top two colleges offered in English. Mfansimpim offered Animal Farm and Adisadel College offered Things Fall Apart. I will forever be glad Chinua Achebe was such a persuading author.

It is difficult to be a real critic but more difficult to be really criticised. That explains why many love the former but detest the latter.

Sometimes, I miss the sense of hope, comfort and the over-reaching joy of after life that believing in God brings mankind. However, none of these is a true indication that the God hypothesis is really true.

I have ended up with women because of several attributes but it took me just one to realize that, love is best experienced when you let go the rules and allow yourself to go with the flow.

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