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October/24/2014 9:09 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Shatta Wale’s Manager-BullDog Has Some BIG Questions for Charter House | Indication That There is No Out of Court Settlement…

Bull Dog's message

Bull Dog’s message

Though the manager of Shatta Wale-BullDog (real nameLawrence Asiamah Hanson) did not mention Charter House in the above message he posted on social media, its apparent Charter House fits the entity under scrutiny than any other Ghanaian event organizer—just that he probably doesn’t want to be dragged to Court.

It looks like the Shatta Wale and Charter House issues that have landed the two in Court will not be dying out anytime soon. Even if we are not interesting in the legitimacy of the questions asked, the mere fact that Shatta Wale’s manager is asking these questions indicates that; the fight is on and as such, the out of court settlement stories may be false.

For more than a year now, Ghanaian dancehall artiste-Shatta Wale has been pushing it hard with Charter House—and he has recorded several tracks to throw punches at them.

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October/24/2014 8:29 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Usher Covers Billboard Magazine | Talks Album Delay, Justin Bieber and Grace Miguel

Usher Covers Billboard Magazine

Usher Covers Billboard Magazine

Usher is looking really hot wearing a crown on the latest issue of Billboard Magazine.

In an interview with Billboard, the King of R&B (sorry R. Kelly) talked about his delayed album, his relationship with Justin Bieber, plus praised his girlfriend/manager Grace Miguel.

On his delayed album:

“I just ain’t ready, meaning I have more that I want to say and more that I want to do. My process is pretty different. L.A. Reid will tell you, it takes two albums to make one with Usher.”

October/24/2014 7:54 pm Posted By: Contributor | Gabby Nash

A Case for GOD | Does God Exist? YES…



Lots of people have asked this question, and finding an answer to it can have a deep impact on our lives. We came into this world knowing nothing. Knowledge acquisition was through agents like the family, schools, and largely the society.

Our hollow heads were filled with lots of things pertaining to this world, one of which is religion. We have been taught that God created this world and everything in it. Though we may occasionally ask paradoxical questions like, “who created God, how does He look like and who are His parents?”, not even the wisest men and scholars of high repute have provided answers to these questions.

Even Jesus Christ, His only begotten son, as recorded by the Bible, said he has never seen God before. That is why many find it puzzling that people still go ahead and worship God with their heart, soul and mind as mandated by His guide book, the Bible.

Many scientist and evolutionist have argued that there is no God. The likes of Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud and Friedrich have all shrouded their philosophies in science and have consequently dismissed the existence of a supreme God.

Others also see little practical value in religious teachings, or at any rate, fail to practice what churches preach. This is partly blameable on the perceived disconnection between Christians and their way of life. Pastors and their extortion in the church coupled with their opulence have further deepened the belief that even if God was alive, he is now dead.

Many who claim to believe in God make decisions as though he did not exist. Suffering and unprecedented calamity have befallen mankind. “If God really exists and he is all powerful”, the sceptics argue, “why does he permit suffering and doesn’t do anything to get rid of it?”

Some also equate faith or on a broader scope, believing in God with gullibility. They say that people who resort to faith do not want to think for themselves or allow hard evidence to influence their beliefs. Such infidels imply that those with strong religious faith ignore reality, making the subject of God and its related theories a mere myth. The foregoing scepticism surrounding God and religion is by no means new.

In order to provide answers that will change our perception and embrace the idea of God and his existence, let’s consider some hard probing facts.

October/24/2014 6:34 pm Posted By: GC Staff

University of Zimbabwe Bans Kissing & Being Intimate in Public on Campus

University of Zimbabwe bans students from kissing

University of Zimbabwe bans students from kissing

Where else in the world would you come across such nonsense? Definitely, you will catch it in Africa and there are only some few countries this can take place—with Zimbabwe being on top.

University of Zimbabwe has banned or let’s say has made kissing and having seks in public a punishable offence. We have no problem with the latter since no decent individual should even be doing that in public.

But to make it some sort of offence for a person to kiss, hug or be intimate with another in a higher education institution is just plain stupid. Let’s not forget that such institution may also have married couples—and they are expected not to be intimate on campus or else they will face a disciplinary action.

October/24/2014 5:57 pm Posted By: GC Staff

New Study Says Gossiping is Good for You Though the Bible Says It is a SIN



Though the Bible says those who gossip commit  a sin—and will die, followed by a trip to hell, a new research says, gossiping may be good for our self-esteem as it allows us to compare ourselves to others.

It’s not just the Bible which condemns gossiping, modern Christian leaders do not also find gossping attractive. Pop Francis was recently in the news for warning that, gossip ‘fills the heart with bitterness and also poisons us’.

According to the Dutch researchers, when people hear positive and negative gossip about others, this goes in to boost their self-reflection and self-evaluation.

October/24/2014 5:33 pm Posted By: GC Staff

African Woman Has No Value or Respect Unless she is Married?

black woman


What defines a true woman?

This came up when I was having an argument with a guy I have known for a long time. Let me point out that I do not regard this young man’s opinion because I consider him very daft. He used to fail every subject while we were in school. Not just one subject, all!

My problem is; several Ghanaian men seem to share his statement.

I am not a woman who lacks admirers or suitors, if anything; I am overwhelmed by male attention.

I do not subscribe to the general Ghanaian culture that pushes a woman to be married or be doomed. Marriage decides if a woman is beautiful enough, virtuous enough, polite enough, everything. Your character, looks and destiny are summed up in whether or not you are married and woe upon you if you fail to be married at the supposedly ripe age of 25. You will be setting yourself up to be disrespected even by the lowliest minded fellows.

So I was arguing with this young man and he said to me, ‘’you know too much that is why you are not married. Maybe you should learn to shut up and respect men and then you will find a good man to marry you like the other girls have’’

That line practically blinded me for a second. I am usually strong willed but the fury in my belly from hearing that statement made me weak. I kept calm, breathed and cut the call. I didn’t hear whatever he said afterwards.

October/24/2014 4:22 pm Posted By: GC Staff

PHOTOS + Tigo Launches a New Music Service | Tigo Music

Launch of Tigo Music (2)


Tigo Ghana today announced the launch of Tigo Music and a partnership with Deezer, the international music streaming service that will provide Ghanaians with unlimited music experience.

Through pre-paid data bundles, Tigo customers will from 31 October, 2014 access and enjoy more than 35 million tracks including African and Ghanaian artistes on their phones and tablets. Additionally, Tigo will also be sourcing exciting new and local content through a new venture with the digital music company, Africa Music Rights, which funds, acquires and manages music rights across the African continent.

The CEO of Tigo, Roshi Motman, said, “We are excited to be the first in Ghana to give our customers such access to unlimited music. Music plays a major role in Ghana’s rich and diverse culture as it is enjoyed at every social event and in private moments.  This is a significant achievement for us as we expect more and more people to use smartphones in this part of the world”, she said.

October/24/2014 11:56 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

New Music: ‘Dues’ By Teeplow Feat. Obrafour

Dues by Teephlow

Dues by Teephlow

I hardly bring out my Beats by Dre headphones but it came out today simply because I did not want to miss out on Hammer’s beat.

Fast rising Ghanaian rapper-Teephlow has dropped a new song-Dues featuring Ghana’s best-Obrafour—and this time, Obrafour leaves the rap to Teephlow as he takes on the chorus.

Teephlow has a well defined style and a  lyrical swag which will definetely push you to ask; who is this damn kid?

Listen to the song below…and put your base up to enjoy the Hammer beat!

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October/24/2014 11:24 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

Can the Tribalism STOP? | What Has Ewes Done to Some Ghanaians?


Dear Chris-Vincent,

Can you please publish the below write-up for me?

I am a proud ewe man who will never want to be anything else but it does not mean, I do not respect other Ghanaian tribes or feel my tribe is anyway better than them others.

Before I proceed, let me point out that human beings are naturally bad or evil and as such, there are bad or evil people in whatever groupings you will come up with. So in every tribe, you will find bad people out there and no crime is associated with just one tribe. Same way you will find good people in whatever tribe you examine.

In each tribe, there are people who are thieves, liars, greedy, womanizers, prostitutes and also those who are greedy. Stereotyping any group of people in the way some people have been doing on this site does not show how ignorant they are, it also tells a lot about the hatred they have built in their hearts for no reason.

Even though Chris-Vincent recently wrote an article in which he said all the above—adding that, tribalism has no place in 21st century, most people on this same blog unceasingly perpetuate tribalism and constantly insult ewes.

October/24/2014 10:47 am Posted By: Abena Appiah Amoah

VIDEO: Destined to Be Famous? | Kim Kardashian at 13 Years Said She Was Going to Be Very Famous


Kim Kardashian

If a prophet said this about Kim Kardashian as far back as 1994, the prophet would probably have millions of people visiting him each day as a true friend of God.

But she said it about herself—and she did not just say it, she went ahead to do whatever was possible to make her dream come through and whatever possible includes ‘making that famous Ray J seks tape’.

In celebrating Kim Kardashian’s 34th birthday this week, Entertainment Tonight has dug out a video which shows a teenage Kim grabbing the microphone off her class mates at a school disco, blabbering about being the ‘most popular’ and that she’s ‘going to be the most famous’.

And she has indeed become the most famous amongst her class mates—and even family.

Perhaps, this shows that whatever you set your mind to in life—with dedication and hard work, you can achieve it.

Check below for the video…

October/24/2014 10:32 am Posted By: GC Staff

Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy Spotted House Haunting in Paris | Are They Really Going to Move to PARIS?


From BeyondGossip.Com

The Carters are back in Paris after their short stay in London. On Thursday afternoon (October 23), Beyonce, Jay Z and their adorable daughter, Blue Ivy were seen house haunting in Paris.

Since last month, the power couple have been house haunting for an apartment in the French capital. They’ve reportedly toured a Villa near Seine, a home in a gated community which is called “Millionaire’s Row” and a townhouse next to the Elysee Palace.

Many blogs have in the last few weeks reported that the power couple are considering moving to PARIS…


October/24/2014 10:06 am Posted By: GC Staff

PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Yvonne Nelson, Itz Tiffany and Eazzy

Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson flew from UK into Germany some few days ago and she seems to enjoying her stay in Deutschland. As usual, she is keeping her fans updated, sharing as many photos as possible—and this morning, she had the above to share.

For those who want to stalk her, you can see her hotel right there and we know she has been staying there for some days now so you may be lucky to catch her there. But what for though?

Anyway, check below for some new photos from Itz Tiffany and Eazzy

Click Here1
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