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October/30/2014 1:59 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Celebrity Instagram & Twit Photos of the Week: Jackie Appiah, Joselyn Dumas, Nikki Samonas, Christabel Ekeh, Menaye Donkor, Ama K Abebrse & Others

Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah

For those who did not know, Jackie Appiah has fans all around the world, including some chinese from those chinese restaurants—so a picture she shared this week tells us…

Undoubtedly, Jackie Appiah is the most popular Ghanaian actress but can you imagine how that chinese girl in the photo would pronounce her name?

Don’t mind our ignorance, we think every Asian looking person is from China…

Anyway, check below for photos from Sandra Ankobiah, Menaye Donkor, Ama K. Abebrese and others…

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October/30/2014 1:08 pm Posted By: GC Staff

PHOTOS: Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake attend 2014 amFAR LA Inspiration Gala



From BeyondGossip.Com

“All I wanna see you in is just skin,” sings Rihanna in her 2010 song “Skin”. Last night, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus showed us some skin at the 2014 amfAR LA Inspiration Gala at Milk Studios in Hollywood. Both singers wore dem barely there outfit on top.

Everyone was looked great but Rihanna stole the night with her ethereal beauty, rocking a dress by designer Tom Ford from his Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

The “Diamond” songstress also presented also hit the stage to present the amfAR’s Inspiration Award to designer Tom Ford.

Other stars at the event were Justin Timberlake, Tish Cyrus, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lea Michele

October/30/2014 1:01 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Massive Rush for Invitations for Tigo Music Unplugged

Tigo Music Concert

Tigo Music Concert

Tomorrow is the final day and all roads lead to the Accra Sports Stadium for the Tigo Music concert which has on the bill 6 power packed artistes.

Straight from Nigeria is the top chatting ‘ferrari’ and ‘ayee’ man, Davido, down in Ghana are the top charting dynamic artistes which include Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, Guru, 4X4 and Mzvee.

Among several other favourites Sarkodie and Shatta Wale will be performing their latest collaboration ‘Shatta Sark Movement’. The self-acclaimed dance hall queen, Mzvee will rock with her boko boko and natural girl, while Guru, the ‘pooley’ man will kill it with ‘nkwadaa nkwadaa’, obonsam ani and many more. 4×4 is expected to nail it down with their latest ‘baby dance’.

October/30/2014 12:52 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Apple CEO- Tim Cook Publicly Confirms He is GAY | Says ‘I’m Proud to Be Gay’

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly confirmed he is gay in an article he wrote for Bloomberg Businessweek, making him the highest-profile chief executive to come out.  He stated among other things that, he has been open about his sexual orientation with colleagues at Apple and other people close to him, but has never previously acknowledged his sexual orientation.

In the article in which Cook advocated for human rights and equality, he said he was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King to set aside his desire for privacy to do something “more important.”

“While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven’t publicly acknowledged it either, until now,” writes Cook. “So let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.” 

October/30/2014 12:22 pm Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

Sexist English FA Chief Who Said Women’s Place is in The Kitchen, Not on the Pitch is SUSPENDED Yet Bishop Duncan Williams is Being Defended for the Same Bigotry By Women

Mr Cummings

Mr Cummings

I’ve already written a piece on Archbishop Duncan Williams’ recent ludicrous statements from the pulpit which degrade women—and subject them to gross contempt (Click Here to Read It).

Interestingly, there is bigotry everywhere in the world and it can be found in every discipline-be it religion or sports. But the difference is; in a civilized society like United Kingdom, sexists have no place—and are instantly placed where they belong.

According to reports; a senior Football Association official of Northumberland County in UK-Mr Cummings who allegedly told a female referee ‘your place is in the kitchen, and not on a football field’ has been suspended for four months.

Even in sports, misogynists have no place—yet in the house of the Lord, they are defended, sadly by the same women such men demean.

October/30/2014 12:04 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Pope Francis Admits Evolution and the Big Bang Were the Beginning of Mankind

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Religion and science have never been comfortable bedfellows, because at their core they sharply contrast each other. Science only deals with cold, hard, incontrovertible facts, whilst religion is based on faith: “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”

This has led to several huge battles in the past, mainly the church’s persecution of scientists whose findings often contradict the tenets of religion. Ironically, the Catholic Church remained at the forefront of said persecution for centuries.

One big contention has always been the origins of the world, creation vs. evolution, God vs. Darwin. It is the quintessential religion vs. science debate, and the two have always been seen as mutually exclusive, discouraging religious folks from entertaining the huge possibility that evolution was in fact our origins, since it sharply contradicts the creationist perspective.

But the father of the biggest sect of Christianity worldwide, Pope Francis, has passed comments which point to the veracity of the evolution movement. According to him, the two theories need not cancel each other out, but can co-exist to both explain mankind’s origins.

October/30/2014 10:17 am Posted By: GC Staff

The Fight Against Cholera: Joselyn Dumas Storms Nima Market

Joselyn Dumas X Cholera Campaign

Joselyn Dumas X Cholera Campaign

Actress/TV personality – Joselyn Dumas – as part of her social responsibilities has taken upon herself to embark on a campaign dubbed ‘Xcholera Campaign’ to help fight cholera in the country.

Already, Joselyn Dumas has visited places like the Okaishie and Kaneshie markets to educate traders on the need to keep their environments clean. Yesterday (29th October, 2014), Miss Dumas and her team took the campaign to the Nima market to sensitize the traders.

In her submission, she emphasised on the need to regularly wash our hands with soap, eat hot foods, and keep our surroundings free from filth. These, according to her, are simple practices we can embark on to get rid of the deadly disease.

October/30/2014 10:04 am Posted By: GC Staff

MUST READ: How to Be the ‘Perfect’ Husband!

black couple2


It seems women are always taught and told to be good wives. A man is not taught how to be a good husband and as women, good is not enough for us – perfection is our watchword. A good wife wants a perfect husband and it doesn’t take a lot to be that perfect husband. I don’t think a man will pay bride price (not forgetting the ‘I dislike you’ looks they receive from the in-law) and sit back for his home to rot. Whatever the case may be, you should be a perfect husband if you love your peace of mind.

Love the woman as Jesus loves the church (even if you’re anti-christ). Show love even if you don’t mean to…it’s a hallmark of a perfect husband. After childbirth, still love her folds and excess skin. It’s your fault her Coca-Cola body vanished! You should be very sensitive when ‘fat and stretch marks’ becomes her portion. Her good heart is still intact – her body just betrayed her.

When she’s tired and you need sex, please let her be because a woman’s job is never complete. She’s genuinely tired. On the other hand, if she’s in the mood, you dare not be tired. Try and give the needed satisfaction otherwise you’re calling for trouble. If you don’t want to be accused of cheating or not desiring her anymore, give satisfaction – anyhow and anyway possible.

Dear husband, a wife is supposed to be the helper and not 50/50 housemate or the ‘breadwinner’. The last time a woman fed the man (Adam and Eve), we all (new-borns inclusive) became automatic sinners so under no circumstances should the wife be a breadwinner – if you don’t want to create another generation of sinners for someone to die on the cross for them. Forget equality and modernity. You are the head so be the head and let the woman be the neck. The equality women are fighting for is in the area of house chores, bed chores (don’t be selfish in bed), baby changing and feeding duties. Anything apart from these is a big NO!

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October/30/2014 9:42 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

With Less than 24 Hours to the Release of Shirley Frimpong Manso’s New Drama Series ‘V-REPUBLIC’, Check Out the Snippet & Never Seen Photos



In less than 24 hours-31st Octotober, 2014, you will be able to watch the new Shirley Frimpong Manso’s drama series-V Republic on SparrowStation.Com (all the episodes of season 1) or the first 2 episodes on GhanaCelebrities.Com for FREE…

Before the fun starts, we’ve got some exclusive photos and a snippet from the drama series which features Joselyn Dumas (Mansa Baiden), Nikki Samonas (Gina Moses), Christabel Ekeh (Laura Gaize) and Jasmine Baroudi (Tilly Walsh) for you.

Remember, after watching the first two episodes for FREE on here and other selected websites, you can purchase the remaining episodes of season 1 on SparrowStation.Com—to mask yourself into the exciting and irresistible entertainment the drama series will bring.

As we wait for the release of V-Republic which will take us into the world of four women seeking different answers to their not so perfect lives are thrown together by events which creates a convenient platform for relationships beyond their wildest dreams, you can CLICK HERE to FREELY JOIN SparrowStation.Com in order to be alerted on time when V-Republic finally arrives, as well as any of the great productions to follow.

Subscribers will receive a discount code when the series is released to be able to watch the episodes at discounted prices…

Check out the Snippet and photos below…

October/30/2014 7:17 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

When a ‘Misogynist’ Leads a Credulous Congregation | The Case of Archbishop Duncan Williams



In order to set the grounds and bring you to date with the recent development which has made this article necessary, let’s quickly consider the background.

One of the most powerful men of God in the West Africa country-Ghana who by might and supposed God’s anointing has found himself in charge of if not the biggest, one of the biggest chapels in the capital openly ridiculed women last Sunday to the total acceptance of his many congregants, shockingly the women.

And his bigot statements took their roots from the Bible as he had a biblical quotation to illustrate how unworthy women are—‘as 7 women are for one man’.

Archbishop Duncan Williams (note his title) is reported to have said (also on video);


“It’s a privilege to be married. It’s a privilege in the time we live in when it’s seven [women] to one man’’

“Sister when you get married, be thankful and stop misbehaving because it’s seven to one. It doesn’t matter how pretty and beautiful and intelligent you are; until a man proposes to you, you are going to stay beautiful, pretty, intelligent, nice and whatever, and rotten”.

“That’s what it is, and somebody needs to tell you because there [are] so many women out there misbehaving. You got to be told the truth. And the reason why a lot of marriages are not working is because everybody is afraid to offend women to tell them: ‘Come on girl, you got a good thing going, hold fast onto it, don’t misbehave and don’t lose it’”.

“And somebody says: ‘How about the men?’ They got issues too but you see, the fact of the matter is that a man can be 100 years old and marry again if he ‘moves’. A man can be 100 years and marry if he can ‘drive’. But a woman just can’t get married at a particular age. [It] gets to a place [where] everything begins to melt and you can’t marry just because you want to marry”,

“It is what it is, and sometimes we don’t want to hear the truth. We get offended when the truth is said, but I have come to a place [where] I tell people that I have lost my reputation a long time ago, and so it doesn’t really matter whether you like me or you don’t like me, and I don’t preach to impress people anymore. I stopped doing that a long time ago. I deliver what I’m told to deliver, and whether you receive it or not is none of my business; it’s your business”, he said.


Since its inception, religion (especially Christianity and Islam) has treated women with gross contempt and still considers our sisters, mothers and wives as inferior—unworthy of a lot. It’s therefore not much of a shock for many of us that certain positions in the church cannot be occupied by even the most intelligent amongst women, for the mere fact that the person is a woman.

Look around the world to the poor regions and even though the solution to poverty simply lies in elevating women, any attempt to enforce women empowerment has and will be met with the clergy’s objection. For many years, religion backed by its holy books has and continues to oppress women—with some of the alleged great works and roles played by women like Mary Magdalene even disappearing from the Bible.

The very holy books based on which the two aforementioned religions operate have no idea and acknowledgement of the concept of equality—and fails to recognise the important roles women have in society by pushing them behind the veil. Women are positioned as helpers of men, with no real purpose in life—except the one I have just noted.

Considering the era in which these religious texts were written, you could forgive them for the way and manner they view women, but if in a 21st century democratic Ghana, a Bishop in charge of thousands of congregants can make the above statements with strong reliance on the bible—it surely must be met with anger and be treated with the same gross contempt it came with.

October/30/2014 12:26 am Posted By: GC Staff

Chris Brown and Karrueche Out Shopping in Beverly Hills

Chris Brown and Karrueche

Chris Brown and Karrueche

From BeyondGossip.Com

Chris Brown and longtime girlfriend, Karrueche were spotted out shopping in Beverly Hills. The on-again off-again couple were not alone as they were surrounded with Karrueche’s friends.

Breezy was seen flaunting his new 24karat gold limited edition iPhone 6. The singer had earlier posted a photo of his new 24karat gold limited edition iPhone 6 on Instagram two weeks ago.

October/29/2014 9:09 am Posted By: GC Staff

Ghanaian Actor-John Dumelo Hits 2 Million Fans Mark on Facebook | What’s NEXT?

John Dumelo

John Dumelo

While people keep asking the value of being well known and being well liked on social media, others like John Dumelo keep expanding and creating a formidable brand name through their popularity on social media and hard work.

Ghanaian actor and businessman-John Dumelo has become the first Ghanaian and the first African in the entire African film industry to hit ‘2 million likes’ on Facebook.

“Indeed this is a great achievement, the power of social media can’t be underestimated, if used positively, can transform lives the world over” John told GhanaCelebrities.Com.

John Dumelo is not only excelling in his first love; acting, he also has investments in real estate, film schools and a clothing line. He plans to add his new cosmetic line to his group of companies soon.

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