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September/20/2014 12:38 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Who Do You Worship? God or Your Pastor?

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

I have been keenly watching Pastor Chris and Pastor Anita’s divorce backlash and how many people especially his followers have chosen to vilify his wife in the middle of all this.

I am particularly sending out a personal shout out to her for choosing to be a virteous woman and keep mute while everyone else including her husband respond. Deep down both she and her husband know they cannot fight each other in public. No couple married for so long should ever attempt battling their differences by trading words in public. Nobody will win and such things will only earn embarrassment for both.

But let me ask the followers of pastor Chris who fight people and insult others on his behalf, is he your saviour or is Christ your saviour? Perhaps the names are so close in spelling that you have been tempted to mix it up, The pedestals to which you lift your pastors and the immortal and untouchable attributes you give them, scare me into believing you are more followers of pastors than the saviour of Christianity who is Christ.

People have been so blinded that nobody is allowed to criticize a pastor. This is the genesis of rot in the church. And I thought at this point, many Christians would have come to a point where they realize that pastors are merely human.

I want to also question the motives of TB Joshua and Reverend Owusu Bempa.

The deadly incidents surrounding the Synagogue Church of All Nations these days are very questionable. I am a Christian and the God I know is not a God of controversy or confusion.

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September/20/2014 12:30 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Man Arrested in Nigeria for Selling his Wife Off to Be Used for Rituals

What the hell

What the hell

We continue to set new benchmarks here in Africa through our superstitions behaviour. After the residents of Anomabo revealed how crucial defecating on the beach is to their gods, a Nigerian man has also put forth his claim, selling his wife off to be used for rituals.

Maimako Shepang, was arrested by Police in Plateau state after his wife, Agnes, reported the incident to Police. The transaction with ritualists is believed to have earned the man N800, 000 (about $5, 000), reports The Vanguard

Fortunately, the ritual could not go on because they required a virgin and a spinster, thus the lady was allowed to go after she revealed she was married to the man who sold her.

Police told media men that Shepang lured his wife into the bush under the pretext of gathering firewood.

September/20/2014 12:20 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Full Set: Nicki Minaj Performs at 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

From BeyondGossip.Com

Nicki Minaj was one of the top artist who lighted up the stage at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival.

The rap queen performed several of her hit tracks like ‘Super Bass’, ‘Pills n Potions, ‘Moment 4 Life’, and current hit ‘Anaconda’. The highlight of her performance was when she brought out Ariana Grande to perform their smash hit ‘Bang Bang’ .

Hit play to watch the full set of Nicki Minaj performance at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival

Check out the video below…

September/19/2014 6:13 pm Posted By: Abena Appiah Amoah

CHRIS-VINCENT: God & His Smaller God Friends are INDEED Crazy & I Mean It…

The God story


The Abrahamic God is a drunk maniac as portrayed by the Bible, yet many Christians do not see this, their ignorance does not allow them to get any close to evaluating some of the insane actions of their own heavenly father who is in charge of other small gods—including those some people worship in Ghana and other parts of the world, writes CHRIS-VINCENT on his Brutally Uncensored blog.

Human beings by nature like to look up to something, especially in difficult times because we are weak minded and love to have things the easy way. Children look up to their parents and place a lot of trust in their parents. When adult, most people find a God or buy into some superstitious hogwash to escape from things and make them feel better.

I have no real problem with what people believe—as we have freedom of thought, conscience and religion as a fundamental human right. But I have a problem with people who believe in all manner of nonsense, which flout reason and free inquiry.

I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time talking about how insane the main God, I mean the one who lives in heaven and has Jesus Christ as his son is, because by now, any decent Christian who reads the Bible must have come across some of the crazy things God did which simply show that, the dude is damn crazy on all levels. And you better watch your back if you associate yourself with this sort of gangster God.

Brutally Uncensored

Brutally Uncensored

The Bible has never said God sells weed or cocaine but I am sure he may have some delight for these things, or else, what is the real explanation of some of the crazy things he did which the Bible, believed to be TRUE clearly detailed?

Even if you do not care about all the genocides God committed in the Bible, you should be worried that He even went as far as killing the first born of all animals too as explained in Numbers 16:41-49. And tell me, who will do this if the person is not uptight in the head? God does it and it is cool, no one can ask a question or complaint.

It is better you do not even ask a question or complaint, because God will kill you for complaining just like he killed 14,700 people who complained about his killing of their friends and family, and more sadly their animals. I am still talking about what he did in Numbers 16:41-49.


September/19/2014 5:48 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Ministry of Finance Did Not Budget For Creative Arts Industry in Its 2014 Budget? – Ministry Of Tourism’s Budget Allocation in Limbo!

Creative Arts Industry

Creative Arts Industry

Information reaching GhanaCelebrities.Com suggests that the government of Ghana did not budget for the creative art industry in its 2014 fiscal budget.

Government for the first time made an allocation of GH¢2 million in the 2012 budget for the creative industry under the tenure of Ghana’s late President, Prof. Evans Fiifi Atta Mills. Disagreement erupted after it emerged that only members of the musicians union accessed the funds.

Following the disagreements over the money, President John Dramani Mahama, speaking at a meeting with selected members of the creative industry at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Kumasi ahead of the 2012 general elections, promised to increase government’s budgetary allocation to the sector in order that many will benefit.

He said, “I am just assuring that we are going to make another budgetary allocation more than the amount [that was given] and you have to collectively come out with a blue print for investing it in the best way that will serve our purpose.”

True to Government’s promise, the Finance Minister, Seth Terkper, presenting the 2013 budget to parliament, announced that the government has allocated an amount of GH¢3 million to better the lot of the industry: “the creative arts industry will be supported with GH¢3 million in 2013,” he said.

It was reported that government budget for the creative art industry in its 2014 fiscal budget, however, 8 months gone by, GhanaCelebrities.Com gathers that government did not budget for the creative arts industry for the year 2014 – as we were made to believe.

According to our source “what the minister read in parliament is usually called policy direction to the budget. Whenever budget is read in Parliament, it does not mean that all the items mentioned have been costed. They are just policy direction to the budget.

“In the master budget of the finance ministry, there is no figure allocated specifically for the creative arts industry so if you guys in the creative arts industry or showbiz are waiting for any money like the 2 million you once received, you wait in vein! There is no money for you!”

September/19/2014 4:57 pm Posted By: GC Staff

T B Joshua Could Not Help Castro’s Family Find Him – Castro’s Family Presented Castro’s Picture, New Dress, 7 Mirror And Gun Powder For Rituals

Asamoah Gyan and Castro

Asamoah Gyan and Castro

A member of Castro’s family by name, Nii Abbey, has finally come out to reveal the hell they went through in the hands of a spiritualist in their attempt to unravel the mystery behind Castro’s tragic fate.

Speaking on Channel R’s ‘205 Total Entertainment,’ Nii Abbey said “a certain prophet referred us to this spiritualist in Russia – a suburb in Accra. He is a fetish priest! So I, Castro’s Aunty in the company of other family members, visited this fetish! His shine is so scary! We were all scared when we went there! We visited him just 3 days (Wednesday 9th July, 2014) after Castro’s story broke out.

“When we went there, this fetish priest claimed he knows Castro. He also claimed that Castro and 2 footballers come to him and that, one of the footballers, is his in-law. He however admitted that Castro did not come there for any spiritual help because Castro did not believe in the spiritualist and his works.”

Host of ‘205 Total Entertainment,’ Christian Agyei Frimpong, asked Nii why of all the credible men of God, they consulted a fetish priest. Nii continued by responding that Castro’s family are Christians and that one of Castro’s uncles is even a pastor but “in the heat of the issues, all we wanted was solution to the mystery so the intention was not to go worship idols! I did not support the idea of going to see the priest but the situation demanded it” Nii said.

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September/19/2014 4:41 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Daniel Kenu Drops All Charges Against Baffour Gyan

Baffour Gyan

Baffour Gyan

After a lot of grandstanding from the powers that be at Graphic on the case against Baffour Gyan, Daniel Kenu has withdrawn the case against Baffour Gyan, citing health reasons.

The Ashanti regional Daily Graphic editor was assaulted by Baffour Gyan, Samuel Anim Addo- brother and publicist to Black Stars skipper Asamoah Gyan respectively: and some hired thugs after he asked Asamoah Gyan a question they deemed insensitive.

The case was sent to court, but the defendants have from day one maintained their determination to seek an out of court settlement; and it seems they have achieved their objective with this latest piece of information coming through.

It is a surprising move, especially considering the managing editor of the Graphic Communications Group, Ken Ashigbey, had vowed that justice would be served to Baffour Gyan, to ensure that no journalist would be disrespected in that manner again.

September/19/2014 10:52 am Posted By: GC Staff

‘The Gods Require Us to Defecate on Our Beaches’ Anomabo Residents

Shocking News

Shocking News

As Cholera sweeps across Ghana, somehow having taken on epidemic proportions despite the fact we live in a twenty first century world; one often wonders what needs to happen for us to change our attitudes and perceptions.

But then you read something like the following Daily Graphic report and then you realise we would probably be stuck in theses our ancient mindsets of religion and superstition for a long time to come, and that mindset would continue to be detrimental to development and enlightenment so long as we apply it in the manner we do down here.

Residents of Anomabo, a fishing community in the Central Region, have revealed that two of their gods require that they defecate at the beaches. The reason, ostensibly, is that the gods use the faecal matter to produce fish for them.

These two gods who love faeces so much, are known as Ekitsaba and Obosanti. If the residents fail to comply, they revealed, these deities would get angry and they either get very low yield after fishing; or even in extreme cases they kill.

September/19/2014 10:42 am Posted By: GC Staff

Can T.B Joshua and His Church Give Us a Break & Stop this Ridiculous Attempt on his Life Thing? | Rescue Workers Say Building Collapsed Because Additional Stories Were Being Added


T.B. Joshua


It’s been a crazy week for T.B Joshua and his Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), after one of his structures collapsed; an accident that has so far killed about 80 people.

Whilst a terrible tragedy which people are still trying to process, T.B Joshua and SCOAN have made things worse with their ridiculous attempts to explain away the incident. For my part I do not see how any right thinking person should accept the explanation being proffered by the man his followers like to call ‘prophet’.

Joshua is somehow convinced that a helicopter that was seen circling the building moments before it collapsed must have caused the incident. Unless the aircraft was carrying some sort of invisible earthquake inducing device, I do not see how that correlates to the collapse of a building that has claimed so many lives.

Even worse is his conviction, from nowhere really, that it must have been an attempt on his life by his enemies. I cannot imagine the level of hubris required to make such an incident all about yourself, even worse the feeling that there are people in this world who would accept this explanation as gospel.


September/19/2014 10:27 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

3 More Housemates of Big Brother Hotshot Revealed | It’s Goitse from Botswana, Esther from Uganda and Idris from Tanzania


Big Brother Hotshot

Yesterday, we brought you first 3 housemates of the soon to be launched Big Brother Hotshots—from Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenye. Today, we have 3 more housemates for you and they are from Botswana , Uganda and Tanzania…

Check them out below…


Goitse | Age: 22 | Botswana

Bachelor of Fine Arts theatre student Goitse hails from Mahalapye in Botswana. ‘Home, Sweet Home’ is her favourite place – ‘the comfort, a home-cooked meal and my family just make it my favourite’, she says.

She says the best thing about Africa is its history: ‘it’s so rich with history of what our forefathers have gone through’. South Africa is her favourite place outside of Botswana because she has ‘met great people there who have become family. They also have a range of interesting official languages’, which are similar to those in Botswana.

GoitseGoitse says she entered Big Brother Hotshots for the adventure. ‘People from different countries in Africa, all under one roof, no contact with the outside world in any way? Now that’s amazing!’ she says. In her quest for the prize, she won’t pretend to be someone she’s not and if she wins, she’ll use the money to open a dance studio. ‘That will be a dream come true,’ she says. ‘I haven’t decided on what else’.

She says her mom is her role model – ‘she’s a fighter and a survivor. She’s been through a lot of hardships, but she stands tall and strong. She always pushed me to be the best I can be, no matter how challenging it can get’.

Goitse describes herself as ‘carefree, free-spirited, fun, energetic and motivated’.

September/19/2014 9:49 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

Scots Vote NO to Stay in the United Kingdom | No Has 2,001,926 Votes & Yes Has 1,617,989 According to Results from 32 Councils

Scots Vote


Scotland has voted NO to stay in the United Kingdom after voters decisively rejected independence. But I am not shocked and saw this coming…

As Peter Hitchens recently wrote “the poor Scots are threatened with currency collapse, bankruptcy, irrelevance and isolation” and for such bad tactics, the only reasonable real option that the Scots had in my estimation is a NO vote.

Who would have the balls to vote YES in the face of all these threats and surely, if the UK holds a referendum over its EU membership, I am sure the EU will employ this ridiculous tactics which works.

Currently, results in from all 32 council areas had the “No” side winning with 2,001,926 votes over 1,617,989 for “Yes”.

September/18/2014 4:29 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Beyonce Has a New Sister! DNA Confirms Mathew Knowles Has Another Child

Mathew Knowles

Mathew Knowles

From BeyondGossip.Com

It is now confirmed! Thanks to the DNA test conducted, Beyonce’s dad, Mathew Knowles is the biological father of a baby born by a lingerie model in 2010.

Papa Knowles played a billie jean and denied impregnating the model until she sued him last year..  The DNA test was conducted … and the result says Mathew is the bio dad.

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Thelma Louis

Thelma Louis

The Run Up Show

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri



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