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August/22/2014 4:46 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Celebs Out & About: Yvonne Nelson is Almost Done Building Her House + Delay, Nadia Buari & Becca

Yvonne Nelson and Delay

Yvonne Nelson and Delay

After many years of on-screen and off-screen work, actress-Yvonne Nelson is almost done with a house she is building and soon she will move out of her mother’s house, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learnt. She will soon become one of the few Ghanaian Celebrities who can afford to live on their own, as many are living with their parents.

With her new buddy-Deloris Frimpong Manso (popularly known as Delay), the actress visited her house—and took the above photo. Of course, she shared it online for the fans to see what she has been able to achieve.

Interestingly, we hear Ghanaian actor-John Dumelo is also building a house few yards away from Yvonne Nelson’s soon to move in house…

Check below for photos of Delay, Becca and Nadia Buari

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August/22/2014 12:26 pm Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

Lifestyle Guide: Eating Out Healthy in London | My Favourite North London Restaurant

From ATES restaurant

From ATES restaurant

I always put on a lot weight during the summer months due to the fact that I tend to eat out a lot when the sun is out—and mostly, because I hold a lot of meetings during this period.

This year, I decided to do the opposite—lose weight this summer while still eating out and holding my usual summer meetings. This means, everything stays the same but the places I have been eating have to change.

It has been difficult finding healthy alternative restaurants that allow you to still enjoy good food and not pile on the pounds while not breaking the bank in London, considering the fact that the city is more like a junk food hub.

Yesterday, I managed to find another small classy Turkish restaurant located on the Tottenham High Road—and apart from the good hospitality, the food was super delicious and healthy.

I ordered an assortment of grilled meats and salads along with humus and tzatziki, all traditional healthy Turkish/Greek cuisine.

Surely, my bathroom scale will not angry at me…

If you are ever in North London and you decide to eat out within the healthy borders, you can try out ATES Restaurant, 402 High Rd, London N17 9JB.

Evidence that I've not put on weight this summer and the healthy outside eating is working...

Evidence that I’ve not put on weight this summer and the healthy outside eating is working…

Check below for more photos…

August/22/2014 11:55 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

NOLLYWOOD IN THE PARK | It’s Happening Tomorrow & You Can’t Miss It

Nollywood in the Park

The Sun has been very generous to Londoners this year and has decided to show us more of her smile—something we should take advantage of as the Rain can beat her to take over.

The weather has been amazing this summer and that is why you have to come out with friends and family to catch up on this great experience-NOLLYWOOD in the PARK slated for Saturday, 23rd August, 2014 at Albany Road, Enfield-London

Nollywood in the Park is a Pop Up Cinema event showcasing Nollywood movies. Nollywood? I hear you ask. Well I’m sure you’ve stumbled across those African movies with poor sound quality, drawn out story lines (Part 1, 2, 3, 4 and Return of Part 1!) and questionable acting.

Well we’ve combed through the good, the bad and the ugly to find the best Nollywood movies, yes they do exist! One part films with great story lines and good acting.

So what NOLLYWOOD in the PARK will do is; take the Nollywood cinema experience to the park this summer—and I am sure you can already see the fun package, which is; enjoying a great movie at the Park with friends and family, alongside meeting new people with the Sun smiling over you. Of course, there will be some good music too—-Afrobeat is still trending!

August/22/2014 11:47 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

THE BIG QUESTION: What Sort of Millionaire Would You Be? Those Living Far Below their Wealth or Those Living According to their Wealth?

Firework of dollars


Money makes everything easy—a good reason why most of us wake up each day for the cash race.

But there are several people in the world who have already obtained what some of us only dream off—being real millionaires with limitless cash sitting in their bank accounts.

And interesting, these millionaires can be categorized into two; those who live their lives according to their wealth and those who live far below their wealth.

The first set of people own private jets, big mansions, sleep at expensive hotels and buy expensive designer clothes—and they can easily afford them all.

The second group of millionaires are those who live far below their wealth. For instance, Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of global juggernaut IKEA, lives in an unassuming bungalow, favours the meatballs sold by his stores and only ever flies economy class, even though he could own a private jet without it even denting his personal fortune.

Ingvar Kamprad flies budget airlines such as EasyJet and though his company company recorded an annual net profit of £3.2billion and achieved sales of £27.6billion throughout 44 countries, he goes to his local market late so he can get some good bargain.

August/22/2014 10:20 am Posted By: GC Staff

PHOTOS: Rihanna Watches Chris Brown Play Basketball at Barclays Centre


From BeyondGossip.Com

Rihanna sat at the courtside to watch her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown play basketball at a charity game on Thursday (August 21).

The ‘We Found Love’ singer attended the Summer Classic Charity Basketball Game at Barclays Centre in New York. The teams Riri watched featured on-again off-again ex boyfriend Chris Brown.

Rihanna seemed a bit tense and mad as she and her humongous forehead watch the game with a straight face. She watched the game with BFF Melissa Forde and supermodel Cara Delevingne.

Peep more photos of Rihanna watching her ex after the jump…

August/22/2014 9:49 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

My Thoughts on African Celebrities & the ALS Bucket Challenge | $22.9 Million Raised So Far

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I do not want to write a whole article on this because I will basically give these attention seekers what they really want—-ATTENTION.

African celebrities have so much time on their hands, especially those Nigerians and Ghanaians. Most of these people sit on social media looking for attention, taking the piss out of positive causes like ALS, the Ice Bucket Challenge when they know nothing about the disease, the campaign, the ethical issues and challenges ALS drug testing is raising among other things…

Importantly, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is to raise money and therefore if you are not donating any money to ALS, you cannot take part in the damn campaign. But once again, the attention seekers with nothing to do with their lives have jumped on it, pouring hot water on themselves and taking the damn piss.

What kind of nonsense is this? If indeed they want to take part in raising awareness about something, what happened to the long standing Malaria? Ebola, Boko Haram, Girl Child Education, Child Labour and the many issues we have hovering over our heads as Africans?

Can some of these attention seekers find something to do with their lives? Send this to your friends by sharing the post and let’s end the nonsense.

So far the Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Ice Bucket Challenge which Corey Griffin helped to go viral has raised $22.9 million—and this has been possible because of the donations, not simply because some attention seekers are pouring water on themselves.

By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri


Check the below videos…

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August/21/2014 9:55 pm Posted By: GC Staff

The Price of Honour | What Game of Thrones’ Ned Stark Taught Us

Ned Stark

Ned Stark

I was introduced to Game of Thrones somewhere last year, after listening to friends glorifying the show, I either had to watch the show or go mad. Today I would describe succumbing to that particular piece of peer pressure one of the best decisions I ever made.

That is because the show has so much going for it, weaving a complex web around people from varying backgrounds, to the point that I sometimes find it incredulous that one man can really be responsible for such a vast world. The man in question being the author of the Game of Thrones source material, the book series A Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R Martin.

Lord Eddard Stark was Lord of Winterfell for a long time until his untimely demise, but in the timeline that the show took place he lasted little more than a year before meeting his end. Technically he died by decapitation, after being betrayed during a power coup.

I say technically because though his head was cut off, Ned really died because he lived by a code, a code of honour so ingrained he failed to see the rest of the world had no interest in living by such a code. His mistake was believing others would see the world as he does, and in doing that he lost ‘The Game of Thrones’ horribly, not because he was incompetent but because it was a game his very constitution prevented him from being nothing more than an amateur at.

As the saying goes ‘when you play the Game of Thrones you win or you die, there is no middle ground’

The lesson to be taken from Ned’s death is not that honour is bad, but that at times one must shelve some characteristic and adapt in order to survive. After all when as a football player you find yourself in a boxing ring, your shin guard is not going to be much help and you better get some gloves and a mouth guard or you’re toast.

August/21/2014 7:31 pm Posted By: Abena Appiah Amoah

Kim Kardashian Shows Fab Bikini Body Though She Says She Wants to Lose More Baby Weight

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

From BeyondGossip.Com

Even though Kim Kardashain,33, has been complaining about how she is struggling to lose the last of her baby weight, the bikini photos from her recent trip to Mexico show that, her body is perfect and she does not need to worry about losing any weigh—some of us wish we can just wear a bikini.

The mother-of-one, rocked a red bikini over the weekend as she enjoyed a mini break in Punta Mita—and as usual, her body is wow…

Check below for more photos…

August/21/2014 7:13 pm Posted By: Abena Appiah Amoah

AC Milan Accepts Liverpool’s £16 Million Liverpool Bid for Mario Balotelli

Mario Balloteli

Mario Balloteli

With the transfer window still opened, many football fans are keen to see who is going where for the next season. It has emerged today that, Liverpool placed a £16million bid which has been accepted by AC Milan for Italy striker Mario Balotelli, 24.

Balotelli has been offered £90,000-a-week to move to Anfield and the transfer is nearly complete, subject to personal terms.

Last month, Brendan Rodgers said Liverpool was not going to sign the errant Italy striker but it seems the team has had a change of heart.

August/21/2014 2:06 pm Posted By: GC Staff

The Sierra Leoneans Are Ahead of the Ghanaians | Ebola Movie -EBOLA DON KRAZE Has Already Been Released in Sierra Leone

Ebola movie

Ebola movie

It seems that someone in Sierra Leone has already beaten Ghanaian movie maker-Samuel Ofori to the game, by making the first Ebola movie in Africa.

The movie “Ebola Don Krase” is marketed and distributed by Visual Arts Media, based in Freetown and has one of Sierra Leone’s best actor and comedian Sara D’Great in it.

The film makes fun of the situation in Sierra Leone and this shows that it isn’t just Ghanaians looking to make a quick buck by riding on the Ebola wave although no part 2,3 and 4 are schedule for this movie unlike what is likely to happen with the Kumawood version if it happens.

Kumawood has finally met its match in Sierra Leone.

Ebola movie DVD

Ebola movie DVD


August/21/2014 12:58 pm Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

Kwaw Kese Hits on the Ghanaian Government | Says the Leaders Are DUMB

Kwaw Kese

Kwaw Kese

Ghanaian musician-Kwaw Kese has joined the many Ghanaians throwing stones at the incumbent government for their failure to perform or honour the many campaign promises which pushed Ghanaians to vote for them.

The controversial rapper took to twitter few hours ago to say; the leaders are dumb. He also mentioned that the first president of Ghana and freedom fighter-Kwame Nkrumah must be in tears by now.

Interestingly, several Ghanaian showbiz personalities are increasingly adding their voices to that of the many crying Ghanaians like never seen before.

Few days ago, rapper-Sarkodie also released a track via which he threw stones at the ruling president-John Mahama and his officials.

Check out Sarkodie’s Inflation song below…

August/21/2014 11:20 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

OPEN GOSSIP: A Ghanaian Movie Director Puts His Finger Down an Actress on Set & Goes About Asking Others to SNIFF It?


Open Gossip

If you think Ghanaian movies are interesting and sometimes scandalous, we are telling you what happens on set when some of these movies are being shot can be far interesting and scandalous…

Perhaps it is out of desperation that an actress (either rising or established) would allow such to happen, and not walk off the set but smile throughout to shoot a movie being directed by the same man who subjected her to such an unbearable contempt.

On-Ghanaian movie-set-relationships and banging adventures are nothing new to write about. It is either some of the actors are hanky panking with some of the actresses or the directors are having their fair share of the national cake, backed by their elevated positions as those in charge of affairs.

And most happen on set when the actors and actresses are camped—and some continue off set too. We’ve heard some scandalous on set happenings where actors and actresses have been caught in the act but since most of them are adults, there is mostly no news element in such happenings.

But what we are about to tell you will shock you and probably, get you to be more interesting in the behind the scene happenings, rather than the movies that hit our screens.

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Thelma Louis

Thelma Louis

The Run Up Show

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