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October/23/2014 11:30 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

Best African Act Award at MOBO 2014 Was Not Televised | Music of Black Origin Awards INDEED

Fuse ODG

Fuse ODG

Perhaps the organizers and founders of Music of Black Origin (MOBO) awards have changed their mission/focus—and they are yet to inform us.

Before we get their new mission statement, we kindly ask that they should not also forget to change the name of their award scheme from Music of Black Origin (MOBO) to something else, because what they did last night was disrespectful to the Afrobeat genre, which is the biggest selling Black Music genre in the UK—currently.

MOBO is UK based and it is believe to have been instituted to award excellence mainly in areas of Music of Black origin (urban music). It is therefore pathetic that even though Afrobeats has its largest accepted audience in the UK after Africa—and it is the biggest selling black music in the UK today, the presentation of the Best Africa Act award (let’s say the Afrobeat category) was not televised.

Shocking, DJ Abrantee who has a huge influence in the Afrobeat ‘market’ in the UK gladly took part in the non-televised presentation. He should have rejected to be part of the gross disrespect that was shown to the genre, considering how hard together with others like Fuse ODG they’ve worked to put various Afrobeat songs on the ipods of many UK based music lovers.

Though Fuse ODG who won the 2014 MOBO Best African Act award was not around to pick up his plaque, he took to twitter to express his disappointment in relation to the Best Africa Act category presentation having NOT been televised.

Fuse tweet

It seems MOBO Awards has joined the annual BET Awards in what can be best described as; subjecting Africa musicians and their main genre to contempt despite their …

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October/23/2014 9:55 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

Musician/Comedia A-Plus Sued By Lawyer-Maurice Ampah for Defamation & He Wants 1 Million Ghana Cedis

Lawyer Ampah sues A-Plus (3)

Lawyer Ampah sues A-Plus

Following Castro and Janet Bandu’s mysterious disappearance, a certain Accra based Legal practitioner-Mauriace Ampah took over the airwaves, saying Asamoah Gyan knows the whereabouts of Castro and that the football star was hiding a lot from Ghanaians.

According to Lawyer Maurice Ampah at the time, he had credible information which proved that Asamoah Gyan and his people were lying—and that he was going to make this information public by the end of September.

Instantly, many said the Lawyer was just seeking for undue attention—because if he had such information, there was no point in waiting till the end of the month before disclosing it. But others asked that, we wait. After all, the end of the month was not that far.

At the end of September, Lawyer Ampah provided no information and when put on the spot, he claimed he was going to give his information to the police and not the public.

Later, he said he did not know where Castro is and he never said he had any information about the whereabouts of Castro.

Surely this must have been upsetting for many—for the start, it was DUMB of a legal practitioner to get so involved in such investigative matter and when asked to put his evidence on the table, he then comes throwing dust.

In light of the above, Ghanaian musician/comedian A-Plus (real name Kwame Asare Obeng) took to his facebook page to express his disappointment in Lawyer Ampah’s conduct. In the said write up, A Plus opined that, Lawyer Ampah was DUMB as his various submissions did not add up.

Interestingly, Lawyer-Maurice Ampah has sued A-Plus (we have the documents below) for defamation and he is asking for 1 million Ghana Cedis as damages. Surely, he is suing because A-Plus said he was DUMB—-we think.

I am not sure how a legal practitioner will proceed to sue someone under defamation because the person said he was DUMB—if indeed that is his claim.

In law, opinions cannot be defamatory and therefore, if someone says or thinks you are DUMB—you cannot sue the person for his opinion about you, even if it’s offensive.

As I wrote in my article-Defamation Is Far From What You Think | Being A Celebrity SUCKS! ; “It is worth mentioning that, statements like a person is a ‘Dumb Ass’ even first among ‘Dumb Asses’ communicates no factual proposition susceptible of proof or refutation. It is true that “dumb” by itself can convey the relatively concrete meaning ‘lacking in intelligence.’ Nevertheless, the absence of the ability to proof any factual preposition in this phrase will definitely make it a herculean task when a person wants to proof defamation based on it”.

Few days ago, Donald Trump tweeted to say the South African-Oscar Pistorius Judge-Thokozile Masipa was a MORON for the lenient 5 years punishment she gave out to Oscar. This cannot amount to defamation in Law even if said about a High Court Judge, because that is just Donald Trump’s opinion—this is not a false statement of fact.

October/23/2014 8:56 am Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

Fuse ODG Wins MOBO Awards’ Best African Act Again + Full List of the Winners

Fuse ODG

Fuse ODG

Last night, the 2014 MOBO Awards took place at London’s SSE Wembley Arena—making it the first time MOBO has been held in London in 5 years…

Though Sam Smith, 22-year-old soul singer from London was the biggest winner taking home 4 awards including Best male artiste and Best album, for Africa, Fuse ODG was the champion after winning the Best African Act once again this year…

The year has been great for Fuse ODG and as such, his win is well deserved…

Actor-Idris Elba also won MOBO’s inspirational award and Jessie J won MOBO best female artiste.

Check below for the full list of the winners…

October/22/2014 6:03 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Survey Reveals 76% of Ghanaians Believe this Government Has FAILED

President Mahama

President Mahama

Most people would admit that the myriad of problems plaguing Ghana now is unprecedented, at least since the inception of the Fourth Republic. Complaining about how things have taken a turn for the worse is now the norm, and unsurprisingly a poll of some Ghanaians has reflected this sentiment.

Afrobarometer conducted a survey of 2,400 Ghanaians, and 76% believe this government has failed. To further compound woes, 82% felt the country was moving in the wrong direction.

Approval ratings is a big deal for politicians in advanced countries, unfortunately it has never really taken root here. A poll like this can serve that purpose and I can confidently say it reflects the feelings of majority of Ghanaians.

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October/22/2014 5:58 pm Posted By: GC Staff

Tyga Says Drake is Fake and He Doesn’t Get Along With Nicki Minaj / Denies Dating Kylie Jenner



From BeyondGossip.Com

Tyga has been hitting out at his label ‘Young Money” for the past few weeks. The rapper threatened to go independent because he didn’t like how they were handling his upcoming album. His label mate Nicki Minaj responded to his tantrums by unfollowing him on twitter.

And now in an interview with Vibe Magazine, Tyga has slammed Young Money label mates, Drake and Nicki Minaj. The 24-year-old rapper dissed Drake for being fake and also admitted he doesn’t really get along with Anaconda rapper Nicki Minaj.

Excerpts from the interview below

October/22/2014 2:52 pm Posted By: Abena Appiah Amoah

Fantasia’s Husband-Kendall Taylor Tattoos Her Name on His HEART | Would You Ever Tattoo Your Partners Name on Your Body?

Fantasia’s Husband¬- Kendall Taylor

Fantasia’s Husband¬- Kendall Taylor

It looks like some people do not care or let’s say they just fail to learn from the mistakes of others.

In the last few days, we’ve seen Nick Cannon going that extra mile to clean off the big Mariah Carey tattoo he blasted on his back—and we’ve also seen Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend- Safaree Samuels’ effort to cover up the Nicki tattoos he had on him, following a break up of their 14 years relationship.

Despite the above, American Idol star-Fantasia Barrino‘s current husband Kendall Taylor has gone ahead to tattoo her name on his chest—and this comes as people on social media has been saying he does not lover her but he is just in for the cash.

Perhaps, he wants to show Fantasia that he is real, the love is real and he is not in for the money.

October/22/2014 2:11 pm Posted By: GC Staff

SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD: A Man Fakes Being in Coma for 2 Years in UK to Avoid Court Appearance…

Alan and wife-Hellen

This sounds ridiculous but it actually happened in the United Kingdom.

A man of 47 years old-Alan Knight from Swansea stole over £40,000 from his elderly neighbour and he was due to face 19 counts of theft and forgery. When it was time for him to appear in Court for his theft, he went into coma for 2 good years.

Alan claimed he was in a vegetative state and could not get up, let alone come to Court and as seen in the photo above, his wife also played along. The father-of-three’s wife, Helen, was part of the scam as she was pictured ‘caring’ for her ‘comatose’ husband.

For 2 years he was able to get away by doing this until doctors watching his hospital room spotted him eating, wiping his face and even writing…BUSTED!

After he was caught, Det Con Paul Harry, from South Wales Police, said: ‘In my entire career this is the most calculated, long-term deception of a vulnerable, elderly neighbour I have ever seen.’

October/22/2014 1:27 pm Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

HAPPY DEATHDAY Featuring Kafui Danku, Nana Ama McBrown, Alex Ekubo, James Gardiner & Others to Be Premiered on November 14 in Accra



After the success of her recent self-produced movie-Devil in a Dress, actress /producer-Kafui Danku has pulled together some of Africa’s ‘trending’ actors for her new movie which employs some sort of oxymoron as its title-HAPPY DEATHDAY.

Directed by Kobi Rana of ‘Kiss Me If You Can’ fame, the movie features talented Ghanaian actress-Nana Ama McBrown, former Big Brother housemate-Elikem Kumordzie, Alex Ekubo, James Gardiner, Too Sweet, Kafui Danku and others…Perhaps, I should also mention that the movie features Ghana’s dancehall artiste-Stonebwoy (real name Livingstone Etse Satekla).

HAPPY DEATHDAY will receive a red carpet premiere on 14 November, 2014 at the SilverBird Cinemas at the Accra Mall & Weija (6:20pm and 9:20 pm)—and before the showing, a special photo session will be held to give fans the opportunity to pose with the movie stars for pictures.

In HAPPY DEATHDAY, “a group of young friends in their quest to give their mate a memorable birthday end up in massive danger. With the vice president and the law involved, only the craziest can survive. In a world of mistakes and accidents, disaster is inevitable but how do we control damage without being damaged? “

Check out the trailer of HAPPY DEATHDAY below…

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October/22/2014 12:44 pm Posted By: Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

Samsung Donates 3000 smartphones in support of the fight against Ebola



Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced that the company will donate 3,000 smartphones, worth about USD 1 million, to support the ongoing fight against Ebola. The smartphones, to be donated through the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs (OCHA), will be used in the Humanitarian Connectivity Project, the UN’s IT project that utilizes mobile devices to provide humanitarian support in disaster areas.

The donated GALAXY S3 Neo Smartphones will be used in 60 Ebola medical clinics in the three worst-hit African countries, Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. By installing the UN’s Smart Health Pro mobile application, medical staff can utilize the smartphones to treat patients and collect medical data, while quarantined patients can contact their families using the devices.

October/22/2014 9:18 am Posted By: GC Staff

Ebola Serum for Africa Could be Ready as Early as December Says WHO



The World Health Organisation has announced that a large scale operation is underway which could see the development of a serum capable of curing Ebola patients- and that it could be ready as early as December this year.

This Ebola outbreak has been the severest in history, spreading to countries outside the continent as well. Whilst less than 10 non-Africans have died from the virus, it has killed over 4,000 people on the continent, mainly in the epicentres of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone…

The BBC reports the assistant director general for health systems and innovation at the World Health Organisation, Dr Kieny, has announced that a serum is in development which would hopefully cure the disease entirely.

October/21/2014 8:41 pm Posted By: Abena Appiah Amoah

Django Unchained Actress-Daniele Watts & Boyfriend CHARGED With Lewd Conduct for Car Seks

Django Unchained Actress-Daniele Watts

Django Unchained Actress-Daniele Watts

It looks like Django Unchained actress-Daniele Watts has bitten more than she can chew—surely, you cannot tell me her cry of racism and her attempt to make cops look bad have not contributed to this case being dragged.

The actress and her boyfriend have been charged with lewd conduct for allegedly having ‘seks’ in her car outside CBS Studios.

Last month, Daniele Watts claimed because of her colour, the cops picked up on her when she was just making up with her boyfriend.

Playing the race and the fame card-“do you know who I am” got her a lot of social media support, with many people feeling sorry for her—and calling the police all sort of names.

The fact remains, there are so many racists in police uniforms. We cannot seem to get rid of the institutional racism that has made racial profiling a tradition in the service.

But for the first time, the police was on the right path as eyewitnesses came out to say, actress-Daniele Watts was having full blown SEKS with her white boyfriend at the back of their car in broad day light.

October/21/2014 4:44 pm Posted By: Abena Appiah Amoah

GC Reader-Sasha Says Kofi Adjorlolo is a ‘BIG SNUB’ | What Has Your Experience Been LIke With Ghanaian Celebrities?

Kofi Adjorlolo

Kofi Adjorlolo

According to GC reader-Sasha, she bumped into Ghanaian actor-Kofi Adjorlolo in London on Sunday and after trying several times to strike a greeting, Kofi sort of snubbed her—and surely, we think this is unfriendly and ‘uncelebrity’ like…

Some of us will not even bother paying attention to any Ghanaian Celebrity because to be frank, most of them are not worth a minute but if a fan goes the extra mile to call you out politely, giving the person a minute of your time will not take away any money from your pocket as a celebrity.

We’ve heard fans in the past say Nadia Buari, Yvonne Okoro, Yvonne Nelson and Sarkodie have this same sort of stuck-up personality as they treat fans with no respect…

If nothing at all, it is common abroad to pay attention the moment you hear any person speaking Twi or call your local name so well. I occasionally join people’s conversation just because they are speaking Twi and mostly, we end up talking for long. It is just beautiful.

Anyway, check what GC reader-Sasha wrote below and tell us what you think and what your experience has been with any of the Ghanaian celebrities

GC Reader1

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