Tacky outfits, bad weaves… Who’s responsibility?

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The level of fashion blunders among Ghanaian celebrities is beyond embarrassing. When it comes to some celebrities, their sense of style is nonexistent, as some have a misplaced sense of fashion. At times, some step out looking like ghetto-runway-rejects in trashy outfits picked right out of some street corner “boutique.”

When attending shindigs or award shows, these celebrities often opt for over-the-top flamboyant styles, often highlighted with multi colored makeup and, of course, their ever present locally acquired foreign accents-sorry couldn’t resist throwing that in there.

On the top of this list of blunders is the constant matching coupled with over accessorizing. Often, these celebrities are decked out in matching outfits, completely accentuated with gazillion accessories, smudged make up and in worst case scenario crooked stilettos. I am not even going to get started on the fake made in “China Town” Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Channel etc some of these celebrities fervently flaunt- who do they think they are fooling?

Fashion mishaps are one common theme in Ghanaian movie bloopers. Based on information gathered, most of these stars have control over their wardrobe, there are no signed stipulations granting the film maker absolute control over wardrobe, and in the cases where there are conditions, it is obvious that they are not enforced. The term professionalism has been so abused it doesn’t apply here.

Another embarrassing aspect of these blunders is the bad weaves. Most look like they have been so recycled they are two wears away from turning into dreadlocks. At times, they are worn so badly, sometimes on top of braids, with the edges peeking out and in serious danger of falling off completely! There will be no name dropping here as I really want to live to see Christmas. While there are a couple of decent ones, please spare us those caked, tangled and brittle ones…jeeze!

As a celebrity, having a sense of style is a requirement, once you are in the public eye your every move is under intense scrutiny, most realize this and have invested time and effort in maintaining a squeaky clean public image, so I am going to ask them this question; why not invest some of their hard earned money in some decent oufits?

By Cassie Johnson

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  1. de most ugly picture ive ever seen in ma life..gurl lemme adivse,don’t u ever in ur life wear dis kinda rag in ur life again..uglllllllllllllllly