Nigeria To Send Ghana To the Cleaners3 Comments

GC Staff
Posted on 19 Mar 2010 at 12:12pm

If the signal we are picking now is the right, then Ghanaian producers must sit up, watch out and get their arsenals ready for a showdown as their Nigerian counterparts are in a secret meeting to get them (Ghanaian producers) out of the movie market.

The primary aim of this secret meeting is to hatch a plan to flood the market with only Nigeria movies hence getting the Ghanaian producers out of job. Venus Films Production producer Abdul Salam Mumuni, whose first film was God Loves Prostitutes, which brought Nollywood superstar Genevieve Nnaji to Ghana and is responsible for the discovery of Van Vicker, Jackie Aygemang, Nadia Buari, Eddie Nartey and still discovering more talents is their prime target.

Speaking under the condition of anonymity, the Nigerian producer based in Ghana said they (Nigerian producers in Ghana) have a lot of problems with the system now, he mentioned how GAG (Ghana Actors’ Guild) is making things exceedingly difficult for them, “Can you imagine the GAG does not want us to charge money for registration at auditioning, my brother, as if to say we don’t pay for hiring the place for the audition, aside that we also take care of the panelist” he told

So where does Venus come in the picture? “Salaam doesn’t use Nigerians anymore in his productions, he thinks he’s Ghana’s number one producer, so just doing what he likes, my brother, about 4 to 5 most powerful Nigerian producers are in to get him out of the market, already we have shot about 12 movies which are yet to be released and as I am talking to you now, we are still on location shooting more movies”.

Who gave him the title, Ghana’s number one producer? “My brother, you know what am talking about, he’s the only Ghanaian producer producing good movies now”

“We have flown in the third biggest person from Liberia and she’s on location shooting in Ghana.  We are planning be shoot in Uganda, Liberia and we are targeting 40 movies in a year”, he said boastfully.

At this stage, he was completely in dreamland as I fought back “But he has worked and still working with Nigerian directors, talk of Ofeanyi Onyeabor (Mr. Hollywood), Frank Rajah (The Return of Beyonce (2006), Crime to Christ (2007), Princess Tyra (2007), Wedlock of the Gods (2007), Beyonce 2: The President’s Daughter (2006), Tchidi Chikere (Girls’ Connection) and a host of others”.

For a minute, he was stammering and prevaricated for a while “My brother, yes I know of Frank Rajah but am not too sure of Ofeanyi Onyeabor and Tchiki Chikere but all that I am saying is that Venus does not use the Nigerian stars in his movies and we will get him out of the market”.

Actor Kofi Adjorlolo was not left out as Yvonne Nelson’s buttocks was smacked, “I don’t know what is happening now but when you pair Kofi Adjorlolo with someone who is non Ghanaian, then he charges more, forgetting that he was brought up in Nigeria, for the latter, she always create ‘awareness’ on set/location, which I think is unnecessary”.

Where from this xenophobic tendencies now?

By: Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./

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    Unfortunately, few people have the desire to become someone famous and have lots of gain.


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    it makes me sad when i see this types of write ups. when are we going to grow up andwork with each other ,to grow stronger in the face of the world that sees us as inferior.abdul salami also has not been so profesional in this  ghana-nigeria madness. while most director/producers on both sides  were cautioning thecitizens to apply caution.salami was busy making the situation worse. but,he should understand that this is not just about him feeling like he is king of the world but.about the wider public whom these films makes their day.


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