Fred Amugi

He is widely known for playing the armed robber, the scammer, the drug dealer, the hitman any kind of criminal and bad boy role you can think of. However, this Ghollywood legend, known in real life as Fred Nii Amugi leads an ambivalent lifestyle. Off the set, he is a deeply religious, nice, clean cut guy.    

Fred started out in showbiz as a Gospel musician. He was part of an Accapella  Gospel music group that started at La, Accra consisting of  Reginald Tei Agovor, Kinsley Asare Addo, Joseph Omaboe, David Agovor, Stephen Bell Bampoe and Fred Amugi at their La Presbyterian Church.

They were known as the Epiphany Echoes. Fred believes that music brought him fame before ghollywood did but admits making movies took his popularity to another level.

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nana mame says:


nana mame says:


gideonowusu says:


ghallday says:

One of the pioneers of modern day GH movies. One particular movie I remember him well for was the movie in which “ghanaman”(David Dontoh) stole Amugi’s wife and property whiles he was abroad or prison. Amugi went to his house and hacked him to pieces with a machete. Great actor.

Wow, thats my mentor and father, i really love this man like crazy, Uncle Fred pls dont stop what you are doing, i love you like crazy. These are people we learn and take advice from. Good luck Uncle fred.

Betty Boop says:

i like Fred Amugi…. I hope he acts in more movies as time goes out!

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