So You Think You Are Smart? Solve This…


Well, i have been pondering about this mind-twisting question for sometime now. A normal life experience but very difficult to work out the solution. I bow down to anyone who can come out with the right answer. If you are ready, let me roll it on.

SITUATION: Three guys went to a drinking spot. After spending several hours on beer, each of them contributed GH25 (making a total of GH75) for the bill.

After given the GH75 to the waitress, she realized that the cost of beer was  GH70 not GH75 as the guys contributed.  So that means the waitress had to give back GH5.

However, realizing that they were only three guys, wondering how three people can share GH5, the waitress kept GH2 to herself and gave them GH3 to be shared.

ANALYSIS: So we can now conclude that each of the three guys contributed GH24 for the cost of the beer (remember that they were given back GH1).

CONCLUSION: If we start the addition again, the total amount contributed to pay the bill is now GH72 (for the three people). Ok, let’s add the GH2 kept (secretly) by the waitress. That makes a total of GH74.

QUESTION: Where is the remaining Gh1? (Remember that each of the three guys initially contributed GH25 to make GH75.


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