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Jane Awindor of  “Irene and Jane”  fame is looking amazing in these photos. There seems to be something wrong with the first picture.(laying on the roof one). Have a close look and make your guess. What do you think is wrong with the photo?

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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  • http://reverbnation.com/highspirit tricky

    wooow shes pretty, jane is very pretty,… but the ampit of dis pic is sum styles…looolll

  • infogram

    this is very bad ,it makes me believe of rumors about Jane being a drugadit .
    we just hope all this aint true cos shes a gud singer and is not worh such indecency,

  • akua

    she should’ve shaved

  • ama sika

    Wassup with the hairy armpit ? Oh ghanaian stars , can’t she afford a razor or what? This is disgusting

  • julietta

    sorry guys ,dont think the armpit is hairy,just black!

  • julietta

    looking at the others you could see,she took them on the same day and her armpit is neatly shaved!

  • Kwadas

    Always tryin 2 find faults wit our celebrits!

  • Serwaa

    This is nasty, did she forget to shave or what? I love her though

  • dave

    she’s wayward and do drugs.sure thats y irene split up with her.black and white can’t click.

  • bright

    OMG!!what has she done to herself..is she really on drugs??but the armpit looks like she’s abt.60yrs….girl u don’t need to do this kind of pose to be famous..use ur singing talent.

  • diva

    hmmmmmmmmm.. people will always give nasty comments on our celebs ahhh, say sumtin nice FOR ONES.. oo

  • http://www.ghanacelebrities.com keren

    diva u re just right

  • adwubi

    aaaaaaaaaaaah. see her ampit, this one dieeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • adwubi

    this is better,

  • brown

    she is the best i luv to know her

  • Kobby

    Please somebody should tell Jane that I respect her soooooooooooooo much, and her mother is favorite personality on TV. she should not try to be Mzbel.

  • marvelous

    all dose complaing … go get her one and STOP blowing *****

  • Mahoney

    Fuck,the armpit who cares if she shave it or not?
    Leave her alone.Most of you talking about her ,have you shaved yours?

  • Mahoney

    Was Irene on a roof top?
    Please somebody should help me ohh

  • Mahoney

    Sorry! Was Jane on a roof top?
    Please somebody should help me ohh



  • abi

    all those criticising her you just wish u were ‘ON THE ROOF TOP’, literally and indepthly. Skinpain people

  • ghallday

    lol I know many will attack because of the mmotuam hair. lol

  • thriller

    gal,that was a great pose,really like it,always aim for the top where ya belong.gatchu ere,i dont buy fake criticisms unless i see and know,love your enemies and haters it will drag them nuts………go gal……

  • http://gmail mi kyiri nkwasiasem


  • Jen

    Her armpit looks like a VAGINA!

    • I’can be-ur Juliet

      @Jen, eiiiii loooooooool


    jane,the sky is ur limit but please stop smoking the weed.

  • scofield

    so disgust y with black private parts.

  • http://facebook.com tilapia

    the black pantie exposed

  • Alicia A.

    A HOT MESS!!! that hairy armpit? lol

  • tasha

    this is NASTY

  • bb

    i dont see anything wrong with that foto.

  • Cutie

    Chale, chale. U people kuraa wasup? did u c her smoke da wee. Mu kuraa wat! lv da gal alone. U may av problem wit da pic, i get it. Go easy on da gal. Efya u rock.

  • http://facebook.com stephanie darko

    all yall niggas talkin bout she doez drugz yall need to shut tha fuk n bak tha fuk off bak shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo moccorozo

    she has being f*ckd.

  • naa sackley quayson

    cul n nice

  • wilson

    dis is de biggest mess up

  • fantifanti

    i dnt even know y people cant think abt themself

  • edith

    what at all is wrong with this pix? will you people leave her alone? it a pix and more so it has been edited. what has mzbel got to do here? i like the pix, it really nice.

  • kojo

    at list she had da gut to put her pic out wat abt u haters

  • me

    hueva u r, i luv u fella

  • paapa jay


  • Begazwallax

    Can’t you guys see her pantie is not real. Y’all watchin her armpit.