Vibe Squad: Promising Hiplife Group

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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Splashy says:

gud tracks

Vero says:

U r definitely missin’ pregoo wiv his cocky self. hehe
well dne doe

KingKong says:

Feeling this!

Nanayaa says:


Hacker4life says:

I love the tracks.. cant believe they are not a hit already. Look at the shit being put out there these days. keep the struggle on vibe squad

C-fire says:

Where pregoo dey? tell am say make he dogg dey chase shawdies and concentrate on his music..hahahahhaha

Manchester4life says:

Nice track boys

1africa says:

Ghana -- naija boys.. west africa my niggaaaaa!!!

simon-jay says:

good songs but the performance was nt good. The singer is awesome though. work harder on your stage work boys. nice tracks especially the second one

Gold says:

Did prego leave the group? nice performance boys .keep it up

9ja-flavour says:

add me on facebook for talks Lucky Osejun

9ja-flavour says:

good tracks. very marketable. they need good management and good choreography! very promising

9ja-flavour says:

the songs are vry good. if ghana singer sing this way then we all english speeking countries in africa can buy the records. I realy like this songs i am hearing. but you should put their site here so we can download the songs. goodwork

SponzooBee says:

I’m diggin the second track. where can i download it?
Sponzoo B

Eunice says:


bebe-regina says:

I love themmmm! where is de one wif de braids? i saw dem at party in de park n had a pic wif dem..i got de first song whine for me.. love it! Go vibe squad

shrry says:

well dne guyz nice perfromance ,

ghallday says:

these boys are trying.

Love says:

Vibesquad myboiss love u guyz soo amazing nice performance

Christigurl says:

I like the. They sound pretty good. Why not?

Miriiamasxcy says:

I love them.. but where is mprego?

italiana says:

go vibe squad…..go culchar, go go!!!!! i like ur style

Richard says:

Am feeling the video. it;s tight.

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