Vote Agnes Ntow For Miss Africa USA 2010 Pageant

Agness Ntow

Agness Ntow

It is the dream of a young Ghanaian Agnes Ntow to see  herself as a successful woman and mentor, who will be in mist of accomplishing her dreams within the media in Africa and America.

Upon getting closer to Agnes Ntow Miss Ghana Africa 2010 finalist, first thing to notice is her good looks but after having a conversation with her, one thing comes out; the brains. She has the beauty and the brains.

When she won the Miss Ghana USA pageant, Miss Agnes Ntow set out on a mission to eradicate child trafficking and prostitution in Ghana. The best way to eradicate such a canker is to tackle the poverty and lack of education aspect of it. And that’s what she has been doing ever since.

One of the jobs considered as a reserved for men is Disc Jockeying, that’s what Agnes enjoys doing. Miss Ntow gets the opportunity to mentor to the teenage African and African American girls through her pogramme ‘Phenomenal Woman’. Also she has a radio show ‘Passport to a World’s View’ which airs on Saturday from 2pm to 4pm Central Time.

Agnes hope to be like Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks of Africa, to replicate what they have been doing and also help eradicate all negative connotations associated to Africa and Africans. In doing so, she hopes to uplift the African people spirits by giving them a great sense of hope and pride which in turn help make the African continent a land of great opportunity.

Agnes also want the voice to give a voice to the voiceless and power to empower the powerless by promoting education and advocacy on issues related to women and youth in Africa and America.

These and many more are the things Miss Ntow have planned doing. Miss Agnes is one of the Ghanaian contestants in the Miss Africa USA pageant, described by many as the biggest and most publicized African pageant in the world today.

The Miss Africa USA Pageant is a vision of a Cameroonian American, Lady Kate Njeuma to unite the Community in celebrating the beauty of African women through a showcase culture and talent, empowering young African women in America as Leaders and Goodwill Ambassadors.

Believing that African women can help develop their communities if given the right opportunity and the tools to make a difference, the pageant set out to help build confidence in young women and help them believe in themselves.

The pageant was launched in October 2005 in Norcross, Georgia as Miss Africa Georgia but was changed to its present name after the organization received great feedback after the maiden edition and African girls from all over the United States expressed their interest and readiness in partaking in the competition.

The Miss Africa USA Pageant has evolved from the time it was launched in 2005 to what it is today. It focuses on building confidence and empowering young women to give back to under-served communities in Africa and in the United States of America. Today each delegate works on a micro project to benefit a community in need in Africa or America. Check Photos Of Agness Below.

As politicians seek your vote to make the lives of the people better, Agnes also needs your vote to fight prostitution, child trafficking and negativity associated with Africans. To vote for Agnes Ntow please visit:

Watch GhanaCelebrities.Com Interview With Agnes Ntow Below

By Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./

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