Is Akosua Puni Really Pregnant For Michael Essien ?

Akosua Puni

Akosua Puni

The aroma exuding from certain individuals’ kitchen has it that, Akosua Puni who was alleged to have been dating the Ghanaian football star Stephen Appiah until his injuries has hopped over to the Chelsea and Ghanaian footballer-Michael Essien.

If you may remember, prior to Akosua Puni –Stephen Appiah’s alleged romance, the same Akosua Puni was mentioned as dating Okomfo Kwadee.

Akosua Puni is on the lips of many Ghanaians again as being in a hot romantic relationship with Michael Essien. Not only is there a relationship allegation, she is said to be carrying Essien’s baby. This same Akosua is rumoured to have a child with Kwesi  Nyantakyi, the husband of  the Accra Socialite-Regina Nyantakyi.

Nadia Buari who was not long ago ditched by Michael Essien glamorously appeared at the 2008 Miss Ghana UK beauty pageant with Akosua Puni. Their appearance and “giggles”  then suggested a cordial relationship between the two “women”. This was when Nadia was rocking it hard with Essien.

We all know that Nadia Buari is out of Essien’s life. The question now is, Has the unbeatable Akosua Puni really taken over the game herself?

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact:

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missbrown says:

@shocker, eeei wats realy happening now adays??look at al dis tins,is it realy goin to help da nation Ghana??

Gf says:

this guy get info, waat?

Clefy says:

I dnt noe y famouse persons in west africa kipz disgracing demselves, its such a shame

aboagyewa says:


Sly says:

That girl must have a platinium @$$. I aint sayin she’s a hold digga, but she aint messin with no broke niggas. I guess her next target is obama. Lol.

SIZZY says:

thumbs up nsempii

SIZZY says:

@ christigurl. dis is no hating unless u are just like her.

SIZZY says:

list of men who have allegedly done it wid her….1. daddy lumba, 2. okomfo kwaadee, 3. stephen appiah 4.ofori amponsah 5. michael essien and lots more. the funny thing is, all of these guys have their careers takin a terrible nose-dive. could it be that she has bad luck pursuing her?

mamsay says:

Jay, this behaviour is not accepted in any part of a civilised world. If u want to talk about declared prostitutes fine but don’t try to justify Akosua’s behaviour.
Indeed if it is true then i bet you Akosua will even sleep with a goat so long as the animal is in trousers has a fat bank account. I will prefer to label Akosua as official prostitute. Such a person can never live in an Arab world.
She will have been stone to death long ago. Prostitute of the highest order, shame on you.

lo says:

if only michiel could take it easy and find a nice girl from east africa they are know to be very loving loyal and hard working women give thema chance boy

Jay says:

Mama, is Jennifer Brown. Her daughter went to Leeds university with Akosua. She then adopted Akos. Stephen Appiah and Michael were both sleeping with Akos and pretending they were not aware of each other. Akos does not hide the fact that she likes rich men who can give her what she wants. No one is hating, just that this type of behaviour is shunned from our culture!!

Christigurl says:

Why are u guys going in on the poor girl. She is pretty and seems to have it together. So if guys with $$$$ wanna get at her then more power to her. Haters!

ghallday says:

ROFL  Akosua PU “NA’ NI… that was funny. She is man-hopping. She deals with only the famous ones too.

mamsay says:

If indeed Akosua has been jumping from one man to another man, then she must be ashame of herself. Prosttute of the highest order, a caner/ nuisance to our society. Is she telling me that she will sleep with the devil so long as there is fame? You are a complete disappointment to women folk. Shame you local prostitue.

wendy says:

hahahahaha @sarah u said it nicely , and i dont think essien ditch nadua buhuri i think his foolishness ditch himself and now u doing ur mama punani. ei!! less i forget i thought she use to say she is micheal’s sister wow some siblis do themself ? the juju has already work on him is not now he has to be careful and is on the way to spoil his career. jus look around he is sufferin from his knee injury and cant play just like wht she did to stephen appiah , i want to say i feel sorry for the guys but i rather not , why , cos they all deserve it if they cant zip up. shame on u puni . maybe i ll put mr nyatakyi, appiah kwadee and essein in the ring and puni ll be referee to see who ll be the last man droolin on her stinkin punani, ll be fun and i cant wait

shocker says:


missbrown says:

@shocker, eeei wats realy happening now adays??look at al dis tins,is it realy goin to help da nation Ghana??

bb says:

but seriously, Essien needs to becareful of all these women oooooo.

bb says:

LMBAO @ sarah’s comment

sarah says:

i dont like judging but damn this girl is a hoe thats why her lastname is Puni=punani. cant she stick to one guy, and essien is a bastard

divine says:


Taadi boy says:

Aba hwe wo ba no yie. Dem besia no no ho ye tro papa? Aba ene breda Michael enya kasa kyere atea?

ketsia says:

Ya’ll might think i’m late or something, but didn’t Esien go with Nadia Buarie and i heard they were engage, waz up with dat.
Can someone give me an update cause i’m lost here!

Decency says:

E! Esien,small boys are young,please you should not go to every woman,some of them are dangerous.

shocker says:

Nsem piii, bring on da part 2 pls…lol..Are u sayn mama or whatever Puni´s godmother´s name is, is da cause of kwadee´s ABODAM????…We yi di333, ns3m piiii…lol

miss dior says:

Rotflmao @ nsempii are u telling a story or is the truth u talking about, thats some funny shizz omg so what r u saying that mama who is punis godmother has some powers then essein should watch out before she turns him into a goat. Thanks for the laugh nsempii this is crazy.

miss dior says:

Lmao @ comments, btw this akosua puni woman what does she do?

shocker says:

Hmmmmmm Micheal…lol..i wanna hear more ooooo….pls bring on the part 2

adwubi says:


Nsem pii says:

AKOSUA PUNI aka cele’asanka!! lets see if she doesn’t repeat same to Essien.. she never had a son for that ”impotent” Kwesi Nyantakyi, it was rather Kwadee’s SON. When Puni ‘Asanka’ felt she stooped soo low, she then went ahead and fooled opanin kwasia Nyantakyi about her pregnancy. Kwadee demanded a DNA when he knew he was on the verge of losing his son, but things changed when Puni asanka’s Godmother known as ‘MAMA’ who lives in Cantonments, few blocks from NAFTI, offered to help solve the ‘baby’ issue on the quiet. Infact, Kwadee and Mama became like mother and son. Kwadee later moved in to mama’s house. Kwadee, thinking he was going to have his boy back through mama… not knowing mama was fooling him so as to save the matter from leaking to the media and to keep the truth about the pregnancy from Nyantakyi. Suddenly, mama took interest in the release of kwadee’s album ‘nsem pee’, i can say that she was his manager at that time. Every meeting concerning the release of the album was held in that house in the presence of mama. Mama controlled kwadee like a koliko. Even Khan, who was then a member of the production team, alongside Jimmy of ‘Efiewura’ fame, close friend Kwaw kese and 2toff had to seek permission from mama if they wanted to go out with kwadee. Her decision was final. Surprisingly, kwadee challenged mama’s authority one day and left the house and settled in Spintex. A week later, Kwadee got ill and was rushed to Sakumono community hosptal where he spent almost a week. At this point mama had to ‘act’ before kwadee does. She gives kwadee a phone call that same day he was released from the hospital for him to meet up. He agreed and left Spintex for Cantonments. That was it!!! close friends knew kwadee was in mama’s house but mama denied knowing the whereabouts of kwadee when ever they visit. Not knowing, kwadee was ‘abodam’ in mama’s house. He destroyed things in the house and flashed an unknown amount of monies in the wc. Still, mama insisted she didn’t know where kwadee was. One day, kwadee gets out of the house for the first time since his returned, only God knows how!!! he got to NAFTI, with only boxers on. People in front of NAFTI saw he was totally ‘abodam’. Later, News broke to Kwadee’s auntie in Nungua, later to his Bio mother Cece , then to his half brother Felix and kwadee’s Godson Ben. They rushed down to Nugua. Kwadee’s mother became very furious wondering why mama kept his son in that condition without informing any family member. Ben, Felix and mother followed up to cantonments. Surprisingly, kwadee’s auntie in nungua never heard from them again. She decided to call but they had their phones off. Almighty mama has been successful in turning them into a koliko. A week later, kwadee’s auntie managed to find mama’s house. She also followed up to mama’s residence to know what’s exactly going on. The security man in mama’s house refused to let them in. Auntie did not have any option than to trow insults at cece who she believed was hiding. Later that day, news came in from one Eric, the owner of THE LOON spot in spintex that kwadee was at the Accra psychiatric Hospital. Now, was if really weed smoking that got Kwadee mad or NSEM PEEEEEEEE! WATCH-OUT MICHAEL!!

maame says:

@Nsem pii, all u have said is true but please say no more,kwadee will not be happy to hear that his private life is out this way please,He is healing gradualy thanks to friends like Eric,its not weed that got him mad,atleast we that are close to him knows that.he is actually more calmer when he smokes so its not the weed.what he has is spiritual and only prayers can solve it.we are helping him as much as we can hopefully things will turn out to be better.

FOXY says:

@maame, OMG! U Actually had the time to read all that comment??

Christine says:

even if she is not pregnant, i know Essien is shagging her big time.Essien is doomed forever. the only person who survived from this ‘whole’ is nyantakyi becos at that time the ‘juju whole’ was not strong. But it caught Kwadee big time, where is Kwadee, it caught steven appiah too, where is steven appiah and now Essien. The bulll you are doomed. What a .whole’

KTGalloway says:

Hmmmm, pretty girl. Well, good luck either way.

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