Bingo! Hot Fork Movie Wont Be Given Approval Unless…

Hot Fork Ghanaian Movie

Hot Fork Ghanaian Movie

Now it seems some folks are beginning to read and listen to us. Apart from the below write-up, I am also reliably informed that, based on the various comments and lashing the yet to be released Ghanaian Movie titled Hot Fork received on GhanaCelebrities.Com , the big heads in the Ghanaian Movie Industry are refusing to approve Hot Fork. We were the first online media to publish anything on this movie and the comments has gotten some people thinking twice now. Read More Below…

Ghanaian movie producer Socrate Safo of Movie Africa, is in deep waters this time around over the title of a new movie he is about to release next month.

Socrate has had a lot of issues in the past with movies like “Mallam Issa kawa”, “Last Virgin”, “Love and Sex” and “Sexy Angel”, both on set and post production and he is always able to sail through some how to release all these movies successfully. is reliably informed that Socrate has just sent his new movie, titled “HOT FORK” to the censorship board to be previewed and approved for release, but some members of the board have refused to even watch the movie until he changes the title of the movie.

Though some board members have agreed to watch and see how the title reflects in the story, others think the title is too suggestive, so it does not qualify to be on the shelves. But Socrate still insists that “HOT FORK” is the only title which best fits the movie.

Speaking to peacefmonline, Socrate emphasized that there is nothing wrong with the title but some people hear it and immediately, draw funny conclusions. “The whole movie is about a hot kitchen fork, which was used to commit a crime and how investigators were able to see who committed the crime and how it was done”, he stated.

Asked what he is going to do to get the movie censored and released he said. “They will approve it; they have to approve it for me with the same title. There has to be a way out”. Meanwhile our investigation revealed that apart from the suggestive title, the movie also has some serious s*x scenes which will raise eye brows if it is released, so the censorship board is reluctant to allow the movie on the market.

A sneak peak at the trailer of the movie shows shots of a man and a woman making love in a Jacuzzi exposing the lady’s beads, her back and her breast, shots with a wet n*ked woman walking in a living room and shots of a male actor putting his hands in between the legs of an actress.

The movie features Ekow Freeman, popular Nigerian Actor Sam Uche Anyamele of “Super Story” fame, Vivian Achor, Marian Addo, Phil Ayisi, Baby Blench, Duke Felix (Paada) and other star actors. The movie is rated 18+.

Until peacefmonline will have an opportunity to watch the full movie, we will keep wondering what these serious s*x scenes in the movie have to do with a ‘hot fork’ which was used to commit a crime. Socrate is known for his controversial movie titles such as: “God is Wicked”, “Jezebel”, “Satan’s Wife” among others.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t look like Socrate will have his way this time as always, because the censorship board is keen on protecting their credibility.

Peacefmonline sources in Kumasi have also hinted that popular comic actor Kofi Adu also known as Agya Koo with the support of other Kumasi actors will demonstrate on the streets of Kumasi, against “Hot Fork” and other Ghanaian movies with excessive s*x scenes in Kumasi on Friday April 29, 2010.

Keep reading for more information as Socrate Safo is still struggling to release this controversial movie.


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact:

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emmanuel forson says:

i think this movie should not brought has bad influences in the it shouldnt be brought out….

dextlin says:

please can you get me the movie?

eujsrv says:

i never know ghana like this b4..they girls are becoming hoooooooooo. shit.

just saying says:


just saying says:

this website is crazy

just saying says:

this movie is stupid and pointless
now everyone wanna be in movies and all the movies being released is full of whores nad womanizers……this is ugly its a good thing some sensible ppl are not approving the movie….THANK YOU

kalonji says:

what is all this noise u people are making.nobody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to go and buy it.nudity is part of art.check the crucifix

Isha says:

no wonder dey use de ugliest n most imatured hoes

Bright says:

@Fools,ur comment abt this Socrates guy is sad but funny tho…God help Ghana with good leades and role models.

Bonash Adjepong says:

Socrates used to link acting to gods and goddess. as a way of entertaining the gods and goddess in the past. no wonder he is releasing an unwholesome and p*rnographic pictures in his movies. this movie should be banned to serve as deterrent to other producers. if this movie is allowed into the market, the next movie may be more p*rnographic than this.

vabsy says:

this really a sad story but i dont really know if all these things are real.if it is then it’s bad. dont they have nuclear families that their spouse will be angry with them.God have mercy on us.

ASKIA says:

i really need to watch this movie haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

kwabena says:

i want to watch this film

kk says:

well, if it’s gonna be rated 18+ and restricted from juvenile viewing, i have problem with at all. Y’all can decide for yourselves whether to purchase/watch or not. and i’m betting the sales and the viewing wiill be mega. don’t try to force your morals on us.

Socrate is trying to escape from this one, but this time around it wouldn”t work out. How can you produce a s*x movie with scenes like this and turn around to tell us it is an investigative movie. It doesn”t click.. Grow up man

Shada says:

Wey stupid movie too this? But chal igo bii o lol

LIZZY says:


Fools says:

Listerning to Socrate on peace fm this afternoon abroad, not only did he sound imature, but wicked, selfish, arogant/dangerous to our our belove country Ghana.
Trust me, this guy’s intentions are to gradually skiid into the production of ponographic movies. Look at what he is doing to our future generation. This stupid man of a producer is the man who demands s*x from these young girls before given them roles. That is why he doesn’t see anything wrong with nudity in our descent society because of his selfish interests.
I call all well meaning Ghanaians to boycott his movies. This man is a treat to our youth. Stupid man. God will punish you.

Akogo says:

Is this the old GHANA that i know? if this is what our producers, actors and actresses are going to offer us now then i’m sorry we have to close down the industry.

Iceberg says:

Ghanaian movies nowadays are diverting from our cultural values. What The F**k. We aint in a p*rn country. F**k HOT FORK. F**k SOCRATES

da don says:

will you all stop this holier than thou attitude? you are behaving as if you don’t like such movies meanwhile you are the very people who rush to buy them as soon as they are released. for me it is nice to watch them and i am even thinking of going into acting after school hopefully to play some of these roles.

bb says:

i think they showed too much skin in this movie. out or not……….it’s all good.

mamsay says:

i sure say Socrate too f*ck de girls som. If eno bi so why e for do movi like this eh? Dey 4 sack 4rom de movie industry. E dey spoil de young girl, stup man.

kojo says:

chale dey 4 release the movie make brothers watch am ahh!!!! what!!

KTGalloway says:

That picture from the movie is a bit much, ugh….its clear that something has to be done, this is a start.

Abeg says:

So Socrates Safo says the movie is about and I quote, ” The whole movie is about a hot kitchen fork, which was used to commit a crime and how investigators were able to see who committed the crime and how it was done”. WTF is all the s*x scenes for. How the F**K does s*x scenes help solve a f**king crime? I think the censoring board should ban this movie. That will tell him that enough b.s is enough. If this movie is approved for release, I can bet my last dollar that those that make up the censoring board are been paid off. That’s the bottom line. In Ghana, and Africa, in general it seems like you get to do whatever the f**k you want if you have the money to pay people off.

Alicia A. says:

i meant to say ” being used” lol

Alicia A. says:

thats great news, but whats up with the main picture using to display this story?
rather disturbing and disgusting!

syn says:

i agree they overexaggerate de s*x scenes. i dont know wat dey tryna proff but @least use some nice looking people instead of these ashy ass idiots.

Perci says:

Ghanian ppl are getting out of hands n the producers need to take a chill pill n chill the f*ck out, b*tch ina bath sink luks lik sum ugly ass dude lik really 1st it was “heart of men, 4play,kiss my hand” n em dirty whateva happens to ghana the most Godfearing country? yall shouldnt provoke God any further before he take his mighty hands off ghana n strike his anger on yall..on de realz shit ..st8 de f*ck up 

Chalupa says:

Thank you so much Hopefully producers will now think twice about exaggerating s*x scenes. Not that s*x scenes is a bad thing, but over-dramatizing it is a big issue.

ghallday says:

Of course some like dirty movies @ Chrisitgirl. But never like this- they could have done so it doesn’t look like this. This is way too much bum showing.

guest says:

See that’s why I love Agya Koo! Kudos! I can’t wait to see this movie in the garbage where it belongs

afua adomah says:

wowwww this is too much… showing off too mcuh

miss dior says:

At least its a start but changing the the title of the movie is not enough they should put pressure on him to edit the movie or cut some scenes out. Is marian addo that young girl from run baby run? If its her cant believe her parents allowed her to be a movie like this. As I always if I want to watch p*rn will order on my cable when it comes to african movie I want to laugh and not feel uncomforable watching and let be honest some of the actors and actresses r ugly to be flauting their ugly boobs and asses in a movie.

Bright says:

What took them soo long to take proper action against these appauling movies???. I suppose they r beginning to see sense now!!!Hope this socrates guy doesn’t bribe his way thru…God have mercy on Ghana.

Christigurl says:

I personlly don’t mind such movies as long as its clearly defined as p*rn. All u Ghanaians know you love dirty movies so stop hatin:)

cwabena says:

Finally the i am very Glad that the censorship board has showed that Ghanaians have a decent and envious life and of that we cherish and hold in high esteem and i do hope they hold onto their decision for that producer to know that we are not bunch of fools who will jump up and down to welcome and crappy movies he producers with desperate and low esteem that he picked on the streets and calls them actors and actress for it is disgusting.

Maame Akua says:

This just made my day. I hope the censorship board follows through. Kudos to Agya Koo and everyone who will take part in the demonstration.Enough is Enough.

ghallday says:

I am glad they don’t want to approve this. You can clearly see all of this woman’s ass and her beads. This is way too much exposure. 

aba ajiboye says:

Thank you Ghanacelebrities for bringing some of these stories to our attention, I have being out of Ghana for the past eight years and I think when I was in Ghana things were not like this, and my source of information is only on the internet sight so I am pleading in the name of our Lord and saviour you guys should do somehting about these things and let sanity prevail in our beloved nation… Good job

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