Weekly Discussion: The Celebrity I Will Like To Get Down With Is…..

We all have fantasies of which most is hidden in our minds. Lets get talking and get this going, Which celebrity will you like to get down with and why..?

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact: Vincent@topvincent.com

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Eruabena says:

I would love to get with andre ayew,he is so cute and hot.

spankydeluv says:

van vicker and majid michel

afua says:

John Dumelo and Kwabena Kwabena

Two Handsome Gentlemen 🙂  

nana says:

majid……cuz hes sooo hot!….i love him…..



SEXXXY says:

MAJID MICHEL…………………………..HES CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

unrbian says:

o my god .jackie she f*ck hot i do her love u baby.

ghallday says:

lol@ Shocker. Those are interesting choices.

shocker says:

hahahahaha@Cutie….yes ooooo…lol

Cutie says:

@Shocker did u say socrate safo? hahaha……

Cutie says:

@justice wats ur freakin problem? lyk u dont fantises abt gals. Evryone here appreciates wat he or she has. We jux sayin ok. Stop actin lyk sum SAINT! mtseeew.

shocker says:

Socrate Safo, Kakyire Kwame Appiah, Judas, and Nana Acheampong anyday

Justice says:

Bunch of freaks why not fantacise about someone that loves you and that you can actually reach and f*ck the shit out of them. Stop bugging because in reality I bet if you meet all of those people u guys are dying over, you will not be that interested in them. Appereciate what you have.

Cutie says:

Again for me.d’Banj.ak.a da kokomaster wil do 4 me. Hes fresh, hot n fine. I wil let him do me anyday, anytime n anywer! hmmm i want da dude like da air i breath!

elena babe says:

@Cutie, ei cutie nsem wo wanom.hahahahahah.

Onanajay says:

All you guys can mention all the names in Ghana and Nigeria, I am in mad and madly and in Love with Tonto Dikeh. I mean i go to the movie store and there is no Tonto movies i will walk back home without buying any movie. That is how madly i am in Love with this girl. I will also go for Nana Ama McBrown and Emelia Brobbey that is my Ghana Beau.

Alicia A. says:

van vicker has worn himself out for me. he has been everywhere he is become boring.
well thats my opinion.

maa says:

u guys wat about van vicker

Cutie says:

Chale! i wil definatly go for paedae of r2bees, damn! dat guy is hot n fine. Or didier drogba e body be hard wey e go fit dey top 4 a long damn time.

Lovistic says:

Jackie Appiah definitely. She is the epitome of African beauty. Damn she is too beautiful for words. @ Jane u don’t mean what u said. You are for sure an ugly wig-wearer bleached up b*tch. U don’t have to envy someone’s beauty cos u are not as beautiful as her. Rather appreciate it cos it is one of God’s wonders.

Reeclucoubs says:

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Alicia A. says:

for the guys chris attoh, he is such a cutie. 😀
majid michel…his acting makes him sooooo hott! he’s not really all that, but his great acting brings him up, a lot.

Prince-Bronzy says:

Posted on May 7, 2010 at 23:51

I will go in 4 Adjoa Smart cuz i cud carry her easily with my 2 arms and f*ck her hard till she grows tall..

Prince-Bronzy says:

I will go in 4 Adjoa Smart cuz i cud carry her easily with my 2 arms and f*ck her hard till she grows tall..

elena babe says:

@Prince-Bronzy, hahahahahahahahahahah cant stop laughing.awurade what a comment

I definately will go for HAMINU DRAMANI of black stars fame, he is just something else, i just cant describe him, go boy the sky is just the genesis, i love you to the max.

I definately will go for HAMINU DRAMANI of black stars fame. I just cant describe this guy, infact he is something else. go boy, the sky is just the genesis. i love you to the max

kweku says:

i wud choose jackie or pascaline b’coz they are cute n s*xy.n 4 sure they can act.

Chris Reverson says:

I don’t know de gh actress a lot.m actualy an american but after watching perfect picture i think i’ll choose jackie,lydie or the other girl(forget de name) coz dey r hot.they got de african beauty.

ghallday says:

@ Optimistic Nana Akua?? wow some wild fantasy you have..she seems way too wild- out of my league.lol

ghallday says:

I’d surely want me some BECCA! I would rock that babe’s boat ! lol

jane says:

jackie is not s*xy nor beatiful ,the face powder covers her face ,she has adwoa smart kind of body ,short ,bow legged, i bet if not her eyes she would have been the ugliest lady you will never admire.

maame says:

@jane, Oh i don’t think jackie is ugly, yes she is short, but defintely not adwoa smarts body, you are so funny hahahaha.

elena babe says:

@jane, you are funny paa how can you say that.hahahahahah

martha says:

i wud like either majid,adjetey or john dumelo coz they sure are s*xy.but my boyfrnd wud definetly go 4 jackie appiah b’coz he is obssesd with her.

ben says:

i’ll like JACKIE 4 sure.damn she is beautiful.i love u jackie.m ur number fan in BROKLYN n i’ll be happy if i cud meet u one dae.

clives says:

definetly Jackie Appiah b’coz dat gurl has de african beauty n she s very hot.N i heard she is very lovly.

kojo says:

i would love to have juliet ibrahim in my bed for just a night.i will give the world to make it happen,damn! she is the fairer version of mercy johnson,hips dont lie man.secondly, i crave for mercy johnson.

Kobby says:

Nadia Buari is my fantasy girl. I adore her like crazy. She is so affable, beautiful and down to earth. I admire and adore her sooooooooooooooo much. I wish to meet her one day.

beybey says:

samini batman nd mugeez…. dey both too hot nd can sing. i wonda wo g fi….

prince. says:

Vicky Zugah cos i heard she’s got a beautiful sense of humour.i love u Vicky and i seriously wish u could read this.


MZBEL cos she F##KS UP

Chalupa says:

Definetly John Dumelo or Majid Michael,, they’re both s*xy as hell.. John may be perhaps the only actor to make me feel short which one thing i love!

Isha says:

uhh..sarkodie or Mr.K..omgoodies..sarkodie is cute n so is mr.K

Naa Botor says:

Chris Attoh, he has the swag’ intelligent and a real husband material.

Adwoa says:

lol@ MiMi……..

MiMi says:

Yemi Black cos his eyes r too s*xxy and Nana Kwame Sarpong because he has a cool swagger love him and Nana Ama McBrown tht girl is fine and s*xxy papaapa (don’t judge)

Adwoa says:

Chris Attoh or Nana Kwame Osei Sarpong……tooooo s*xxxxxxxy!

saada says:

john dumelo cos he is kinda hot and knows what he’s doing all of his movies.

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