Why Be So Critical Of The Female Celebrities?

Mzbel Yesterday

Mzbel Yesterday

Seldom do the Ghanaian media or general public object to male artists who put out racy videos or shows. Nonetheless, the same cannot be said of female artist, the general response is harsher. There wouldn’t be a need for this article if the level of disapproval is equal between both genders. It seems when artist such as, 4*4, screwface, R2Bees etc display scantily clad vixens stiffly shaking pancake butts and thrusting their pelvis at the camera in their videos, or on stage it usually slides without a hitch. However, when a female artist like Mzbel, Veeda, KK Vidash (LOL) exhibit equal raunchiness it is deemed too provocative and too s*xual.

I toyed with the idea of writing about this particular subject, but, it took interviews with two female artists to get me going. It is important that, I point out that, when questioned about the media and public’s response, both females expressed their displeasure, and felt no need whatsoever to justify their choice of wardrobe or routine. I daresay this reaction stems from societal perception of women. It seems these female artists must walk a fine line to avoid such condemnation.

I wouldn’t attribute the media or public’s reaction on uneasiness with such display of sensuality and s*xuality by these female artists, but rather, on the society’s intimidation when a woman embodies her s*xuality and wields it to her advantage. As I fail to understand the difference between these scantily dressed female artists and the male artists who wear their pants below their bum, usually parading shirtless flaunting their “bird chest” and in some instances, budding pot bellies. Are they better off than these females in terms of decency? And isn’t that the equivalent of being half n*ked?

By: Cassie Johnson/GhanaCelebrities.Com

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