UN Appoints Van Vicker As Goodwill Ambassador

Van Vicker

Van Vicker- Appointed as UN Goodwill Ambassador

He plays many roles onscreen but Van Vicker’s new role as a concerned global citizen and active United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Goodwill Ambassador is more about humanity than movies. The humble Ghanaian actor has joined the long list of superstars such as Agelina Jolie, Barbara Hendricks and Giorgio Armani already appointed for the same role.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is mandated to lead and co-ordinate international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide. Its primary purpose is to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees.

Van expressed his enthusiasm as he assumes his new role. “It was with great enthusiasm and excitement that I endorsed the UNHCR proposal for me to serve as a Goodwill Ambassador because helping people out is something I love to do,” he told The Punch Newspaper.

As a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Van Vicker will use his status as a star to generate media coverage about the plight of refugees and draw attention to important issues. Geared towards addressing social issues, he has already established a humanitarian foundation that supports, inspires and motivates the youth. He also showed his love by raising money to help the people of Haiti during the earthquake.

Source: Obour Amankwa/GhanaCelebrities.com

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candy says:

oh wow you africans are really cruel to each other….such a shame, you leave ppl from other countries to appreciate your actors and actresses…Personally i thing van has gotten alot better and is still improving….as for majid he is ok, but need to stop copying hollywood actors, jackie in the perfect picture…i must say was remarkable..STOP THE HATE N A APPRECIATE……..

I really liked your blog! It helped me alot…

Leon says:

@alicia n betty: are ma coments reali dat hard 2 grasp?of cos not 4 da level-headed! Seeing da difikulty U two have in andastandin me,it’ll b reali healthier 4 me if I,lyk alicia puts it, STFU! gr8 advys,n tanx! So alicia, U can go on LYFAO !!!

lilmizherty says:


Alicia A. says:

@LEON, STFU! please tell me what you were implying or not implying by your little comment. why wouldn’t anyone come to that same conclusion based on your comment? why should she go to hell for stating her opinion? she is NOT the only one that thinks this. A LOT of people think it, so it must be true. and her comment DOES NOT mean she is jealous of him or hates him. LMFAO.

you are soooooo off. stop using your little “ghana vs nigeria” crap to “agree” with Leon’s comment. its not only Nigerians that are supposedly dissing him. Ghanaians (and pretty much anyone that watches this guy) knows he CANNOT ACT. it has nothing to do with nationality. but truth be told from the same reused, recycled ghanaian actors in ghollywood only just about 3 of them can actually act. (and i mean the popular ones). majid, jackie, and another guy.
the rest are either so/so actors or they are terrible but use their looks to their advantage: van, nadia, juliet, yvonne n., etc…

anyway its about time they got new talent and stop recycling the same people that don’t even know how to act.
so please understand that people are not dissing your “actors” because they are from ghana, they are dissing them because of their ACTING, and they just so happen to be from Ghana. na crime?

Betty Boop says:

@ Leon: if he’s a stiff actor, she’ll say it. Why should she be jealous of him? A person who is not good at his craft will not be given any respect anywhere. And please -- UN only appoints popular people as goodwill ambassadors. It has nothing to do with ‘credit to his acting skills’ -- he is just popular because he is good looking. He is a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE actor! He is a good mc, but a horrible actor. She will say it.

It is obviously you who is in wonderland -- thinking that being appointed a UN goodwill ambassador ‘is a credit to his acting skilsl’ Hah!

Betty Boop says:

@ Maa -- and why wil they not diss Ghanaian actors? If you’re good, no one can hate on you. Van Vicker IS a terrible actor. They are just saying the truth. You think Shirley will use bad actors? Think again.

maa says:

well i agree with leon….if u see how these nigerians are dissing ghanaian actors and ghanaians in general u will be surprise…..so i think ghanaian actors like van should leave naija movies and come back home…..after all the ghanaian director shirley is making ghanains proud and doing good movies

TheChuckylee says:

Congrats Van ,infact you’re making Ghana proud unlike your fellow colleagues who keep on making p*rn movies.I hope you don’t join dem.Keep on wit the gud work.

Leon says:

@Alicia : what a sorry reaction to my post! U missed the point, Alice-you are probably in wonderland! by my comment,I never meant or implied he being a goodwill ambassador added some credit to his “acting” though that might actually be the case-it’s debatable! U might want to get a few “Logic” lessons/books to re-analyze my statement.I’ll spare U the time. what I meant was that who the heck is geny to dictate to anyone-and definitely not to a director-who a good actor is and whether or not that person should be employed??? her(geny) statement only meant either she hates the guy or is jealous of him for reasons only she could tell. whatever her reason is among the only two possibilities above, she should go to hell because he’s just been lifted again highly into the sky!!!! that was simply my statement in a coconut shell !!! get it???

missy says:

gud job

B.B says:

congrats van, wish u all the best………………

Alicia A. says:

@Leon, OH PLEASE! just because he is the goodwill ambassador does not add credit to his “acting”
the guy still SUCKS TERRIBLY as an actor, but he is POPULAR (and thats what matters) he is using popularity to his advantage, not his acting skills abeg.

Leon says:

someone go tell the genevieve girl that that guy she called a “stiff actor” is now
a “UN Goodwill Ambassador”. so she can go to hell where she legitimately belongs !!!

Leon says:

someone go tell the genevieve girl that that guy she called a “stiff actor” is now
an “UN Goodwill Ambassador”. so she can go to hell where she legitimately belongs !!!

julietta says:

congrats Van, You are highly favoured and the sky is your limit ! May God see
you through.

Cutie says:

Van, u r the MAN! big ups.

Alicia A. says:

thats nice! finally….

delicious says:

am happy 4 u!

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