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Ama K. Abebrese: Beloved At Home And Abroad

Ama K Abebrese

Ama K Abebrese

Very few Ghanaians living in the Diaspora get to be appreciated back home for the knack they are made of. Even those with far-reaching and compelling personal traits that clearly qualifies them for superstar status, don’t get that much attention except when a big “reunion” takes place in Ghana’s social calendar.

Actor, Presenter and Producer Ama Konadu Abebrese’s distinctive aptitude and sheer command over her chosen career field, has endeared her to an appreciable fan base at home and abroad.

In the United Kingdom where she grew up after leaving the shores of Ghana at a very tender age, Ama enjoys a huge fan base made up of Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians including black and white Brits.

In 1997, when she walked into Sabrina Guinness’ Youth Culture Television in London and subsequently landed her first in the series of many roles at BBC2, never did she know that those careful steps she was taking were the very ones she would be tracing her paths from years later. Today, she prides herself as having graced some of the best stages all over the world and jaw-jawed with almost everybody who matter in the world’s arts, culture and entertainment industry.

Senegalese-born American songster Akon, Tony Blair, Ziggy Marley, Harrison Ford, director George Lucas, Colin Salmon, Thandie Newton, Rihanna, and a host of Ghanaian and Nigerian socialites are among an awesome lot of persons she has encountered with in her career.

Ama K. interviewing Confidence of Aphrosidiac

Like the life of many television hosts, Ama’s former weekly shows on Catherine Ampaw’s OBE TV, One Touch and On the Sofa sent her into the homes of millions of viewers across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Middle East via satellite. Back then, ten out of fifteen of Ama’s ardent viewers which included some hard-lined chauvinists in the United Kingdom attested to her status as one of the Kingdom’s fastest breed of female presenters.

Ama originally set out to be an actress at age 11, making rare appearances in some theatre productions in the UK and landed a cameo role in Albert Kuvodu’s (Daavi O Daavi) London Get Problem in 2006. She has never looked back. Roles that took her to the biggest drama studios and theatres followed.

This year, whiles in Ghana (a regular activity she carries out yearly), Ama K auditioned for one of those “Try your luck” casting sessions held in the city. A few months after the audition, a decent call from the producers followed and out of a group of eight people, she landed a lead role.

Sinking Sands is the name of the movie and as Ama puts it, “this is going to be one of the films that would eventually cement Africa’s status as a movie powerhouse”.

Even as she prepares to shoot some selected scenes of the movie later this month, Ama believes she has just landed that role that would add to the overwhelming fame and goodwill she already enjoys.

With the movie due in theatres in 2011, Sinking Sands is a high-resolution and neatly-tucked human centered story of a couple, Jimah (Jimmy Jean-Louis) and Pabi (Abebrese) in an adoring and blissful marriage which is later plagued with violence and abuse when Jimah became disfigured in an injury-prone familial accident.

Starring alongside Jimmy Jean Lious, Doris Sackitey, Eamonn Walker (Cadillac Records, Othello) and John Dumelo among others, Ama believes this movie will be another blockbuster from the stable of award winning Director Leila Djansi of “I Sing of a Well fame”.

The BA in Media Arts and Drama student from the St Mary’s University College, Surrey, UK is definitely a work-in-progress that won’t take long in getting to that stage when all her rough edges would have been refined. Like many, Ama’s fame and recognition wouldn’t have been possible without the huge support fan base back home, the very loud ones she enjoyed during the just gone-by Music Awards when she hosted MTN’s Yello Carpet session with rapper Okyeame Quame (Kwame Nsiah Appau).

All through this piece, no mention of her intricately striking looks was mentioned but Ama Konadu Abebrese is among that legion of black ladies whose beauty is sure to ensnare onlookers any day… and Ama is a serious talkative, and a good one at that.

By Obed Boafo

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  • Soul sista

    I don’t know why but this chick propa annoys me…her voice especially…but I rate her…she’s doin it big still

  • Adwoa

    Wish you all the best and God Bless You!

  • KTGalloway

    *yawn*… I guess she’s aight. I really don’t know much of her, never seen her act before and haven’t watched anything but a couple of interviews she worked on. From a distance it seems she is professional though, carries herself as a regular chick and has an education, that’s always good. Good luck to her.

  • B.B

    yeah yeah yeah, watever……………… NEXT!

  • missy

    woooo i like da way she is rockin her african wear

  • ghallday

    Good for you Ama K. I wish her all the best.

  • jee

    yeah i agree with u K i have’t seen must of her although but i still wish her good luck in her chosen carrier

  • mary j

    i’ve never seen this girl act before, just a few intervews i’ve seen her done, nothing more than that.

  • annoying

    is she paying you to write stufff…….gosh………….ahiaa give her

  • ogyam

    she’s ok i guess.

  • silk

    Guess…. she is ok by ur words. have not seen much of her so cannot say much. Lets just wait for the movie in 2011 n see how she if she deserves the praise.

  • christigirl

    The article was fine till it mentioned something about her being a beauty. That is so far from the truth. She maybe talented but she is not a looker!