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Updated With Photos:Exclusive Interview With Miss Ghana USA Finalist, Miss Priscilla Boateng

Ms Priscilla Boateng,Miss Ghana USA Finalist 2010

Ms Priscilla Boateng,Miss Ghana USA Finalist 2010

GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with Miss Ghana USA Finalist Ms Priscilla Boateng for a chit chat. Below is our video interview with her.

Priscilla Boateng, Miss Ghana USA Finalist 2010

Priscilla Boateng, Miss Ghana USA Finalist 2010

Priscilla Boateng, Miss Ghana USA Finalist 2010

Priscilla Boateng, Miss Ghana USA Finalist 2010

Priscilla Boateng, Miss Ghana USA Finalist 2010

Priscilla Boateng, Miss Ghana USA Finalist 2010

Priscilla Boateng, Miss Ghana USA Finalist 2010

Priscilla Boateng, Miss Ghana USA Finalist 2010

Priscilla Boateng, Miss Ghana USA Finalist 2010

Priscilla Boateng, Miss Ghana USA Finalist 2010

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  • mzzy

    this girl is not beautiful.

    • Soul sista

      @mzzy, not tryna be rude but yeah ur right

    • cici

      dats so true..hmm..i wonder what dey look 4 these days..

  • delicious


  • kobe

    what wrong with this girls,she is cool for me ,she is beautifull …

  • Alicia A.

    what?!?!?! this girl is just an average Ghanaian. wait, not even that. I won’t even call it that.
    she is not beautiful jo, just saying.

    she probably has a kick-ass personality then.

    • onion

      @Alicia A., i wonder wat u look like alicia.halleberry?hmmmmmmmm dis is so rude,being a miss is not based on just beauty and if u fink ur nice why dont u contest and see wat people will say abt u too

  • maa

    its true i dont see her as pretty she is just ok

  • hammer of the 2


  • !!

    there is absolutely nothing special about this girl. She is just average.

  • skinny

    Fuckin haters.. Jeeze.. Women hate each oda….she’s pretty wid a good personality… When will women praise each oda rada dan hatin …. I wish u guys can put ur pics up.. Hidin behind ur laptops n typin shit wid ur ugly screwed faces…….. Do ur fin gal.. U worked hard for it… Dun mind de haters cus dey will neva be happy for u…..

    • Alicia A.

      we are not haters. please that is an insult to say i would be hating on her. you have your opinion like we have ours.
      she ain’t cute.


        @Alicia A.,
        she is actuali not pretty come on is dat who u want to represent ur country 

        • Alicia A.

          @LARA LEWENSKI,
          what are you talking about? are you talking to me or skinny?
          i think this girl is UGLY! no be me you dey talk to oooo.

      • Spankydeluv

        @Alicia A.,
        Why don’t you put a profile picture up here?

  • whatever!!!

    @skinny ‘women will praise each other when praising is due / deserved’ The girl is not pretty but then again at the end of the day she won the beauty pageant and as they say ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ and at the same time everbody is entitle to their opinion. You find her pretty me and the others find her normal!!!

  • skinny

    Beauty pageant does nuh mean u should ve a beautiful face… Its aba ur confidence..ur talent.. Hw smart ure.. Articulate n stuff..overall personality.. Its nuh aba havin a pretty face…

  • sherrif

    My goodness this girl is absolutely ugly,why ghanaians in the state choosed such ugly girl to represent ghana??? i bet she paid and got the role

  • 27 calibre

    what will you call a pretty face girl with a horrible manlike voice? i beg this girls is nicer than you girls sitting behind your pc judging this girl,i will be glade if you use ur pic as your profile picture perid!

  • http://deleted mary j

    lol is there not any other pretty ladies in state? this chic would have no chance here in the uk, i’m sorry and no vex, but this chic is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!ly

  • brian berchie

    her mouth is too wide her teeth looks like a jail house and that dry round face and man voice damn how the hell did she become miss ghana and the nose damn this girl is trying to impress her self but she is not realizing that she just talk too much 

    • ghallday

      @brian berchie, Mr. Berchie, can she shrink her mouth or reshape her nose? That’s how she looks and there’s not much she can do about it. I’d say she is not the most beautiful girl among the contestants but then the competition is not always about facial or physical features. It somehow goes beyond that.

      • brian berchie

        @ghallday,lol i really want to know who you are you cause you always seems to attack me or are u one of those ghanaceleb workers

  • realest

    she cute,wish her all da best nd hope she makes it to da top.u r pretty priscilla.dmv gotcha back.

  • mimiosi


    • Ewuraa

      @mimiosi, hahahhahha ooo mimiosi, you making me laugh so hard

  • cutie

    Guys pls be gentle on da lady. It wil be bad to say shes is ugly. Der r beta words to use,ugly is jux not one. Hahahahahahaha….. U ppl can judge! kwe! hahahaha…..cant stop lafin

  • meligirln

    hahahahaha ghanians go kill me…oo haha wel she’s not too pretty… but rather nice n cute lol

  • Ewuraa

    3den ooo

  • Fo

    I’m sorry, but this is an ordinary girl…. she doesn’t have the *oomph* of beauty queens.. she pretty tho, but not on that beauty queen level. sorry.

  • tilly

    y’ll re so foot-headed..u dnt even know her and y’ll talkin shit abt her….shes a pretty black beautiful young lady….get to knw pple bf u talk shit….

  • nana adwoa

    All of u who re talking shit about her need to grow up, u guys need to go do something for your self so people will talk about it……. if God want to bless u he will bless u……. so that the bless she get and i know there is more to come….. so girl show them what u get and i know God will help u with all things….

  • cutie

    @27 calibre, gal r u inlove wit her? of course u r. Wit a lesbian lyk u, everytin is possible. Lv her alone she lyks MAN.

  • crystal sam

    I have been in numerous beauty contests, won many, and some people said the same thing about me. They said she’s ugly and fat, and I’m 5’7 weighing 120lbs. My only advice is keep your head up Priscilla and good luck. You sare very beautiful

  • ini

    You ppl can hate! Its easy to judge sittinng behind a computer! Big up Priscilla

  • radiet

    Love her unique look and personality. Great head on her shoulders. God bless u sista

  • reggie

    Beauty & brains, i hope u wud win & merry me I live in uk

  • awura ama

    I like her coz she has a natural beauty. pricilla I no u shall win

  • adwoa

    i dont know why people are always quick at judging people… being a queen doesn’t necessarily mean u have to be “on top of the world cute”….its more abt ur brain, personality and way of representing yourself and ability… i bet most of u typing shit on here are ugly as hell… if u don’t have nothing good to say abt her just shove ur thought down Ur throat…we got you Priscilla, the whole American state got you, DMV got you.Make us proud mama

  • trus

    hey priscilla good luck with yr contest u ar beautyful and s*xy I like yr body too

  • ray

    This girl is beautiful n real not like those u see on tv with fake noses n botox. She is someone I no will be a great role model for all young girls

  • Spankydeluv

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way, this girl is real.
    What is beauty?

  • ivory

    this girl is not pretty