Love & Relationship:Would You Date Your Friend’s Ex?

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I know some, if not all of us, have been in positions where we thought our friend’s partner was extremely good-looking, almost hoping that we had got there to get the catch before our friend. However, would we go as far to actually go in for the kill once they broke up with our friend?

Personally, I think that’s wrong; I would never be able to date my girl’s ex- it would be like having her leftovers. Apart from that, there’s also the drama it would cause between you and your friend- who in their right mind would be ok with their friend dating their ex?

This area can be grey as opposed to black and white though because, I guess that a primary element is whether your friend still has feelings for their ex or not. However, I think that is completely irrelevant. If I broke up with an ex and even found myself in a new relationship, I would still be bothered about it if I realised that my “friend” was now dating him.

I would feel betrayed because the only thing I would be thinking is that my friend must have wanted him all the while when I was with him; in fact, thoughts of cheating would even creep into my head.

So loyal GC readers, let us know what’s up- is a friend’s ex off limits or free for all?


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