Juliet Ibrahim’s Secret Marriage + Akosua Puni & Essien + Shirley Frimpong Manso & Ken Attoh + Photos Of Mercy Geker,Samini’s 2nd Wife

It is really getting hot and interesting when it comes to our Ghanaian Celebrities and Marriage. All of them are going for the “secret nuptial thing”. Is it a new trend of celebrity lifestyle in Ghana or have they gotten some skeletons they are trying to hide by going for secret and private weddings?

Early this year, GhanaCelebrities.Com proudly busted Batman Samini for secretly marrying two Ghanaian women unknowing to each of them. ( Mercy Geeker in UK and Christiana

Aboakye Mensah in Canada). Oh, some of you wanted to see the photo of Mercy Geeker right?, this is the perfect time to chip it in…Google Mercy Geker and try your luck…)

Castro De Destroyer also went all the way to Swedru to secretly wed his girlfriend Awura Abena from Canada after which rumours popped up that , he ditched his long term girlfriend in Ghana to marry Awura Abena. And yeah, it was also in the air that, Awura Abena bought Castro a brand new Murano. (Some men are just too lucky, where can I find for myself a woman to buy me just some Madza even?).

Let’s move on to Michael Essien , after ditching Nadia Buari and all that,  it is alleged that Homeboy is seeing the all round publicist, Akosua Puni. Though unconfirmed, it has been chipped that Essien and Akosua Puni are planning a massive celebrity wedding. (Geez! Essien, bring it on, spend all the money on your wedding whiles your father cries to the Media, you are indeed a good son).

Akosua Puni

Akosua Puni

And do you remember some segment of the media reported some few months back that Nadia Buari got engaged to an unnamed man?(Nadia Buari marries Mr No Body, Wow!!) Personally, I  do not believe this and since Nadia Buari is tight mouth to GhanaCelebrities.Com, I dare not  call her to throw questions about her relationship. Oh, the last time I did, she gave me the answer, “I do not want to discuss my relationship with my Michael Essien” with you.

Before I jump unto the most interesting one, let me chip in Shirley Frimpong Manso and Ken Attoh’s chronicles. After getting pregnant for Ken Attoh and given him a cute baby, It is believed that the families of Shirley and Ken are into talks to tie the two together as husband and wife. (Did I say into talks?, Is this some negotiation or what?, Anyway I love and respect Shirley so let me drop it here and lets wait for the outcome).

Now let’s roll on to the main issue, Peacefmonline has reported that, almighty Juliet Ibrahim has finally gotten married to her pilot boyfriend, kwodjo Sarfo Jnr.  According to Peace, “Juliet who was spotted with a diamond ring on her engagement finger put the icing on the cake confirmed her marriage to the young handsome Ghanaian pilot, in an interview” with them.

Instead of Juliet Ibrahim enjoying her new marriage and be worried about none of us, she is still worried about the fact that most people think she is not a Ghanaian. To be frank, I have never heard or seen a person who is so worried about being a Ghanaian like Juliet Ibrahim before.

That is a good thing for us Ghanaians but hey, what sup with being one of us or not being one of us? I get confuse myself with her nationality, a mixture of Ghana, Lebanon, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

If Ghanaians will not accept you as one of them and you have to constantly remind them that you are one of them, why don’t  you chip in to Liberia or Sierra Leone, I am sure they will proudly accept you.

All the same, let’s wish our screen goddess-Juliet Ibrahim a happy marriage life. Where is the honey moon taking place? I wish I knew. All the best homegirl!

Akosua Puni, Appiah & Essien

Akosua Puni, Appiah & Essien

Juliet and Husband

Juliet and Husband

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact: Vincent@topvincent.com

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kojo says:

its good for essien

Nana Akwasi says:

how can Essein get married Akosua Puni. i think she is too old for Bro Essien.
Pls Bro Essien, love Nadia with all ur heart and mind never let her go. She is the one of the most beautiful lady in Ghana and has a good reputation like u

nana says:

@ Prince
Batmans 1st wife was his high school sweetheart. People just make comments without knowing the real facts,these women have feelings too and I don’t think it matters if they are pretty or not. They did not deserve what he did to them period

Prince says:

Thats what u think . ask him; i mean samini or the 1st wife .

truth says:

Essien be careful oooh!
Akosua Puni Punani poison! @ cassandra spill the beans are you a friend of Mercy? which other public figure has she been messing with cause I ain’t ever heard of her until now. or u just chatting air? I have heard of Akosua Puni, Nadia. Jackie, Ama K., sugari Bugri…………..LOL

NanaK says:

@ Cassandra what is your own agenda? If you are a friend of the other girl or the other girl herself then you are being very childish and ignorant! Take some advice from a real man, if samini loved any of you then he would not have married both of you and still be f*cking girls all over the place! Christina you obviously like the lies that this idiat has been telling you all these years and is probably still telling you that is why you have put up with his stupid behaviour all these years. Why are you now complaining when it has never bothered you before? This guy has had long term relationships with adwoa safo, Lawrencia, and others which you knew about and you are now complaining! Come on! Shut up and stay with your dog!

Cassandra says:

Mercy is just stupid and useless, If i was there other girl, I will just kill her. She knew Samini had a wife and kid and out of her desperation got pregnant for poor Samini. Samini shine your eyes, this girl has been used all over in UK, she cant even find for her self a boyfriend and you made her make you her husband.

I hate this website too, what happened to Mercy ‘s photos? I guess she has started giving you people pu**y too and so you took off her photos. God will punish you all. Christiana, dont worry, you will get a better man

nana says:

Mercy ended the marriage my arse,she did no such thing.

Kingpin says:

@ Ghallyday -- it tru. Samini is just using the Mercy girl to better himself he was boasting to all his friends here in the UK about it who all knew about his first marriage and still followed him to Marry this girl. @ Nakor I hope ur info is right. Samini is a big time user!

Nakor says:

@Ghanacelebrities I think you need to conduct proper research as I know for a fact that Mercy has ended the marriage to Samini a while back.

@ghallday you would know how Samini uses Mercy as you must have your nose stuck so far up his arse!

Authour: Gossip Mama says:

@Nakor, Proper research? We have spoken to Mercy various times and she promised to issue a press statement when things were at it’s peak, stating she will chip us a copy of her statement of intent (I guess intent to carry on with marriage or to scratch it).

But then, months down the line, we got nothing from her…so what research (investigations) do you think we need to carry on again? We did the utmost of all by bringing to light the bigamy Samini was involved in and managed to contact both wives…

Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri says:

Okay Readers, I had to take off Mercy Geker’s photos and I guess you know why… She gave me an early morning call to ……., all the same, you  can try your luck on google if you are so desperate to catch a glimpse of her….

ghallday says:

@Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, She called you? But Miss Mercy don’t know that the world knows she is being used as “dessert” by Samini? You should have left the pic there.

Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri says:

I get what you saying, it is hard sometimes dealing with all these people, so to cut down the stress and the hullabaloos, it is good to just take off what they asking for…. 

ghallday says:

@Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Agreed. You do have a good point. Understood.

yvette says:

The funny thing with akosua is that Essien has a son with her best friend Leila Beiruthy and she is even godmother to one of Leila’s kids. What sort of person is this?

ben says:


ghallday says:

@ben, I wonder what kind of a woman will ahem! *sleep* with her best friend’s ex? I thought that was an unspoken rule about dating and friends.

ben says:

@ghallday, that is why i said THE DEVIL INCARNATE

ben says:

i think they is something wrong with essien him self, how can he do that.

ghallday says:

Akosua Puni again? Then Essien’s career will be fizzled for good.

ben says:

@ghallday, its very unfortunate.

ghallday says:

@ben, I heard any guy she dated saw their career sink like a ship falling from the sky. Did she have anything to do with it? Well let’s see how far Essien goes then make a decision.

ben says:

@ghallday, my dear its not a seceret

yvette says:


DERICK says:

all this time my brother essien so you were sleeping with him Akosua you are a hypocrate and a big shame to the Ghanaian woman hood. Essien stop accusing dela for your injuries and bad luck just because she is an ewe. that ugly ,and easy to sleep with Akosua Puni Is bad luck.Go and ask ur colleagues who slept with her.Bro Essien think twice ok.

maka aa maka says:

thought essien was going out with nadiia??

SARAH says:

@maka aa maka, Old news they’ve broken up. Akusa Punani is now his girlfriend

dan says:

@SARAH, so what ?who said its fresh news.

nani says:

It just bore me self.who’s dis akosua puni.i just don’t like her.infact i reali want to see a clear pix of her.The chic of it akosua puni or wateva she calls herself.

cutie says:

Chale is jx getn hotta n hotta. Im waitn 4 da analysts to arrive. Cant stop lafn. Oh Chale! Secret Marriage be what! hw3…..

miss dior says:

Hahaha very funny, if shes a full blown ghanaian, why be worried, anyway I need to see a full pix of this akosua puni girl, who seems to have extra power lol, I ma need some to get idris elba. Btw wheres nsem pii, its been a while, I need some laugh.

Authour: Gossip Mama says:

@miss dior,

Chris just added Akosua Puni & Essien’s photo, Hmmmmm

missy says:

@miss dior, imao… i think i also need sm of da powers lol.

Carina says:

Batmans Wife is not pretty at all!!!!!! oh i expected more!
And pls Ghanacelebrities.com i want to see a proper Pic of Akosua Puni i cnt find any picS of her.

And Pls Nadia is pretending she aint got no one just wants to cover the fact that she got dumbed by Essien.

jo says:

@Carina, Mep3 w3nim ahw3… kwasia, woab) nipa da? w3nim s3 goat..

Ewuraa says:

@jo, Meda wase paa jo. Wayi manum as3m afri manum (wab) nnipa da) You cant understand some people sometimes. We need people like you to lash it on them. Thanks Jo, couldnt have said it better.

dede says:

@Carina, you are a fool who is thius animal essien who cant take care of his father

Caro says:


Batman´s wife is ok she is attractive.Don´t complain cos batman is ugly in my eyes….

HomeboyLA says:

@ Carina- You must be the 1st wife or one of batio’s girls hating. Mercy Marry me u no bad at all!

Prince says:

What u talking about. Have you seen the pic’s of the girl he dated in high school? I mean the one before the 1st wife. She is a goddess. I wonder where she is now.

HomeboyLA says:

@Carina, show your picture! bet wo se aponckye! Batmans wife looks very attractive and I would chat her up anyday!

KOFI says:

Batman has never dated pretty girls. No wonder he went for this one too.

inchristalone says:

hmmm eye nsem biggie.

dede says:

what at all is this ? so akosua puni is planning to marry essien?

john says:

will you not stop intruding?Juliets man is handsome.

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