“TV3 Stabbed Me In The Back”, I Have Not Even Be To Uk-Nasara

This is some deep sh*t. I do not even know what to believe in relation to Nasara’s theft allegation and story. Nasara,  Ghana Most Beautiful 2009 is not only saying she did not steal any phone from Miss UK, but  has not even been to UK , the place the action (theft) is said to have taken place.

I was preparing to reach her for an exclusive interview to bring her side of the story, but she has just spoken to Peacefm and as such there is no need for a second talk on this with her.  I am therefore bringing to  GC readers what Nasara told Peacefm….

Embattled beauty queen Nasara, (real name Mariam Abdul Rauf) winner of “Ghana’s Most Beautiful” 2009 pageant who has been stripped off her crown for allegedly stealing a mobile phone belonging to a fellow contestant Miss UK at the Miss Earth 2010, held in the Philippines, has made some revelation in an exclusive interview with peacefmonline.com.

Nasara who spoke with so much emotion, said TV3 Network, producers of “Ghana’s Most Beautiful” pageant who gave her the crown, the fame and all that comes with it have stabbed her in the back. According to her, when the “New Fylla” first brought out the story that she had stolen a phone, she spoke to her lawyers who were preparing to sue the paper for defaming her, but TV3 told her to put everything she was doing on hold.

“They said I shouldn’t go out or talk to any media house about the issue”, so she asked her lawyers to hold on, only to see a press release on the internet that her crown has been taken from her. She said TV3 never gave her an opportunity to listen to her side of the story “I don’t know why TV3 have done this. They didn’t call me to say my side. I saw it on facebook that my crown has been taken from me. I am very surprised, because TV3 have stabbed me in the back”, Nasara disclosed.

She added that Felix Odonto of TV3 Brands Department, called to meet her on Monday after they released a press statement, but she doesn’t intend to see him because the harm has already been done. Nasara who still has in her possession her crown, the car and cash prize, said as far as she was concerned she is still ‘Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2009’ because TV3 has still not told her anything, and they can’t base their on a false newspaper report.

She said, according to the press statement signed by the CEO of TV3 Ahmed Zaidi “She was involved in a phone theft in UK but that is not true because she has never even been to the UK.

TV3’s press statement also states that only her “crown will be taken away from her, but “she will retain all the prizes she received for winning the pageant, including the car”. But Nasara told peacefmonline.com that, that wouldn’t be necessary.

“If TV3 is taking the crown based on this absolutely false story, then they should as well take everything, the crown comes with the car, the Gh¢2000 cash prize and everything because there is no point having the car without the crown or anything else”, she emphasized.

Asked about the alleged stolen phone, she said “I am not going to ask any human being on earth to believe or not to believe me. This is between me and my God, and God knows that I have never stolen anybody’s phone, and I’m ok with that.

It is a big lie. I used Miss UK’s phone, she was angry because she said I over used it; I returned the phone and paid for it. Anybody who believes me, will believes me; what I will say will not change anything. It is just wrong information”.

Nasara who seemed a bit confused as to what to do next, because TV3 has betrayed her, said she was seeking legal advice for the next action to take but she believes the God who gave her ‘Ghana’s Most Beautiful’ crown will see her through-Source: PeaceFm

The Unedited Press Release From TV3

TV3 regrets to announce that in the light of certain recent revelations, involving the winner of TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2009 Miss Nasara Mariam Abdul Rauf, it is officially parting ways with her.
The decision has come after a series of investigations and internal discussions. The Crown will automatically pass on to Miss Lamisi Sam Awinongya, the 1st runner up of Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2009.
It has not been easy for TV3 to arrive at such a course of action. This has however become necessary in order to maintain the integrity of and uphold the noble ideas of the TV3 Ghana’s Most Beautiful brand.
Miss Nasara, will, however, retain all the prizes that she received for winning the pageant, including the car.
TV3 wishes Miss Nasara well in all her future endeavours.
Thank you.
Syed Ahmad Zaidi,
Chief Executive Officer.

Contact: Janet Carboo
PR Manager

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