Exclusive Interview: “I Will ‘Murder’ Hammer Of The Last Two” – Morris D’Voice

Morris "Babyface" D'Voice

Morris D’Voice was a recipient of Ghana Music Awards Best Sound Engineer on two occasions, in 2003 and in 2005. The sound engineer turned musician who was formally known as ‘Baby Face’ was officially launched as a musician last Saturday at Silver Lifestyle Store.

Though he has made several appearances in other people’s songs, including singing the chorus ‘Bam Bam Tsiki Tsiki Bam Bam’ in Kontihene’s Aketesia. He has done other stuffs with Esther Smiths and others. Morris has eventually released his maiden album titled ‘Home & Away’.

Reading the acknowledgement in the CD inlay of ‘Home & Away’. Morris said “Truly, I am thankful, my precious gift, my mum, you are one of the few who will abandon their dreams to nourish that of their children. I know you would prefer me doing gospel but I promise, this is clean”.

And truly, the ‘Home & Away’ album contains 13 ‘clean’ songs. Though Morris is not doing gospel, the mum will be proud upon hearing the songs. The songs are not gospel, they come close to it because no foul or swearing words were used.

Morris D’Voice explains to GhanaCelebrities.com why as a sound engineer, he is now behind the mic, instead of being in the studio to record artistes. He joked that he will murder Hammer of the last two if he gets the opportunity to work with him on the same track. Below are the excerpts…

GhanaCelebrities.com: How long did it take you to put this album together?

Morris D’Voice: Hmmm! Lets say it took me about 5 to 6 six years because I have always been at the studio recording and I made sure to record songs to keep when an idea comes until One Mic Entertainment came in and then I decided to release the whole album, by that time I had a lot of songs

GhanaCelebrities.com: The ‘Anaa’ track was on Okyeame Kwame’s last album and it’s also on our album. Any special reason?

Morris D’Voice: Because its our song, we actually came together to work on that song, to write so I can produce, so we decided its going to be on his album and my album as well.

GhanaCelebrities.com: Am sure they are several names you can pick from so why ‘Home & Away’ as the album title?

Morris D’Voice: It’s home and away because I have songs on the album that people in Ghana and in African can listen to and relate to and songs that people outside like America, Europe can identify themselves with as well.

GhanaCelebrities.com: Why One Mic Entertainment?

Morris D’Voice: One Mic Entertainment is a great label because Okyeame Kwame is been a friend and am working on his album, he’s a hard worker, so he was the guy to handle well my album, that’s they reason why I chose to be there and more so, he’s great like I am as a writer as well, so sometimes we write some of my songs together, he is a guy that I learn a lot from.

GhanaCelebrities.com: How many songs did you write on this album?

Morris D’Voice: Almost all the songs, except songs that I wrote with Okyeame Kwame.

GhanaCelebrities.com: Did you work on all the instrumentation?

Morris D’Voice: I worked on everything! From guitar to drums to bass to keyboards.

GhanaCelebrities.com: Any problem why no sound engineer was invited to work alongside you on this album. Do you have any problem with anyone?

Morris D’Voice: I don’t have a problem with anyone or with what you said but if an idea calls for that, definitely I will do that. I am looking forward in working with Hammer of the last two on a track and I’ll make sure to kill him, so he must do his best. I keep telling him (laughter). Hammer is a good friend of my and I keep telling him that anytime we meet on a track, I will make sure to murder him (uncontrollably laughter).

GhanaCelebrities.com: (Laughter) Oh! Murder Hammer?

Morris D’Voice: (Still laughing) I tell Hammer himself, I tell him I will murder him and he tells he will kill me. I believe we are good friends.

GhanaCelebrities.com: Morris is noted for award winning songs like Obour’s Konkontiba, Kontihene’s Aketesia and the rest. Why is Morris on the mic now?

Morris D’Voice: Yes because I can do it so I don’t know why I should just sit back and watch people do it alone, I can do it.

GhanaCelebrities.com: Now that the album is launched, what’s next? Are there other artistes you are recording now?

Morris D’Voice: Yes sure, there are couples of shows coming on soon; we are still working on them. I am also recording Okyeame Kwame, Lord Kenya, Kwaadee, Noble Nketia, Esther Smith and many more.

GhanaCelebrities.com: Thank you and welcome.

Morris D’Voice: Thank you more.

Interview by Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./GhanaCelebrities.com/Ghana

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