Ghana Cheated Out Of World Cup: Luis Suarez Hits Goal Bound Ball Out Of Goal With Handball And Uruguay Move On!

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I did not want to write on yesterday’s match for reasons best know to me. How on earth can someone cheat like this and be successful at the end?  Sometimes, such things make we wonder if Karma and all those Pay Back spirits really exist.

It seems for one  to be successful or to achieve anything great in this world we live in, that person  has to cheat others and later glorify or justify his cheating wonders. If this is not true, how on earth can Uruguay go through after vividly cheating under the eyes of the whole world?

Anyway, another celebrity website, which is not a Ghanaian media outlet has expressed their unbiased sentiments about the game and instead of writing up anything myself, I am presenting that as the true view of events since it came from a non-Ghanaian.  Read Below for what Bossip had to say about the match……

Uruguay is a great team and Ghana and Asamoah Gyan have been killing it lately, just like the goal that helped them move on past the U.S.A.. This game was action packed, even though the score was 1-1 at the end of regulation. At the very end of double overtime, Ghana put on an attack from the final free kick with no time left and was cheated… out of the game winning goal by a little Uruguayan punk named Luis Suarezwho did anything to save the game winning goal…and we mean PUNCHING THE BALL FROM THE GOAL LINE. Luis was red carded and Ghana, Asamoah, missed the penalty kick ultimately losing in penalty kicks.

Video Credit: Bossip.Com


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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