Comments Allowed Now: John Dumelo Cries Foul “I Am Not Gay, Homosexuality Is Evil” + Men In Love Trailer

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John Dumelo

For the last two months, Ghanaian actor John Dumelo has been in the news for the wrong reasons. He was reported by a Nigerian website to have raped a housemaid in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria where he shot a movie.

Though he denied the rape allegation, he is in the news again, this time he is lambasted from the same website for taking part in a gay movie in Nigeria. John said he is not gay.

So are you gay? Was a question posed by to John Dumelo. After uncontrollable laughter the actor said “Ahhh! I am not gay, homosexuality is evil. The way I like … (Pause)”.

John revealed this to in a chit chat last Friday at the premiere of ‘The Game’ at the Silver Bird Cinema in Accra that he is not gay. He said it was a movie he shot while in Nigeria. He gave out little of the story.

“Yes I did a movie in Lagos. It was a gay movie. In that movie, I was under a spell. My best friend put me under a demonic spell. He then abused me to satisfy his gay pleasures. When you watch that movie, it actually doesn’t promote homosexuality”. John fought back.

“It regards homosexuality as an evil thing. At the end of the movie, I was prayed for and the demon just came out of me, then I apologized to my wife and family, so it doesn’t mean am gay. It was just to create awareness that people who are actually gay most likely are under demonic spells”.

John described the headline as crap but believed those people behind the story were in fact trying to promote the movie hence the story.
“Most probably they are trying to promote the movie because the headline was too crap. The movie has not come out yet, they have not watched it yet they are saying am promoting homosexuality. No”.

So what is he doing about the story? John said “I have actually contacted them to re-write the story. The movie hasn’t come out yet so people shouldn’t judge and when the movie comes out, they will know am not actually promoting homosexuality”.

“The movie makes homosexuality look very evil. No body wants to come out to do homosexuality movie. You know movies educate and inform so when people watch such a movie, they will know its true homosexuality is indeed evil. So that was the only reason why I did that movie”.

Watch Men In Love Trailer Below…

Story by Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./

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  1. Ah John,when will u stop disgracing urself?You are already a star & a prominent one at dat so I don’t know why u keep on doing these kinda roles.The last time it was 4 play & now dis. Can’t he see these producers are using him as a sex toy? Most of the prominent actors who have made it in Africa never went nude on screen so I don’t know wat ur motivation.I guess it is the money that drags u to do these but one thing he shd bear in mind is dat his reputation is the most important.He has the looks a gud actor and usually get lead roles iin both Ghana & Naija so he shd not choose scripts 4rm stupid and greedy producers.He shd also know dat when there are scandals it is his name which is mentioned. I’m highly disappointed in Muna 4 stooping so low.As 4 Tonto Dike I’m not surprised cos she can do anything.

    1. @TheChuckylee
      Mr or Miss saint why are you watching those movies, realizing they are
      of no good. Make a constructive comment not just making comments for 
      comments sake. I guess if they are not acting anymore they can come to you 
      for you to feed them. They are just actors mr chuckylee

  2. Leave John alone. This shows how versatile he is. He is capable of doing any challenging role and that makes him a good actor. Would you call him a mad person if he acts like a mad man in a movie. Grow up people. He is not gay, its only a  movie.

    1. @Moi, If u think dat acting explicit sex

      scenes in movies is being versatile then I think the whores on da

      streets will be the best actresses.If he thinks it’s really cool 4 him then

      why is he complaining? He better move straight 2 the porn industry in

      hollywood cos dats wer his talent is. As long as he remains in da Africa

      movie industry where these acts are abnormal we’ll complain till they

      drop dis nonsence.If they lack ideas they better learn anoda trade.

      1. @TheChuckylee,
        If the whores on the streets wants to act in movies, who is stopping them? John is complaining because there are some idiots who do not know the difference between acting and real life.

        There is nothing wrong with people complaining or expressing their opinions, after all we practice freedom of speech. But the issue is that these movies are sold to the last DVD as soon as they are released….is that a sign of people complaining?

        People act like Africa is a homo-free continent. Its time we face reality and i am happy people like John Dumelo has the guts to act such roles to bring out th awareness of homosexuality in out community and how the society frowns upon it. If you dont like it, you might as well go suck his dick too.

    2. @Moi,
      Great comment. John is just an actor who should act on any movie he’s called to act and i think it’s part of their acting roles. It’s like a person who joins the army and after he/ she is called to go to war wants to dictate to his commanders that war is a sin. When Patience Ozokwo is acting as a evil woman in a movie, did anyone accused her for being evil? Movies create awareness of the kind of life people are through and that doesn’t make the actors what they act. Grow up people and realize they are just actors. Keep it up JOHN

      1. @kent, If u think so then why is he crying foul? It’s becos most of the target audience do not see as jst acting like u claim including me and are therefore complaining.Afterall when his career crashes it won’t affect me one bit cos der will be a lot of options. If u really love u him u will advise him against such roles which will only destroy his career. I guess u might be one of those greedy and uncreative producers/directors or their relation who are taking advantage of these actors so dat when they are no more u move on 2 the next person.

    3. @Moi, John, some of these advises are true; u know God will not come down from heaven to advise you, instead He uses so many different channels to do so; i therefore ask that you please do well and limit some of these roles that has to do with being nude okay. though we are all aware that “The Enemy of Progress is always around in so many different ways so, u have got to shine your eyes and pray for God’s wisdom and Devine idea that will lead you yah. A whole lot of us love you because we see you as one of the best actors. Please do well and maintain it okay. Thanks for taking the many good advises that will be given to you here. God bless.

  3. all they trying to do is accused him of something he aint and the person who posted this on here is not shamed at al i wouldnt be surprise if its Gossip mama again leave the man alone is just a role he is playing he cant always have the good rolls 

  4. speaking of naija dont do sex movie and all where the fuck are they know with there wild smelly stinky mouth

  5. That is McNasty………..John Dumelo doing the McNasty  with a McBastard in a movie………….Very wrong …….well tis just a movie…………….

  6. Dear john , u’ve enjoyed ur shit hole in the movie, u r now out to cry to us , as for this one , u no try john , u no try at all at all, and whoever thinks this show how versatile he is, let me tell u ,this is africa , morals comes first ,when u go to rome u do wat romans do , same applied to africa! anyways this whole society/generation is really go sick and sooner we do something about it the better, cos at the rate things are going, i really fear for the future , esp. africa

  7. Mr Dumelo, you are nice and respected young man. You do well in film acting, but Please…….don’t disgrace your self by playing such roles.” A christian purify him/her self from anything that makes the flesh and soul unclean, perfecting holiness in the fear of God”. ( 2 Corinthians 7:1 )

  8. U guys r jst silly. Haba. Its just a movie. Do u understand. Its jst a movie. Like its just a bloody movie and what actually goes on. Duhhh. It aient real. Pls quote d bible in respect. Plus santa clus isn’t real. Remember its just a movie. If his actually gay wld he wanna sell dat out. Its just a movie so let dis case die. Ok

  9. @John pls do nt do those kind of roles again I love u to mch to see you crumble, If others are comfortable with sch roles thats their buissnes bt for you, No! afterall Nigeria or Ghana movies re now more of porn than movies, cmon; lets revisit the way we portray our countries. The westerners re free cos that is their culture bt nt we plss. we ave other better roles that we can play that could attract the world such as. colonial movies or anything touching Abeg!

  10. mr Dumelo pls don’t mind them it is just a movie go on, the sky is ur limit i love what u do and i hope u play those roles better than u do now

  11. dear john dumelo i really like and love the way you interprete ur role.wit all humility there is nothin wrong wit bein a gay guy its just that we nigerias are too religious.i mean the white are the ones who introduced Christianity into nigeria yet they dont see anything wrong in being gay and besides its just a movie and u and i knws pretty well that some of this roles are not real and besides its ur life and career we are talking about is my number you can call me or reply wit my email,07068545383 or email at [email protected].i will be xpectin ur reply pls.all the same i love you and keep ur dream alive.

  12. i dont know why blacks are so backwords.i know all of love seeing such movies.why do you come and claim your religious stuff on net.some of you people thats what you do everyday .dumelo is the best actor.that shows reality.i love love the films doesnt looks like those nigerians dumb dramas.a film is different from real just shows what is happenning and how to correct those mistakes.thats why whites are more than youpeople because they dont it a crime to kiss,dont u people do it every day .that makes the film makes it look real.u cant act a gay movie without doing that.if he didnt,what will show in the movie that he is gay.or if u dont make love in a movie ,what will prove the is a relationship ,dumb heads.if u claim its not nice then dont think of warching it.i love him and his high class grammer.i wish i could even see him or be his wife.some of u people whom claim such scenes are not nice and refer it to do u know what is in porno ,?becos u love warching it.dumelo dont listen to them. they are jelous haters and they wish they could b like u to act such roles ,.keep on.99 percent are proud of u.let the haters go and brush their teeth.they are pretending and they wish u could do better than that.i love u john dumelo