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Afi Dzakpasu becomes PR Manager for Viasat 1 Ghana

Afi Dzakpasu

Former Hitz Fm’s morning show co-host Afi Dzakpasu has taken up a new role as Public Relations Manager at Viasat1. Afi Dzakpasu joined the company from Hitz Fm, one of the operating units of the Multimedia Group.

She held several positions including News Editor, Reporter, News Anchor and co-presenter for the station’s morning show. A noticeable inclusion to Hitz Fm’s programming during her tenure there is the Hitz Entertainment News, which included updates from the 3 movie industries that continues to impact the entertainment industry in Ghana – Ghallywood, Nollywood and Hollywood. Management at Viasat1 believes her skill-set and experience will help deliver the PR goals of the company.

In a recent interview Afi revealed that the offer from Viasat1 came at a time she was looking to expand her career horizons in media circles. She said “Broadcasting is in my genes as you can tell from my work experience and I will also be doing some on-air work on the channel, apart from driving the PR agenda. I believe Viasat1 is the perfect place to offer me challenges that will enable me to achieve my career goals.”

Speaking about the new appointment, the CEO of Viasat1, Rune Skogeng said, “We are very delighted to have Miss Dzakpasu on the team. She was recommended to us by industry experts and I believe she will fit nicely within our organization. He added, “I believe she brings to the company fresh and new insights to drive the business to the next level”.

Afi Dzakpasu holds a BA Degree in Communication Studies Certificate from the University of Ghana. With almost 8 years experience in the voice-over industry and reporting for the internet, radio and television, it is believed she will prosper in her role as the face of Ghana’s No.1 entertainment TV channel.

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