Love & Relationship Advice: I Suspect My Man Is Cheating With Two Other Women

Dear GC,

My name is Eve and I have been in a relationship for about 5 months now . My partner and I are preparing to get married soon I mean in about three months time.

I suspect my man is having affair with two different ladies at the same time. For some time his behaviour towards me has changed totally, I do complain a lot and we end up arguing sometimes but all he says is that he loves me very much. And that he will not do anything to hurt me but he is hurting me.

I love this guy so much but because of his behaviour my family does not like him as they use to initially. I don’t know what to do now whether I should continue with the marriage plans or cancel it.

I’m really down as am writing this mail please help me.

Dear Eve,

I am so sorry you feel heartbroken at the moment but there is a couple of questions I want to ask you that you didn’t state in your email. Do you trust this guy? And How did you find out he was cheating?

You have been with your man for five months and you feel he is cheating, I don’t know about the cheating part but I can tell you that relationships go through a number of changes, it has its ups and downs. When you start dating someone, the first few months are always the best that is what we call the honeymoon period.

When this period ends, then the problems kick off and I think that is what is happening in your relationship. Maybe your partner is not cheating perhaps he’s just not doing some of the things he use to do when you first met. He might not be giving you as much attention and that is normal, unfortunately guys tend to behave this way after a couple of months or years into a relationship. Sometimes even women also behave this way.

Speak to him, if you live together you can do this when you are about to go bed or if you don’t live together you can do it over the phone before you both go to bed. Make him understand because it’s very easy for a man to tell you he loves you just to shut you up. Make sure you say what you have to say and trust him if he says he is not cheating unless you have the proof.

If you are certain that he is really cheating then don’t go ahead with the marriage plans. Marriage is a long way, if your partner can’t control himself at this stage, then what would he do when you get married.

And one advice, its too early to get your family involved in your relationship, you don’t have to let them know of every single problem that goes on with your partner. Keep them out unless it’s something serious like abuse.

Have your facts right before taking any hasty decisions. I hope this will help, let me know how you get on.

Best of luck !

Ms. A.K  from GC XXX

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