Celeb Photos: Photos Of Jackie Appiah Displaying Her New Award As Best Ghanaian Actress..

We posted a write-up few days about Jackie Appiah beating Nadia Buari, Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson & Naa Ashorkor to win the 2010 Best Ghanaian Actress Awards.

We just got the photos below and decided to share with our loyal readers. Girlfriend looks happy and the smiles are gorgeous.. Kudos To Jackie… Check Blow for photos, click on below photos to enlarge for proper view…

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  • gooooo girl, i’m soo happy n proud of u…. u r richly blessed.. god is really by ur side and he will continue to be by ur side……. well done…

    • Marty

      Hi Sussy, you have spoken wise words.I’m proud of you.well done.

  • havent you wrote about this already ?is it new in the soceity to win an award? by the way what makes it strange oh no this site is getting irritating. what agenda do you have? afterall JULIET ,ROUGH AND SMOOTH SHIRLEY FRIMPONG MANSO, ECT WON AWARDS ON THE SAME NIGHTS AT THE SAME VENUE ;SO WHY ARE YOU NOT TELLING THE READERS? ARE THEY NOT ALSO MAKING GHANA PROUD?

    • goodies

      @kate, seriously these GC ppl r annoying whith jackie appiah’s nonsense , wat they r doing is not showcasing ghanacelebrities but rather local champion jackie appiah, here is a suggestion to u GC , u shd call this site jackieappiahasslicker.com , that way ppl like me will know weda to visit it or not , but where by u r calling it ghanacelebrities, i think u shd stop singling one person out , it shd be about all ghanacelebrities not just some local bimbo with pretty face.

      • sena

        @goodies, why are u soo envyious and bitter. All the websites write about jackie bcos she is loved by everyone . GC talked about the other winners in jackie interview, so what are u talking about?? This is her time and she desrves to be appreciated. GC continue doing your good work

  • liz

    go gal despite all the hatred God hands are still on you and he will continue to bless u until your cup is finally full congratulation there are more and more to come so haters watch out


    whch GODS HANDS did you not heard that she kiled VASHTI JONES ?its her JUJU not GOD

    • inchristalone

      @Alisa pls dnt start wat u cant finish o,with all jokes aside dis can be an expensive joke o.hmmm

    • Ada

      @ALISA, that is true ,i read it the next thing i realised they have taking it off i swear but strongly believe there is some thruth in it.

      • paa

        @Ada, u believe there is truth in your moda and fada, how can she do that they are bigger stars than vashiti and they are all alive. God will strike u down one by one evil people. If u people who wrote this comment are traced u will be in big trouble. Jackie is good if u like go and kill yourself

        • ben

          @paa,say that to the one who wrote that for us to read. its you thunder will strike becase it was on the net jackie is greedy look at what she did to LYDIA AND NAA , PAA ROT IN HELL YOU BELIEVE EVERY GOOD THING WRITTEN  ABOUT HER WHY NOT THE BAD ONES?

      • ladygaga

        @Ada, lol.alisa how did u know she did?she saw competition,cus vashti was hot and prettier than her.havent u noticed that no other black pretty african lady comes up in the movie industry in ghana?jackie and samira have all the producers in their palms so they do everything in their power to bring others down.isnt martha a better actress?vashti was good,but made a mistake and became close friends with jackie and samira and ended her life.i heard the gist from someone close to them.ghana celebrtiies shld keep licking her ass but we know the truth and trust me,witchcraft doesnt last forever.
        take naija for instance,they have so many great actresses,each one with their time of fame but in ghana jackie doesnt wanna give way to any new comer to play lead,she wants to be d only one in the limelight.when will we get to appreciate young talents?

  • ann

    dont u guys have anything to write than jackie this jackie that .yea she won we know we need current news not this old dead news.or is this site for jackie.because i dont hear aba any celebrity being talked aba apart from jackie .GC grow up.

  • derick boatimg


  • Hon.Sir. Kofious

    Hey you are wonderful and beautiful girl indeed. Your acting is so nice,too acting.God bless her.

  • God bless this beautiful and wonderful girl. Her acting is too nice.

  • sena

    You are fine paaaaaaaa, if I see u I will buy u anything u want in life. U are too beautiful and good, congrats

  • TheChuckylee

    GC dis publicity is getting a bit too much.Jackie is pretty and has a likeable personality but I think dis unnecessary publicity will do her no good.It only creates more enemies 4 her.It is not as if she’s the first Ghanaian actress to take an award outside the country.It ‘s not as if she has done anything special but because she’s one of the few lead actresses from Ghana who work in Nigeria a lot.Besides there’s not much competition among the actors/actresses in Ghana so wats the big deal abt this.Wat do u expect the fans of Yvonne Nelson,Nadia & Juliet whom u usually bash to say?I like Jackie but pls be fair to the others.

  • linda

    I love u jackie, u desrve it, u have showed the rest that they are not on your level. Thank God it is not a 3 in one award again. Nigeria nos your the best in ghana

  • ama b

    I don’t understand people ooo but GC talks about other stars didn’t they bring nadia car, lydia and co. Please GC don’t mind these haters if it was bad news they would have been happy abi? Jackie go on and continue to shine how can one say an award is nothing then why do we have the Grammys the Bet awards, the academy awards. Grow up commenters

    • ladygaga

      @ama b, they do talk about other stars no doubt about it,but they hv already written an article about this award issue and we get it,why write another one when there are other better things to write about?its so lame.

  • Tina

    omg people, get over yourselves, jackie is a wonderful actress…keep it up girl

  • paa

    Well said ama B, how can one say award is nothing, then why do they do it. B4 I forget jackie u are the best

  • Lovistic

    Congrats my girl. You are the best and the most beautiful actress in Ghana. Keep on acting and winning more awards so haters will die of heart attack. Not only did you win AMAA awards but goes on to win in Ghana and it only shows that you are worth your salt. Thanks for helping raise the Ghanaian film industry and for making a lot of people love Ghanaian movies. My cousin even confirmed that a lot of Londoners watch our Ghanaian movies cos of u, which alone is an achievement. It is your time and God will continue to raise you higher and higher, you are more than worth this publicity. Nigerian sites even publish more articles of Jackie than the other Ghanaian stars so haters keep your frustrations and bitterness to your selves and leave GC alone. If u want the other stars to be more celebrated, just go and create sites for them cos GC talks not only of Jackie. Yvonne and Majid had so much publicity as well.

    • @Lovistic,which nigerian  sites ? they cherish their stars very much not ours .they dont have time for her concert.

  • ghallday

    She is really good indeed. The photo shoot should be done in a native Ghanaian dress and not an indian (central Asian) style kind of dress. Look Ghanaian.

  • iam happy for you jackie

  • you are great indeed

  • seeing her succeed brings me joy she deserve it

  • ladygaga

    ghanacelebrities are assholes,and bunch of hypocrites.why not write articles about all the other ghanaian stars that won awards and celebrate them as well?would it kill you?jackie was only given that award cus her fellow actresses who were nominated didnt show up at the event,therefore she had to be honored so shut up!why not read nigeria newspapers and hear what they have to say since they hosted the event?i heard becca won,ruff and smooth,vip,shirley frmpong and juliet ibrahim won movie personality of the year;as for juliet heard she won in her category beating jackie appiah ,nadia buari and yvonne nelson who were all nominated ,why not write about the disgrace juliet brought to your goddess jackie huh?bunch of asslickers on this site,delete my comment n i will repost it.



  • akosua

    Well well this is your fourth award you are really bless God richly bless. When you hav God you hav every thing in life, we all love and nothing can change that.

  • kwame

    You are really loved so much and we all pray for you, keeping what you do best we buying your movies knows you are the best actress Ghana has. You are loved and appreciated so much

  • shasa

    Okay people, i think everyone need to be praised if his or her work is appreciable, so why are people ranting about jackie’s award? that girl is very talented, and also hard working. If you watch her movies, you can see that she really put alot of effort and very focus and above all very pretty and s*xy. I think she deserves every bit of the popularity and fame.

  • Melissa

    U ROCK Jackie. U r a ghanaian verison of Beyounce. Like ur style keep it up. To hell with all those jealous IDIOTS. The only thing the devil cannot take away from you is ur TALENT. I know u will win next year as well this is JUST the beginning of ur BLESSINGS. You always do it for all de sleek s*xy ladies big up gal. Still a mum and ROCKING it like nobody’s business. P E A C E

  • Dlo


  • cici

    i just love her dress…so cute n classic..

  • hammer h2

  • hey, I have been emailing questions, and appreciate if you would respond to me.
    I’d like to see what other people are asking as well.
    Is this a good place to post, or is there a forum somewhere else?

  • baby

    so what

  • I agree with your Blog and I will be back to check it more in the future so please keep up your work. I love your content & the way that you write. It looks like you’ve been doing this for a while now, how long have you been blogging for?

  • Benedicta

    Na wa oh wish kind badbelle pple dey here.abeg make una leave my baby alone.4get oh 4 9ja her mata dey hot like fire.she is d bomb.wel sha if dem no talk ur mata u no dey important.girl kip d fire burnin badbelle pple make una die.

  • zdprisca

    i love ur style girl ,ur dress i don’t want u to wear short like same prostitue becouse u r the best ghanian actris u must be example for all actris,u so cute keep it up girl

  • cici

    4 1s i wil say these pix of her r nice..she looks gud..better dan most of her pix..

  • julove

    Jackie the makeupholic lady. When are we going to see the real you. I will love to see your natural beauty not makeup beauty. Reason up.

  • Killian A -Williams

    Yeeeeeesssssss!!! This is reeeaaaaal beauty.JACKIE,l just love every bit of ur movies.u dey bee ke ke.girl,u the best! What do u think guys?

  • evaline

    wooooooooooooow you r so cute ,i love ur acting n olso ur character keep it up

  • she is a beauty! 🙂

  • ama

    look here jackie u r trulie blessed with ghanaian beauty dont mind them they say u r gaining weight ne nyinaa ye oooooooooo monnka moano nntum. adzzen!