God Save Us: Nigerian Director Calls Ghanaian Actress A Devil

Whether we like it or not the unfortunate relationship between Ghana and Nigeria has come to stay. Whiles major stakeholders in the Ghanaian and Nigerian Movie Industries try so hard to let the relationship between the two countries grow and flourish, other quarters are making sure the above does not t materialize for their own selfish gains.

Thanks to Ecowas, both countries have invaded each other to derive and tap into the rich experience of professionals from both sides.

Information reaching GhanaCelebrities.com has it that the working relationship between Mr. Ifeanyi Onyeabor (Mr. Hollywood) the celebrated Nigerian movie director and Khareema Aguiar has gone sour.

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According to the actress who played Jessica in Shirley Frimpong Manso’s ‘Check Mate’, the Nigerian director called her a devil without any cause. The actress promises not to go back to location again until the director has apologized to her.

Calm Khareema, who is on location shooting a movie with the working title ‘Shadow In My Back’ with the character name ‘Shaviva’ in a phone conversation with GhanaCelebrities.com narrated what transpired before she was labeled as a devil.

“We are lodged in a hotel at Dzorwulu and we are normally called as early as 5:30am to be ready for location”.
“On Wednesday, the call came earlier than expected with the information that we will be shooting somewhere in Sahara, Dansoman” she pointed out.

In a company of another actress Kafui, they started the journey from Dzorwulu to Dansoman. They got to the said location and waited for hours without the production crew showing up.

“With Kafui, a colleague actress on the steering wheel, we started the journey. We got to Sahara and waited for only God knows how many hours without any sign of them showing up”.

Khareema who is playing the leading role in the movie then asked Kafui to call the production manager who goes by the name Zoree. They were told the shooting has been changed from Dansoman to Sakumono. According to Khareema, she didn’t call the production manager herself because they had a misunderstanding over food, so they were not on talking terms.

“I had a problem with the production manager, so we don’t talk that much so I asked Kafui to call him, only to be told of the change of location and yet nobody cared enough to call to tell us” Khareema narrated.
When they finally got to Sakumono, Ifeanyi Onyeabor who has been known as nonsense got furious and started ruining insults on her. Khareema tried as hard as she can to explain what caused their delay but to no avail.

“Ifeanyi Onyeabor started screaming, yelling and insulting me, even though it was not my fault. I told him it’s not my fault but he said he won’t blame anyone but me. He said you are a devil, Jackie Appiah and Nadia Buari will not do this on set”.

The actress fought back “That’s why I am not Jackie or Nadia and moreover I didn’t come begging for the role”.

However, after several exchanges, Khareema asked him if he just called her a devil and Ifeanyi Onyeabor repeated in an affirmative. The actress has since decided not to be part of the production.
Khareema is one of the up coming actresses in Ghana. She played Angela in the ‘All That Glitters’ series which was shown in Ghana, Jamaica, the United Kingdom and Nigeria.

The actress has worked as a news reader and entertainment presenter at Happy FM and Hitz FM respectively.

Story by Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./GhanaCelebrities.com/Ghana

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It’s not about Africanism or harmonizing the right platform for our bilateral relations.These ‘f*cked up’ Anagos hate us(cause we’re better) but guess what bitches?,we hate you back.If y’all love your mess(they call it Nigeria)so much why don’t y’all just stay in it…NO! they can’t,Why? Cause back in the hellhole they call home..they get mugged,robbed,murdered&hungry everyday shitty day of their God forsaken lives&all we do down here is get paid.These muthaf**king cocksuckers can eat shit…I’d cop e’er single one these inferior, intimidated shitheads if they came through my yard talking the patriotic shit they be posting up on this site.The sight&sound of them is nauseating…Yack!!-Even God hates Nigerians-F**k Nigeria!

U dont make conclusion from listening to one side of a story unless u have something against the other person. . . . Ghanian, u guys are biting more than u can chew. . . . Dont mistake silence for wickeness

@oj i always read ur comment i see that ur still amature… ur always fighting for northing.. let me tell you …change this ur africa’n mentality….and make a wise comment okey, forget about this NIJA and ghana…….lol

Perry Donnell….thanks youuuuuuuu ur are mature…i try to come here to see how we african’s love our self… and i saw that we still have a long way to go….this is why the white man are still using us till now…and this is why i will never forget bob m.

Look at how people are insulting each other over this issue. That is why this continent will never go forward. we cannot even come togther to make films how can we do anything else. Enough with the Ghanaian movies are better than Nigerian movies CRAP! What good does that do? Is learning from each other and supporting each other too much to ask? Oh as for black man deaaaaaar, hmmmm…..

the fault is not from Ifeanyi, but Khareema !!!! a good actor or actress must get informations and orders only from his/her director!!! It’s true that Ifeanyi easily insults people, but hey!!! He is the best stunt movie director in Africa!!!!! And to be able to work with his class of director, an actor or actress must be highly disciplined!!! the production crew, Zoree, henry, Don ziguy and co are all bullshit!!!


@oj, funny a thing you mentioned stealing stories from foreign movies, yes i admit nollywood does that, even hollywood and bollywood does that aswell, but you know what we also have great unique story lines that are not copied more than you guys.Watch figurine,laviva,ezra and you will also regret ever being born in ghana aswell.Talking of story lines are u kidding me, the story line from beyonce was a complete rip off of a nigerian movie which i can’t remember the name again, the same line where nadia told van if he thinks he would dump her after seeing her n*kedness was the exact word to word statement sandra achums said to ramsey,ok what about the movie sin of the soul, this was a complete rip off of a nigerian movie called fragile pain, the same exact story line except for a few changes in their bid not to make it not too noticeable that it was a rip off, for example the scene where majid killed the girl was the same exact scene where michael okon killed bimbo akintola’s friend,the story line for princess tyra was a rip off of a movie starring jim iyke and nkeiru sylvan*s,so who is guilty here now.

please who is dat fool comparing Nigerien movies to Ghanaian movies. can any naija movie compare to AFRICAN HERITAGE, LOVE BREW IN AFRICAN POT, AFRICAN TEMBER, SIKA SUMSUM, I TOLD YOU SO just but to mention a few. how many Nigerien movies have won international awards but Ghanaian movies like love brew in african pot, african heritage did. And who said nigerien started acting b/4 ghanains? if it was not for the Malaysians who collaborated with the Nigerien to destroy Ghana film industry after conspiring with them, who would have known abt their movies. thank God ghana film is picking form and taking it rightful place, sending shiverings in the spines of those Good for nothing ANAGO cum ALATA people. God bless our home land ghana n make our nation great and strong. All weapons the ANAGO people will fashion against as will never prosper. Amen

@oj, yes who is comparing ghanaian movies to nigerian movies, nigerian movies are way above ghanaian movies, it is just like saying ok our movies are better than bollywood movies, yes bollywood produces a lot of crappy movies but the also produce great movies that can be likened to those of hollywood.Yes a lot of nigerian movies can be compared o heritage africa and beat it out hands down, jeese people stop living in past glory, i think i have heard this heritage africa,love brewed in an african pot etc like a thousand times, nigeria film makers like the late ola balogun,hubert ogunde, even kunle afolayan’s father(director of the figurine) etc also did great films but hey nollywood is not dwelling in all those past glory.Films like figurine, laviva,ezra,inale,the amazing grace,ije,tango with me,unbreakable nation(has a budget of 10 million dollars) beats any ghanaian movie anyday anytime,the nigerian movie ezra won international awards,ije has already won 5 international awards even before its release, my dear get your facts straight because nollywood was built by nigerians alone without any collaboration or conspiration from malaysians or anybody,just face the fact that your movie industry wasn’t competitive enough and got ridden over by nollywood, urmovie industry will never send shivers to nollywood u understand because it is nollywood that is facilitating that improvement in the first place.

@flint,LOL YOU THINK YOU CAN MAKE US CONCLUDE TO THE FACT THAT NIGERIA IS BETTER THAN GHANA BY WRITING THOSE LONG ASS COMMENTS? HUNNIE(did i just called you that? eeewww) you just wasting you time ayt. Go get a life!!! 

@IgboQueen,lol ohh so igbo bitch you came on this site huh? you can only be the queen on nigeriafilms.com but not here ayt. FUCK NIGERIA FUCK NIGERIA! ALL NIGERIANS ARE CRACK HEADS. 

>@nanaya.  Idiot, have tried reading the comments.  Most of them said, Nigeria not director or his name.. Nigeria didn’t do this, the director did. So, if u have some dumbass comment to make, write it to the director not nigeria.  If u think my comment is rubbish u should try reading yours… And when you are done carrying other people’s buisness go have your self some advil or if u don’t  know what that is, go take some panadol……

@Mez, my sista clap for urself, well done…wayaa adie3 wa3, bravo…if u want ppl to listen to ur crooked opinions den u gonna hav to make at least one reasonable sentence..ur opinions r very crooked i beg..now get out of our site wit ur crooked self and ur crooked unreasonable comments…we don need them here..guess wut? ur crooked site nigerfilms just called GC, dey need u to report to duty asap..now carry go byeee 🙂





@MEZ, hahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..did I made u mad? owwwww sorry sis, bro wuteve gender u r…i can see u done making another crooked noise on a ghanaian website…in case u didn’t here me the first time there it is again CAAAAAARRRRRRRYYYYY GO, GET THE HELL OUT(madea’s voice) lmao

seems nanayaa needs urgent psychiartrist attention! somebody help nanayaa,or maybe she needs some FUCK to stabilise her.

@debi another crooked nija born…i beg u too take ur crooked self out..we don need crooked ppl wit crooked comments here..oya u too carrry go, get the hell outtttt…lls

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Why the insults and Misunderstanding amongst U Africans. Is this what we all need as Africans in order to grow in a world full of Inequality where Africa is being cheated ?

The success for Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, S.Africa, Ivory Coast, e.t.c is the success for all Africans, Please ! Individually we will failed and in Harmony , we will succeed.
We all need one another with humility and the love and that meekness that our forefathers fought to liberate us from Colonialism, but there’s still more to be done ! Lets talked over those issues that we disagreed.
Lets called this misunderstanding a teachable moment for all Africans and parties consent !

Thank You !
Ayuk Arrey- Cameroon.


I have to applaud this comment…seriously you took the words right outta my mouth…gosh indeed lol. Maybe the these guys that had the disagreement are even sitting chillin laughin and have resolved the matter and these douchebags are at it hardcore!

@MEZ, did u say insults on nigerians? did u see jojo or jamesjames comment before u wrote ur rubbish…i think u shld find somethg to do.

Money Power Fame will never preclude tactile intelligence and decency. Bravo to Khareema Aguiar for reminding Ghanaians “obya nye obya” (man never pass man)

Youy start where we always stop so don’t your selves about Nigeria because you are our slaves and followers,we are inevitable,the inevitable Naija people you must need Nigerians to grow if not you remain where you are now for ever.

@james james, hahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajfhhahhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbjlakjfjhkkllllllll…….there’s always idiots like u..u funny and pathetic…..u wanted some attention well there u go u got it..u r a disgrace to 9ja, west africa, and whole of africa..gyime mo gyime paa nie

@james james, hahhahahhahhahhahahhahhahhah
hahhahahhahahhahh……there’s always idiots like u..very pathetic..u wanted some attention well there u go u got it….u r a disgrace to 9ja, west africa and whole of africa..gyime mu gyime paa nie…i don’t blame u…I blame it on lack of gud home training

@james james,
look at this idiot called james james talking u re actually comparing naija to ghana really i laugh in korea. naija a coutry of over 130 mil with second largest gdp behind south africa has 70 percent of population below poverty level and u re here running your mouth. thats over 80 million people re u guys not even ashamed. mugu dont even get me started on nigeria. so 10 million of over 130 million re rich and u think is an achievemnt. i laugh in korea again. only some ignorant and illiterate ghanaians would think naija is better at anything than ghana. dont u know it was ghanaian teachers that was teaching yall in the 60s and 70s. stupid ignorant fool u think if ghanaians were slaving in naija as u claimed the gov would ve asked us to leave. ghanaians were taking ova the economy from big posotions to also even menial jobs like shoe shining. so because of oil u think re guys re better than everybody. i laugh in kobo.. boy if u get me started i will let u cry about ur naija. l laugh in cedi

you parents they will tell you when Ghanains were slaves in Nigeria and the immoralities they brought to Nigeria that made our government deported them all.80% of your population live in poverty and your talking.

@james james, Khareema Aguiar stood up to Ifeanyi Mr. Hollywood, this trend will continue unless you behave civilized whilst filmng in Ghana. Shame on that director.

you parents they will tell you when Ghanains were slaves in Nigeria and the immoralities they brought to Nigeria that made our government deported them all.80% of your population live in poverty and your talking.

Let him call your actors and actresses any name he want to call them they are nothing but hungry beggars who depends on NAIJA movies and producers to survive.So my dear brother call them names they have no choice they will run to you begging for jobs.How many films are being produced by Ghanaians producers in a year so they have to run to our handsome and rich Naija producers to survive Naija too much,hahahahahahahahahahahahha,fools fooools.

@jojo, Wow, tell me the last time Naija film beat a world record, for instance name the highest grossing Naija film and I bet it did not even reach $1Billion US Dollar.

Has a Naija film beat South Africa’s highest grossing film Tsotsi?

Mediocrity is killing Naija battling for scraps in Africa instead of battling Hollywood they remain ever present dwelling at the bottomless pit of illiteracy, indecency all around FOOLISHNESS.

@Kin, ok let me spill it out for u,yes no nigerian movie has grossed up to a billion and u know why, it is because we are still not as advanced as hollywood in terms of marketing,distribution,equipments etc nollywood is just 18yrs old while hollywood is a 114yrs old, even hollywood that we all crave about, do u know how old hollywood was before it recorded its first billion dollar grossing movie and it was not until 1997 the movie titanic reached that mark, guess what hollywood was 101yrs when it reached this mark, so now tell me how would you expect an infant nollywood compared to hollywood to make such a mark in such a short period of its existence.Even bollywood that is 97yrs old hasn’t even come any close to that, they highest grossing bollywood movie is THREE IDIOTS, it grossed a hundred and eleven million dollars, well since u care to compare, why haven’t the ghanaian movie industry grossed that much since you guys shouldn’t be competiting with nollywood, maybe ur movie industry is now better than nollywood, u know what i agree, there shouldn’t be any competition of ur movie indsutry with nollywood because nollywood is above the ghanaian movie industry, ur industry should be in competition with the movie industries of uganda,kenya,tanzania etc u need to look up their movie industries and see how far ur movie industry is behind theirs. South Africa u are talking about, they depend on hollywood for most part of their film production, in my own opinion i would say the south african movie idustry is a branch or an extension of hollywood, this is because the same way nollywood influences the ghanaian movie industry is the same way hollywood influences the south african movie industry in the sence that most of their movies has hollywood directing,producing,sreenwriting,editing,marketing and distributing them, and of course some of their movies have hollywood stars playing lead roles in them to the extent that the south africans are now complaining against it arguing that they too have the raw talent to take up such roles, speaking of tsotsi, you got it all wrong by saying it is the highest grossing south african movie, they highest grossing south africn movie is jeruselema which grossed 400 million dollars and guess what it was marketed and distributed by hollywood, and to your question yes i can tell u a nigerian movie osuofia in london has beaten Tsotsi at the box office, osuofia in london even with the shaky nollywood distribution system as compared to that of the south africans grossed 8.9 million dollars just in the united states alone, this figure does not include its sales in nigeria,uk,carribean,the rest of africa, and the world around, and also this figures does not include the sales of its part two, this figures like i have already said is just based on the sales of the movie’s part one in the united states, it was distributed by ulzee nigeria limited,now tell me has any ghanaian movie grossed up a million dollars, well if u don’t mind let me answer that for u, the answer is no.Yes i know nigeria has done a lot of crappy movies but you know what they have also done good ones aswell and on a more serious note they have done a lot more quality movies than ghana, apart from the movies from the likes of leila,shirley,emmanuel apea and partially kobi rana, the rest are crappy and average movies.

@flint, Correction, Athol Fugard is South African he wrote the book to Tsotsi and supervised script writing which was done by a South African Gavin Hood whose also the director. The film starred almost exclusively South Africans and Im very glad you mentioned the discontent of thier people when non-South Africans play South Africans

(that is a trend that Nollywood is having a hard time coming to terms with, the sooner we learn to deal with it as BUSINESS the faster we progress.Bollywood and Hollywood have been doing this since its first block buster albait racist hit film Birth of a Nation-then there’s Imitation of Life-the 2versions ).

Did Osuofia in London gain any critical acclaim the way Tsotsi did? Has it or did it win any international film fest awards the way Tsotsi did if so is it more than Tsotsi? Tsotsi was top 10 at the Box Office meaning this is before DVD, forgive but I have not ever seen a Naija film screening in any theater not even the art-house theater which sometimes screen Bollywood films like theThree Idiots you mentioned.

You know the painful part about responding to you is, neither of us are movers and shakers in the industry, but I appreciate that posterity will read our critique and still ask the question WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH NAIJA GHANA relations?

Film is film
-- since when is it okay for a professional throw decency out the door and insult a colleague?

I want to give Baba Hollywood the benefit of reputation and all that jazz but its stupid mistakes like that which fuel passions that otherwise would be used to perfect the craft that is Film.

You advice about where we ought to seek inspiration while prudent falls back into my point about “scraps”, Did Japan wait 300years-reference to USA’s powerhouse in the Americas- to be a powerhouse in Asia after the bombings in our grandparents generation?

I appreciate learning, but what all I want to get accross is Ghana does not need to lower itself just so Naija can take the mantle.

kluivert noi nobody is hating ghana,rather it is u guys hating nigeria by always bringing them up negatively in ur site.

@flint, lets forget aba all this n maintain da peace we aa enjoyin . my good friend i hope u aa nt takin it too personal it all part ov da part……

@Kin, now let me be more elaborate here, u asked which nigerian movie can beat south african highest grossing movie tsotsi, well that to me seems like a money question which i did answer you, u never mentioned anything about awards, well on the part of the awards, i have two anwers for that, first osuofia in london is not a kind of movie that wins awards is meant for entertainment or to be specific it is a comedy when compared to tsotsi,we all know gavin hood is a well established actor in hollywood so he would have the connection to play the politics in the academy awards, the producer is a well established english producer,besides the movie was promoted by hollywood not the south african movie industry, the movie had some crew members from hollywood aswell,nollywood is not complaining talk more of coming to terms with anything rather it is the ghanaians complaining a lot, the nigerian movies across the niger and the figurine were premiered at the london Odeon Leicester Square cinema which is one of the british biggest cinemas, like i said earlier i find it difficult to beleive that a full grown man will wake up one day create confusion by giving wrong locations to his cast, and when they cast finally find there way to where he is, he ignores the nigerians then decides to lay insults on an actress simply because she is ghanaian, i think there is more to this which hasn’t been said afterall this same director has worked with akofa,vivian anchor,eckow blackson(probably on the same said with this actress according to one of his recent interviews that i watched) etc without any problem, so there must be more to this story, lets get something straight here i didn’t give u advice on anything at all, so i don’t know where this japan and usa powerhouse thing is coming from, and nobody is asking ghana to lower itself for anything or anybody, just saying you guys should admit to the truth and facts.

@Kin, i forgot to add that the nigerian movie laviva was screened at the 2008 cannes film festival, i believe you know that cannes film festival is one the three major and biggest film festival in the world, ezra was screened at fespaco,the up coming nigerian movie ije has been screened at over twenty film festivals.

@flint, Congrats. I like seeing my fellow Africans putting positive stamps on the world.

I hope for more from all our continents film industries.

I will continue to support professionalism from directors, actors and full cast.

I recently found out a number of East Africans come to ply their acting trade in Ghana and I applaud this.

I wish and hope for more good news and development. Go Gollywood, Go Africa.

Ugly disgusting idiots what makes you think Nigerians will have respect to black monkeys like you.We made your actors and actress,we can easily destroy them because they depend on our movie industry to earn a better living.How much does vicker or Apiah earn in a movie in Ghana and ask them how much they earn when they have a role in Nigeria movies,we have the money and the human resources in short we have all iu takes and that is why we are always on top.I will advice you ungly Ghanaians to stop causing heart attack to yourselves because you will never never get Nigerians level in any thing.Bastards,people calling themselves a nation how many companies in Ghana are owned by Ghanaians none you don’t have the money and human resources to compare yourselves with Nigerians you need foreigners and Nigerians to survive.Idiots i hate you guys with passion.

@jojo, You are an illiterate?

Did you even read the article?

What does what you have to say relate to the insults Ifeanyi hurled t Khareema!

You just proved why Gollywood needs to look to Hollywood for competition rather the likes of you. Respect yourself.

maa…. your right this is a movie gam…the media are using it to promote they site and people are crazy over it.

chukwuma…i understand what u r saying. i guess this ghana/naija war is a way of making money in this site and nigeriafilms. nigeriafilms is even worse….every week they must promote ghana/naija war…………its just terrible.

@maa, but still it does not mean we should ceasfire for the sake of peace in the face of disrespect. if you were called devil, what would you do?

ANGEL… i think your right this may be a rumor’s from media , and people are fighting over it.. hahaha….can i tell you ? this is a way to bring up ghana gollywood movie’s up.

These things are not really necessary.Just an opportuinity 2 promote the Ghana/Naija war.We are all doing well in our movie industries so lets learn 2 live in peace.

@Chuckylee, tell that to the director who shameless disguised his lack of professionalism with insults toward Kharema Aguiar, does she deserve those insults, should she have still gone on acting for him for the sake of Gh/Naija peace….come on Ghanaians should not accept such rudness and on our own soil Chai I wish they were shooting somewhere in Kumasi man, I just wish and see if he can

i think all this gand n war is that ghanians are trying to promote their industry name gollygold or whatever so they are rubbing shoulders and fighting with the big guys .nollywood is the only name known worldwide as an african industry and i understand ghanians are trying to promote their industry i give them kudos bcos right now they are gaining attetion but it wont last for long.anyway as a nigerian and african all this quarell and figthing is not the way.have you guys also wonder if all this rubbish are true cos i dont think actors and actressses like gene omotola jackie nadia ramsey and the rest have time for these nonsense only the directors or producers wierd .dont believe rumors or the media they will make you go crazy..

THESE ghanains are fools…..have you listened to their music,seen their movies, hear them talk? they use Nigerian languages like TUFIAKWA, CHINEKE, to mention but a few…..why pretending. if something is bigger than you accept it and let life go on. God has made everybody unique in their own way…..he has blessed ghanains in some way and nigerians as well… so drop that jealousy and hatred… there are things you cant change but accept and live with it. the short should not jealous the tall vis v
erser. i just laugh at all these comments….. sooooooo childish and lack experience. where the mature people…….come on line and lets reason with our brains….hahahahhahahaa. the gift of God is without repentance. long live nigeria…long live africa

f*ck ifeanyi.who the hell is he?dats how they behave in dis country,and why the hell would u compare actresses?idiot.khareema they should pay u more before u go back to shoot.

i think this time we have to forget about all this thing’s.. we have to love our self and care for each other.. we all are the same african’s…and am sad to hear some one call each other devil, thats is a bad word and i hope he will say sorry to her….let’s move forward nigeria and ghana are brother’s…..even my wife is from ghana and we love each other.

Chineke! That wasn’t too nice for mr. Hollywood to say. He should simply apologize and let the reels keep on rolling. …or did she do something much more “behind the scenes”?

i wonder how dey would act if their movies made sense and had good quality like in hollywood.

There are just too many Nigerians in Ghana now, obtaining Gh passports and dragging our name in the mud. We have to do something abt this.. In my honest opinion, they are an embarrassment to west africans

you sound like somebody who has lost his brains…. what did you just say… who gave them the passport? stop thinking with your ass…… use your brain…. i herby baptise you with the name IGNORAMUS

@debi, His? and wat are u doing on a Ghanaian website anyways? It says Ghanacelebrities not Nigerian celebrities. U guys need o get a grip on urselves and stop trying to be Ghanaian.

akosua now you have exposed yourself……..AN ILLITRATE thats what you are. what is WWW? if ghanancelebrity doesnt want other people to visit their site they wouldnt come to the internet. you are DAFT, you think with your ASS. you have f*cked so many nigerians and they never married you uuuhhhh…. oh my gush try harder… f*ck more, suck more balls, snatch more from your fellow ghanain ladies cos ua good at f*cking what your friends f*cked. maybe you will get one cos you sound like somebody who has lost it.. keep trying lalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalalalalalla

@debi, Maybe U shd learn how to spell ILLITERATE, then come again. Didn’t really understand all that gibberish u were writing. Let me know when ur able to learn how to communicate coherently.
And for ur info, I would rather KILL MYSELF than be connected to any Nigerian.

Please Ghana fo…let call a spade a spade and not a farming implement, Nigerians has made us what we are today when they started futuring us in their movies, we used to to act but we were only known in Ghana, but now we are all over the place and want to compete with them… Lets thank them and dont be ungrateful…

@Maame Ekua, aa agya waadwo, nia okyer3..are u even from ghana at all..b3ka ma y3n ma wa mo aa wo sii..please hide somewhere…how does featuring someone in ur movie makes them popular, u call that help?..please come up with some important logical list of how nollywood has help gollywood then maybe i can agree with u to some level..but now TRUST u not sounding convincing at all.period thx.!!!

@nanayaa, LMAO…dats funny girl…but yh, how did they help us…I WILL FOREVER CONTINUE TO SAY NIGERIANS DIDN’T HELP GHANA NOTHING AND THEY DIDN’T…more-so, isn’t abdul salam of Ghana da one who started the whole ghana/nigeria collabo? someone also mentioned that nigerians started the movie thing before ghana…WRONG…pls check ur history well well…ppl need to stop talking all these nonsense…Ghana movie industry made itself popular through its movies in the past and present…ppl from all walks of life watches ghanaian movies especially Caribbeans because of ABDUL SALAM MUMUNI’s work and vision, who is a Ghanaian….so spare us dat fiction

@lily, Abdul din start the collabe Lil..lol..Samuel Nyamekye did..Ahh Kwame, y wld u say a thing like that?? They helped who????

@lily, while we dwell on the history of film making in west Africa, what do you think of the fact that internationally/critically acclaimed films are produced in South Africa?

It cul to be proud of the facts you have stated but its like fighting over scraps to be honest, when will Ghana have its own TSOTSI or its own SARAFINA or its own DISTRICT 9.

It seems to me we keep going backwards by forever competing with Naija when we should compete with Hollywood a more worthy opponent.

@nanayaa, let me answer your question,featuring someone in movies makes them popular because the get to be seen by a wider audience which the weren’t exposed to before.Now let me list the areas nollywood has helped the ghanaian movie industry,exposure,directing,producing,screenplay,story,score,dop,marketing,and distribution, now have i spilled it for you.

@flint, ooooooh ok i see thanks flint u have said it oo..aah ha now i see why ghanaian movie industry is still on square one wen we r suppose to be competing with the big dogs like hollywood and bollywood. if our so-called teachers(helpers) are still on square one how the hell are we going to progress..but its all gud we picking up gradually by ourselves..i know we will get there with the likes of shirley, akofa, leila and rest who are doing it by themselves(emphasis on themselves)we thank the nja’s for their help but we won’t be needing it anymore..i think y’all need it the most..i remember the time i used to be crazy about nja movies..those days are gone..i don’t recall the last time I watched a 9ja movie..i think y’all murder us than helped us..now we need help from hollywood and bollywood cuz wit dem we can only wish for the best..but one question thou…what are the names of our stars nollywood made popular? and some of the movies that made them popular? hope u seen our movies lately, take those soft p*rn, that thg they called movie out..can any 9ja movie compare to the likes of “life and living it, scorned, the perfect picture, a sting in a tale, checkmate, i sing of well, love brew in an african pot, heritage africa and the list goes on and on..most of these movies i mentioned got international recognition or won an award..and guess what, it was all than by ghanaian cast, producers, directers, etc..we have proved on many levels that we stand on our own we will excel with all without ur help…all that list u made but still ur movie industry make quantity movies that lacks quality(3rd largest wow)…thanks flint hope we can agree on some level without any insults.lol

@nanayaa, i will carefully elaborate myself and then take u to the big picture.Ok i know nollywood has done a lot of crappy movies, but we have also done good movies aswell, i can confortablely name some nollywood movies that can hold its own against hollywood bluckbusters, every movie industry is guilty when it comes to dat, bollywood that u keep praising does a lot of mediocre movies but the also do good movies, even hollywood does too but u don’t get to see those ones, u only see the hit blockbusters, do u know that there are still some american movies made on digital cameras, yes there are but u don’tget to see them( hang on there i will soon make my point), now hollywood and bollywood did not just start making hit movies like titanic,avatar,three idiotes,ghajini etc overnight(rome was not built in a day), please go back to the early hollywood movies and see what mediocrity actually is(now this is the picture and my point) since our influence still have ur movie industry on square one why haven’t ur industry been able to grow it to a higher level from the head start nollywood gave them,on a more serious note, why didn’t the likes of ur shirley,akofa,and leila come to develop ur movie indsutry before nollywood did, do u know why the south african movie ondustry are still living in the shadows of hollywood without knowing there left or right,well it is because they decided to walk without crawling,they wanted to be like hollywood while forgeting that hollywood started from somewhere and built from there which is exactly what nollywood is doing and trust me is just a matter of time before nollywood exploseds and go global,that the ghanaian movie industry is being noticed is becaused is being tagged along with nollywood, most people confuse ghanaian movies for nigerian movies.The above reason i gave about the south african movie industry is why the haven’t been able to grow much even with the quality movie that they do, this has led some palyers in the industry decide to copy the nollywood model, u can read all about it here http://www.clickafrique.com/Magazine/ST010/CP0000002523.aspx, u see u start from somewhere and build from there which is the same thing that hollywood and bollywood did.Now to ur queston, yes i can name nigerian movies that are not only better but will outshine the list of movies u have, infact i will not just name them but i will give u ten of them, here is the list, the amazing grace,the figurine,ije,arugba,tango with me,laviva,inale,black gold,ezra,and unbreakable nation(which has a 10 million dollars budget)some of these movies are yet to be released but all of them have been completed, these films have also gotten international recognition or won awards too. Point of correction some of those movies u mentioned had foreign producers,movies like heritage africa, love brewed in an african pot,and i sing of a well all had foreign producers, i can accept that movies from sparrow camp might be purely ghanaian.

@flint, thanks flint for replying back..first of all r u really sure ppl confuse ghanaian movies for nollywood movies? i mean come on, one of the big difference between our movies and ur movies is the accent..how do ppl get confuse with a ghanaian accent and nigerian accent..even foreigners unfamiliar with our movies can tell the difference..but u might be right thou since some nija’s always claim that all our light skin stars belongs to them so they probably confuse our stars with ur stars..some of the movies u mentioned, i have never heard of it..and i believe most ppl from this site have never heard of it either even some naijas..some of ur arguments were on point but some of them were a lil bit off but i don wanna go into details cuz i know we will never come to an agreement..u said we have to craw before we get there but don’t u think is abt time we start walking..if a child continue to craw wen the child has passed the crawing stage, we’ll naturally think there’s something wrong with the child..base on the movies i’ve seen in the past from both sides it is hard to believe we will start walking anytime soon cuz there’s huge room for improvement..but I believe we will get there, i know we will get there but only time will tell…yes maybe dey had help wit foreigners wit those productions but aint nothing wrong wit dat atleast they weren’t from nollywood..but im glad thou we aiming high diz days.. we now rolling with some of the bigs dogs…i kno we will move from square one in no time..one of my questions u failed to answer was our stars nollywood made popular and the movies that made them popular..cuz 9ja claims made most of our stars popular but can’t even name some of the movies that made them popular.

@Maame Ekua, waa shre, so we should buckle and take insults right. what kind of Maame are you anyway, is this the advice you give to a child who keeps getting bullied or hassled by a peer?

i just discovered that ghanain who have travelled wide speak with understanding, but those ghanaians who havent crossed the borders between accra and aburi or who just hang around neigbourhood…talk anyhow cos they lack the experience of the exposure of travelling round brings……so i find it difficult to relate wif them.. they are so backwards and lack experience…. where doo I start to cure your ignorance…….eiiii

De impudent, I used to respect ifeanyi onyeabo but he jus shamlessly lost it from me. I guez he is mad bcaus of d fine imposd on dem. Dey claim dey helpd us,kwasiasem,is it wif dier money,camera or location…wo wants to liv in dat filthy land anyway…gforget him n rest urself. Y don’t he go to his stinky land n make d movie der…I bet wen u go to nigeriafilms.com u wudnt c dis news but let it vise versa n u wil c dier usual nkurasem..mtcheewwwww

@nana, well i suggest u guys also tell ur producers to also get mad because nollywood has just issued out its own fine and guess what it is double compared to that of the ghanaians.Speaking of the article i finf it difficult to beleive that a full grown man will wake up one day create confusion by giving wrong locations to his cast, and when they cast finally find there way to where he is, he ignores the nigerians then decides to lay insults on an actress simply because she is ghanaian, i think there is more to this which hasn’t been said, and of course u ghanaians don’t care to know because u love every possible opportunity to lash out at nigerian just like u guys did in the other fabricated article(which u can clearly tell it was fabricated) that said someting about majid not acting in nigeria anymore.

@nana, don’t forget this same director has worked with akofa,vivian anchor,eckow blackson and many more other ghanaian actors and actresses without problem.

i won’t even bother myself reading this article…all i know is these nigerian just can’t live without us. what at alllllllll do they want from us,eehhh?? mtchewwww

@zion, no you got it all wrong, it is you guys that can’t live without us considering our investments in ghana and your movie industry included.

@flint,what investment??? or u mean the crap u’ve been flooding the Ghanaian markets with?? oh pleaaaaaaase!! n let me remind u, nigerians never invest ,they just take what is not theirs. let me just help you with an example..FRAUD..does that ring a bell?? PUNK!!!

@zion, well nigeria owns ur economy, the major banks, businesses, even telecom(GLO) in ghana is owned by nigeria, if we never invest why are our investments all over ghana, at least i am not just saying it, the investments is all over ghana, this is physical concrete evidence,no nigeria doesn’t take what isn’t theirs, just because ur country men can’t stand the competition does not mean we take what isn’t ours, funny a thing ur govt. and ur businessmen were so traitened intimidated to the extent of issueing unneccessary policies and fines on the nigerian businessmen and businesses. Ok lets see !!!DEPENDENCY!!! now does that also ring a bell to u !!!IDIOTIC MORON!!!

@flint,look at this fool!!!were Ghanaians not banking before your banks came in???is vodafon nigerian?? glo hasnt started operating yet we communicate on fons all the time.so what’s ur point??fool!! and what competition are you talking about?? the only activity u guys can beat us at is FRAUD since you’ve already gained worldwide recognition for that.we r not even neigbours for crying out loud!!!…n hey, dnt get it twisted,nigerians dnt have business men. the right description is nigerian SCAMMERS!!!

@kluivert Noi, oh no dear if anybody should be saying sorry i think you should know it is u ghanaians, well just a mere apology will solve all these wahala.

look at all this… who the heal is this nigerian producer to call someone a devil… abufu sem mtchewwwwwwwwwwww

otolo enwero nwanne gbakpo sia gi na ndi be unu and generation anya inferior sussy. kedu nke ichita.. gini na abgakasi gi aru….ga nwuo obulu nike ndi nigeria agwu go gi…. Nigeria chiga whether you like it or not… and otolo ga na agbagide gi at the mention of nigeria na anti gi. Nkita udu mmiri

@ama,wat r u saying? u better speak english coz i don’t understand wat u’ve written n if it is an insult then ur own insult returns back to ya

sussy ba u started with the language thing….nobody asked for interpretation. you see the way you think? you need a common sense…..

of course the food matter must be from the hungry ghanain lady….. if a plate of fried rice can make a ghanain lady to spread her legs for nigerian men, im sure the food matter must come from the lady…. ghanain ladies are tooooooooooooooo cheap. their body means nothing to them…….full of IMMORALITY…. may God have mercy on Ghanains. until ghanaian ladies learn how to package themselves… this so called will never stop……. suck suck suck ghana

@ama, GH is da gate way to Africa so we don’t feel inferior.nigerians envy GH becouse we ave taken over. see nigeria see trouble.


after when they have helped us without our movie industry, now we’re 
better off.

@kwame,u fink they helped us kwame?we already had our industry before they brought theirs.i rather fink they helped us pollute  our industry 

@onion i don’t think so they stared b4 us i kno 4 sure, because
they’ve been acting on stages b4 movies started because i remember our producers use to bring to sact our movies. wat do mean they pollute our industry? 

@kwame,wat do u mean they started on stages we also did.were they a part of our industry when we had the maame dokonos,fred amugi,david dontoh,victor luttrodt amongst others.i prefer them ones to wat we watch tday bcuz it depicted the real us.movies like sgt abebrese, i told u so and all were all hit movies.wat i mean by polluting the industry in my opinion is dat they’ve infested our industry with their westernisation. 

@onion, Right on, people forget about our film royalty so quick.
Khareema put that Ifeayani in CHECK, BRAVO Ms Auiar, in fact I think this director should be boycotted.

you know why ghanains are different…… from every other african countries.?… AN AVERAGE GHANAIN THINKS WITH HIS ASS… you’ve got no brains. you guys flair up at every action of a nigerian. W HY DO GHANAINS ALWAYS FEEL INFERIOR BEFORE NIGERIANS. DO U NO Y YOU THINK WITH YOUR ASS? you have not heard from the other party…..and you write comments with empty brains..uuuuhhhhh you suck!

@ama, GH is a peaceful country to da extent stayin GH n insultin GHANAIANS. go to ur raudy country n tell them to be wise

@ama, GH is a peaceful country to da extent stayin GH n insultin GHANAIANS. go to ur raudy country n tell them to be wise