What Is Becca & Her Management Doing …, Please Be Accountable To Ghanaians

Somewhere in March,Beeca, Ghanaian  Afro-pop singer organized a fund raising event called  “ Becca’s Ball” to solicit for money with the aim of registering various underprivileged children who cannot afford the National Health Insurance Scheme.

The above idea and the mere thought to help these poor children by Becca and her management is recommendable but the turn out of the entire concept and arrangements is disgusting to my intellect.

Becca and her management have not been able to deliver their promise of registering 10,000 children under the NHS Scheme and they are fully blaming their deficiency to perform on certain individuals who have failed to honor the promises they made (Money promised).

According to Becca’s Manager ( Fifi Benson), the organization of the event hauled a bill of  $20,000 which was footed by friends, families and sponsors. My mind is troubled by this figure since I cannot in any sense comprehend why a charitable event aimed at raising funds would rather spend such enormous money on itself.

Even if truly the management of the event spent $20,000 on organization, what happened to the little money that was raised at the event?. Becca’s management is pushing the blame on a Dubai based Kampac Oil Company which pledged $100,000 a year for 10 years to the registration project and has failed to honor its promise.

The most fascinating part of the entire project and its organization is that, prior to the event, Becca flew to Dubai to meet the Chairman of Kampac Oil Company-Mr Charles Amporful who made the above mentioned pledge.

However, at the day of the event, the Chairman of the company based in Dubai failed to come down for the event and delegated the company’s country manager, Chuck Anyomi to represent the company at the event. This made me ask myself this, so the company had an in country manager and yet Becca spent huge money which I believe came from the $20,000 to fly to Dubai to see the Chairman.

I am not sure why the Chairman in Dubai did not attend the event in Ghana, I would not be overwhelmed if the company wisely thought that, it would be money saving for them should they allow their representative based in Ghana to attend. (Even the Oil Company is enthusiastic about cutting down their expenses but Becca’s charity didn’t seem like…)

Why on earth couldn’t Becca’s management do the same by visiting the company’s manager in Ghana, rather than spend a lot of money out of a charity’s coffers to visit the Chairman in Dubai. Unless the Chairman specially asked to see Becca in Dubai, I would say the management wasted money from onset.

We understand that the project targeted 10,000 children and a major sponsor has failed to keep its promise, what has Becca and her management done with the little money that was raised? If they cannot get all the 10,000 children registered due to the failed pledges, what about registering the few that the money can catch up on?

Accountability is important and it would be very appropriate for Becca and her management to come out clean by telling Ghanaians what they have done with the little money that was raised that night, otherwise, we will think the worse of them…

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