GC’s Weekly Tidbits From Around The World: Jermaine Dupri To Kill Blogger Sandra Rose + T.I & Tiny Picked Up Marriage License + Michael Jackson’s Love Child Surfaces + Photos Of Foxy Brown Performance At BB King…

Sandra Rose & Dupri

Sandra Rose & Dupri

Most people love blogging and one of such persons is myself.  The passion to write and the flexibility of writing about anything on your blog makes it interesting.  Apart from the passion, the revenue derived from blogs are sometimes unbelievable and enough for certain people to blog as a full time job.

One of the big names in the world of celebrity blogging is  Sandra Rose. I personally admire her  “speak your mind attitude” and the fact that she does not allow the status of celebrities to curtail her thoughts.

Early this week, Sandra Rose who is already in a tough word fight with Chris Brown was death threaten by Producer/Musician Jermaine Durpi over an article she posted on her site titled “How the Mighty Have Fallen: Jermaine Dupri Rebounds.

According to Sandra, Dupri through a 3 way call from France where he was partying called her late night and threatening to Kill her.

Sandra Rose’s attorneys are working on this and I would be happy to see the short man Jermaine Dupri do a 6 month jail sentence for throwing a death threat at a follow blogger ( he can be charged with a terrorist threat).

It is high time celebrities realize they cannot intimidate or throw threats at bloggers for what we write about them. If they find a blog post inappropriate, defamatory or libellous, they should result to the court.

T.I & Tinny

T.I & Tinny

The much anticipated marriage between Hiphop star T.I and Tinny is at the door. No, I can even say they are married since at law, they can be considered as a husband and wife. The two secured a marriage license yesterday at a secret ceremony at Miami Beach, which means that in the eyes of the law, they are legally married.

However, the big glamorous wedding ceremony will be held today at Miami. Congrats to T.I and Tinny who have been dating since 2001.

Ms Mociene Petti Jackson & Michael Jackson

Ms Mociene Petti Jackson & Michael Jackson

Wonders shall never end… One year down the line after Michael Jackson’s death, a young woman has surfaced claiming to be the daughter of Michael Jackson.  According to TMZ, a certain Ms.  Mocienne Petit Jackson, who claims she was conceived by Michael while he was still a minor is asking for DNA test to proof her claims.

After the pop icon’s death, many con artists, opportunists and jokers have come out with various dim-witted claims in efforts to get closer to his fortunes. It will not be surprising if the new claimant on the block is one these people. By the way, check the photo above, she seems to look a bit like Jacko…

Foxy Brown Peforming At BB Kings NyC

Foxy Brown Peforming At BB Kings NyC

In the course of the week, Hip hop hard nut rapper and prison warrior who was arrested last week for assaulting her neighbour rocked the stage at BB Kings in NYC.

The Brooklyn rapper’s stage performance alone would not have gotten her into the news. What she rocked that night got her all over the various celebrity blogs.

I am wondering why Foxy Brown keeps doing this to her bloated self. She is going on as if she does not know her size. This is too small for you Madam Foxy!..Check Out what she was wearing in the immediate photos above and below..

Foxy Brown Peforming At BB Kings NyC

Foxy Brown Peforming At BB Kings NyC

Photo Credit: TMZ/Sandra Rose

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KTGalloway says:

foxy has gained about 30 lbs since being incarcerated…she needs to get on the sick diet like i am and she will lose even when she doesnt want to lololol….and to think that was my nickname in high school….i sho dont like like her now, hahaha….

dont forget…more news.  Barack obama made history by doing an hr long interview on the view thursday-the first sitting president ever  to go on a daytime talk show.

want more african american news, click on my name….:-)

ghallday says:

Foxy brown- three words- “one freaking sl*t” … the guy standing behind her is probably saying ” what the hell is wrong with her”?

Jermain Dupri should know better than to call and threaten this woman. What is he nut?!

nanayaa says:

foxy brown, two words, “HOT MESS”

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