Upcoming Celeb To Watch Out For: The Underground King, Is Yaa Pono The Next Take Over?



Yaa Pono

Yaa Pono


The name “Yaa Pono” sounds funny and catches the mind when mentioned. The bearer of this name is lyrically retarded and stupid; he has a good control over words and has a good sense of humour engraved in his rap style.

Many believe he is the underground King Kong when it comes to freestyle rap in Ghana. I believe he is Ghana’s version of Eminem or Jin. He has a good lyrical dexterity and employs more than a single language in his rap style to catch the attention of his fans.

He can make a rap out of nothing, Throw him an object and he will come out with a good punch line around that subject. His rap style has some element of uniqueness and since the day I came across his freestyles, I have been  a fan on a watch out to see if he can push his way through to become the next Big name in the Ghanaian Music Industry.

Prior to various freestyle rap videos of Yaa Pono appearing on social networking sites like Youtube and Facebook, those in Ghana might have heard him on Dr Ducan’s Kasahara Level Show on Adom Fm.

It was the same show that discovered and brought Sarkodie to us. Actually, Yaa Pono and Sarkodie used to be very “tight paddies”, hustling through Studios to chase their dream of music.

When success comes, many forget friends and this happened to the two youngsters. Sarkodie was lucky to firstly see the light and has since kept a distance from Yaa Pono.I rather thought he would help him come out of the underground world too. (Anyway, this is not the subject of my write up so will not go into it, maybe when I find some time, would consider blogging on that…)

Tema is the rap factory..Yaa Pono says in one of his freestyles and it could be true since various big and successful rappers like R2bees and Sarkodie belong to the T.E.M.A clan…

Check Out Below the various freestyles from the man I prefer to call..The Next Take Over.

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