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Oh! No! Why? Why is this thing suddenly acting up? This is exactly what I remember saying when my zain modem started acting up on Monday, therefore preventing me from having internet access. Wonderful world indeed.

How can a whole me live without internet access? I went to an internet café near my place, the link there was as usual slow as the tortoise and the snail combined together. The link became super slow. It was an awful sight. Soon, I checked my watch and the time was 6:20pm.

With 10 minutes remaining for the maiden edition of ‘The One Show’ on Viasat1. I got home and the program has already started. I met the segment with the CEO of Allure, Dzigbodi Dosoo.

There I knew, I had missed a lot. But nevertheless, upon noticing the set designs, I nearly gnashed my teeth. “Is this what they call a local show”? Apparently, I was taken shocked by the set designs. The set looked a freaking foreign to my liking.

If I am not exaggerating, I think the set looked like an advanced set of Oprah Winfrey or Tyra Banks or the Parker’s Show. Can’t something be done about it? I thought in Ghana, we say everything is possible? (Laughs)

For crying out loud, am not saying the set design should look like Mokola Market or like a street in Nima. I believe something more local will be appealing enough; at least it will fall within the aim of the station, which is to localize their network.

I enjoyed the maiden edition of the show apart from the foreign nature of the set designs. I think it will make sense that I am allowed to enjoy Ghana whiles am still in Ghana.

Story by Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./

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paa says:

The writer of this story is realy stupid so in lfe u want people never to advance and be backwards. How can u say its too foreign. Infact you are stupid ebenezer

onye says:

@paa, You are so stupid, why fight the writer because you do not concur with him? idiotic you fools must learn how to make a point without necessarily insulting. idiot

Harriet bonsu says:

Totally agree. Even u r very ignorant a d u may want to watch ur English too…’ combined together’? Your writing reminds me of some jss 2 student from a rather poor public school. Personally I didn’t watch the show but I can’t help but wonder what informs your assessment of some these things because it lacks depth and makes no sense. Typical Ghana boy, used to the trash people spew on our screens and can’t even appreciate the order of the new era. Totally mediocre journalism.

onye says:

@Harriet bonsu, go get a life and leave the writers alone, what do you know? what the f*ck is wrong with ghanaians? what is totally medicre journalism? oh ghanaians

ghallday says:

I need to hook up this free to air satellite so I can watch Gh tv… missing that a lot  already.  Viasat 1 seems to be so far the “best” movie /entertainment channel in GH now. interesting.

Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri says:


Free to air sat, anything like that? I am alien to that, can u coach me on that , maybe i will be interested. i tried some online subscriptions to watch GTV, TV3 and Metro Live from Ghana but it wasnt so great in ref to the money being charged so i cancelled it. Will love to try the sat if it is great…

GHboy says:

comot 4 there, the set dey be, if u dont lk it dont watch. retard.

astus says:

Young writer, please…dont go there… u are over shooting and woefully wrong. Unlike u, I didnt enjoy the show at all but I dont think your comment on the set is valid…
What is foreign about that set? Lets do reality check! The set is co…smopolitan not foreign…and Ghana is now very cosmo, that i guess u know. What wasnt Ghanaian abt the set, is it the red curtain, the arch enterance or the seats… I mean Eben, where is your point actually,…id is the backdrop behind the Window? or the wooden floor???
Let me help u appreciate what u saw… It just looked too good to be true, so u didnt want to believe it was Ghanaian… That set is no different in concept with TV3 News, GTV Breakfast Show, Infact the new GTV News Set, …Okay the closest relation to Viasat one’s set ever in Ghana, was the KSM TGIF set on Metro TV last year… The worst attempt is perhaps, metro tv’s Good Morning ghana

All these above mentioned sets, and in fact, a lot more other shows on Ghaha TV have bee trying to portray Cosmopolitan Ghana/Africa in their set design and have failed woefully…Look at GTV Breakfast show again and tell me what is “your Ghanaian” abt it?

I think Viasat did a Good set, that captures the essence of the show, it wasnt extravagant, and it compliments the content of the show. the shots and camera angles could have been more interesting but that didnt take away anythn from the set.

Ihope u were not expecting them to do the cheap things I see everywhere, i.e. A shot of the independence square, Nat theatre, Jubilee house, Cedi hoese…oooooooooh, like Good Evening ghana????
Or u were over expecting an overplay of Adinkra symbols, pots, mats and gourds as on TV AFRICA? noooooooo!

Take a Good look at Ghana today, our skyline, our homes, and lifestyle…and Applaud Viasat1…not becos it was the best, but becos they got it very correct!! Disappointed TV Producers like me Applauded repeatedly…and mark it…All the other TV stations will upgrade soon.
thanks, young writer.

konogo Kaya says:

@astus, You took the words right out of my mouth.Mind you this Ebenezer guy never really does make any valid arguments because he doesn’t know what show biz is all about about.GC is a site full of guys with individual opinions on issues and lack objectiveness.They just wake up one day think of something and just write what they think without any thorough investigation.Real writers do research.

onye says:

@konogo Kaya, give ebenezer a break … who are you anyway? what he has writtten was his own obseravation about show, you can diagree.

onye says:

@astus, thanks for your comments, you disagree with him, fine, we all have the right to agree or disagree, thanks.

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