Majid Michel Vrs Van Vicker: Battle of the Stars on Studio 53 Extra

Van & Majid

In battle of the stars this week on M-net’s Studio 53 Extra, two of Africa’s leading men  Majid Michel and Van Vicker are challenged to find who could play the most evil role in a film. Tune in to find out the result and be your own judge.

Also on the show, discover the glitz and glamour at this year’s Durban July Horserace, one of the biggest events in the South African calendar. Studio 53 also attended the premiere of the movie ‘Kajola’ in Abuja. The film stars Nollywood superstar Genevieve Nnaji. Catch up with the star actress on the red carpet to hear more about the film.

Don’t miss out on the hottest event in Lagos; the countdown of the top ten comedians on the continent; Hollywood Gossip; and the glamorous new collection of Zanzibarian designer Farouk Abdelia in a show called Fashion for Food.

There is more fashion and style at the launch of the fuller figured women’s line Gullen and Gullen (G and G clothing); and we get some grooming tips from some of the continent’s most popular male celebrities.

Also watch out for a blog that will keep you on the pulse of what’s hot on the continent; and find out one of the coolest holiday destinations on the African continent- Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

Posted By: Ameyaw Debrah

Ameyaw holds a B.A Publishing Studies degree from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, where he was voted the Best Publishing Student in his year group (2005). He had his Senior High School education at Adisadel College, After university, he did his National Service at Ovation International (Ghana) Limited and stayed on after completing his service.

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  • JJ Rawlings


  • Adwoa


  • NYC

    Majid of course!

  • BShaw

    Majid is too over dramatic…but byea either way it go he will beats Van Vicker any day!

  • That Guy


  • TheChuckylee

    Majid is a better actor but Van appears in more decent & high quality movies recently.

  • Ah Is dis a quetion 2 ask? When Majid is million,Van is 100.Van go fak her ass

    • spankydeluv

      wassup with this “fak” word everyone is using? ya just heard it or wat?

  • van is romantic play but majid is all the pakage. majid is best actor ever in nollywood and gallygold. majid is the actor who look through you eye to eye without been shy, majid can play bad boy, play boy, beast, lover boy etc. majid is the best.

    • Adwoa

      @christy, Majid is not the best actor in nollywood. He might be one of the best actors in ghollywood but not in nollywood.

      • nanayaa

        @Adwoa, lol u see how they like to claim our staars too…well after they said they made them so why not claim them too.haha

  • missy

    i’ll vote majid

  • lolo

    finaly people have come to an understanding that Majid is the best actor in the history of Ghana intertainment, Van don’t be up set go take care of your beautiful family.

  • nani

    I’ll definetly vote 4 majid.majid all the way.big ups! handsome.

  • Kingtek

    Hey fellas stop hating on my guy Van…….his done nothing to deserve all these sharp comments u guy are writting………as for who amma vote? aaaw Majid acts better than my guy. but my guy is still a good acter

    • Deborah

      They are indeed both great but i think Majid is a more star hit than Van.

    • Deborah

      I love Majid. The way he acts no other actor can beat that. Van is a more soft romantic kinda guy, but Majid can do it all.

  • yeah van is an ok actor and magid is the best actor.

  • meg

    van is than majid period

  • Maame Ekua

    Majid is the best actor of the two…I love you Majid stay bless and be humble for you will go places.

  • Queen Nacodia

    Hmmm this a blow out! they all gud buh Majid’s actin is Natural…flowz in every role..they all gr8!,,Jah bless

  • emeka santus

    i love majid michel he is the best actor for me but nigeria and ghana
    why i love majid is that he actor with his life in a firm

  • fantifanti

    van is better

  • zdprisca

    all the time van ur up,ur the best actor van just keep it up .so coooooooooool

  • Didi

    Majid will outshine Van…anyday,anytime…
    Thumbs up Handsome…kip doin wat u do…

  • Didi

    Majid will outshine Van…anyday,anytime…
    I just love u Majid…u r ”da bomb”
    Where ur concerned,Van does not stand a chance…no hard feelings van buh hes the best….

  • dondada

    Majid all the way . . . He has come a long way. You should see his first movies. NOw, hats off. Van took stuff for granted. . . . .

  • Hawa

    You all don’t get it.. When u mention actor, the next word that comes after it is Van.. He is the man, and is making it big in and out of Ghana.. Majid can never be compared to him.. Big up Van. luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv u

  • Cherry

    I like them both, I am sure they both great actors in Ghana and NIgeria. They are both super handsome, so there you go it is a tie.

  • D-square

    Van is the best period luv u

  • is a good actor in d moves

  • foster

    no long thing majid is simply da best van is too dull