Celebs Out & About: John Painstil, John Mensah, Dentaa, Sway & Others @ GUBA Launch

Thursday 26th August saw the launch of GUBA Awards ( Ghana UK Based Achievements Awards) founded by TV Presenter/Actress Dentaa.

The event was graced by various Ghanaian celebrities and high profile persons. The actual awarding event will take place on 24th October, 2010 at Porchester Hall, Bayswater, London W2 5HS.

For more info about GUBA, visit their website http://www.gubaawards.co.uk

Check out the Guba launch Video above and photos below ….. Click On Photos To Enlarge For Proper View…

Photos Credit: Guba Team.

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  • tan

    John Mensah is lookin great but am not of Painstil, is he bleeching? anyway those guys are looking great

    • @tan,

    • Anamah

      @tan, Loool i get what you mean but his not for reals.

  • kwaku bonsam


    • Soul Sista

      @kwaku bonsam, she just had a baby a few months ago genius…wtf do u expect????!!!!!!!…kmt

      • Miyagi


  • lol fatibombom

  • ghallday

    Sway cut that  braids. Well done. Brotha looks like he slimmed down a little bit. Good for him. 

  • Lilian Danso

    Good job, you are doing a very good job…!

  • mike

    MAN, DENTAA GOT FAT  (Quote)

    she sure did. wow

  • ghanaman

    Hmmmm,.. fila ooo fila… the rumore is Dentaa and John Paintsil are sleeping together. Their relationship is a well kept secret as they are both married. It is believed John confinded in a little bird who has started whispering away. Apparently Dentaa and her husband has been together for a long time so naturally he trusts her but he is been decieved by her. They have two kids together but Dentaa has always been keen on becoming a star and it looks like this girl will go the extra mile to be one. Oh well good luck to her, but she should remember that loosing her dignity just to be famous is so not worth it!!!

    • Miyagi

      You chat rubbish