Can The ‘Best Rapper Alive’ Run A Marathon?

Ghana's Rap Doctor

Ghanaian rapper, Okyeame Kwame has hinted that he would be participating in this year’s annual Accra Milo Marathon alongside fellow musicians such as Tinny and OJ Blaq.

Although this statement could be written off as a joke, the hiplife artist seemed rather convinced and determined when he made the revelation at the launch of the 2010 Milo Marathon in Accra.

According to the rapper, if musicians are able to jump up and down and perform on stage for several hours throughout the year, then they could run a marathon that covers a distance of about 42.2 kilometres.

He may be ‘Mr Versatility’ when it comes to music but does this versatility transcend into the world of athletics?

So let’s put it to the votes!  Is Okyeame Kwame fit enough to run a marathon? Can Okyeame Kwame win a marathon? And if Okyeame Kwame and OJ Blaq ran in the Marathon who would come out tops?

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Opanin says:

the one cracking me up is OJ Blaq. whoever put dat thought into his head did him a lot of for Quame, lets wait and see. it’s not dat far away rite….OJ Blaq for marathon, funny as hell.

ghallday says:

Kwaw kesse can’t go that long. lol. Okyeame Kwame might be able to go the whole way….slowly. 

gambo says:

Kwaw Kesse do some so U too dey wan do some?… why dont U wanna be original?????

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