Fashion & Lifestyle: Focus on Racquel Dwomoh, The Art of Entreprenuership

Alluring Earings Made By Racquel Dwomoh

Alluring Earings Made By Racquel Dwomoh

The African success story starts with a dream. Those lucky enough to make an impact on the market by cultivating their dream deserve praise and accolades.

One of such individual exists in our community which is why is excited to feature, mogul in the making, Racquel Dwomoh.

QuellyRue Designs was founded and created by Ms Dwomoh who wears many hats for this e-market accessories rich company. The products she creates that truly impress are pictured here in the article, however if you desire to view more, all you have to do visit the online enterprise-Etsy for QuellyRue.

Real Estate heavy-weight Donald Trump has pointed to network marketing for those who desire to upstart their net worth, Ms. Dwomoh is no exception. It is on the internet that you can purchase her products which lead me ton ponder, which came first: the business plan or the creative works?

Cowrie Shell Headband Made By Racquel Dwomoh

Cowrie Shell Headband Made By Racquel Dwomoh

Ms. Dwomoh admits, “[t]he creative works, hands down! Which to be honest, I stumbled into it, kind of like Alice and the rabbit hole. I desperately needed a winter hat and to my dismay, none of the stores I went to had exactly what I wanted.

In efforts to turn my frown upside down, I taught myself to crochet, made the hat of my dreams, which led to an even bigger dream come true. My family loved my knickknacks, and encouraged me to open a store.

QuellyRue Designs is a place for me to share all the creative wanderings in my mind, my art and my style. I find enjoyment in the process of design and in the end result which is ultimately a product of my compassion for all things handmade.”

Browsing QuellyRue Designs inspires the Bohemian flare from the standpoint of Africa. African Krobo Beaded Necklace, African Art Bangles, Color Splash Earrings are just a few of the style items evoking such moods.

When asked about her ability to make conventional African jewelry accessible to this decade, Ms. Dwomoh said, “Ghana has a spectacular arts & craft scene! During my visits I spend a lot of time in the craft markets soaking in the rich culture, textiles, modern and traditional artwork, music, food, and the bustling atmosphere.

I love and cherish this! When it comes to breaking new ground, there’s one simple formula that continues to stand the test of time–fuse an old school concept with a new school twist.

Hip hop producers have done so with sampling, Converse has done so with Chuck Taylors, etc. I also look at my work as if the pieces are sculptures, paintings, or some type of fine art.

Being innovative and unique when developing your ideas is invaluable to one’s craft or business.” Not only does this Psychology educated designer show excellent business acumen, she has a respect for the competition ranks she has chosen to conquer.

She aggressively follows the current trends in product photography, in case you wondered, she is the one that designed and presented the QuellyRue Designs website.

Racquel Dwomoh praises her family for her ability to manifest her dreams. Business ownership and exposure to seamstressing from her parents are her foundation at age 25.

Ms. Dwomoh’s charisma shines through in her accessories, coupled with a pulse for young and old spending habits. iHoot Blackberry Cozy, Crochet Bowtie Headband, Rugby Bowtie Headband, A little Birdie Told Me, Come Along Snail Tote Bag present the range she has for consumers to reach out and treat themselves or those they love.

In her own words, QuellyRue Designs are, ” Artistic, Whimsical and Necessary,” to this I concur. In a special not of encouragement she has asked for this special note to be passed on to our readers,

“I’d like to conclude with a bit of advice for the readers contemplating starting a business of their own, and that is to find your niche, believe in your idea, plan for everything, but be flexible enough to roll with the punches.

A Little Birdie Told Me Journal Made By Racquel Dwomoh

A Little Birdie Told Me Journal Made By Racquel Dwomoh

Trust your strength and use it! Owning a business is a lot of hard work. Make sure you are doing it for the right reasons, and that you are passionate about your work. I hope to see more beautiful Ghanaian men and women pursing their dreams, and making this world a better place.”

The goal of this article was to interview an entrepreneur, it is a blessing to know this businessperson has a heart of gold when it comes to social responsibility. 100% sales from the cute tote bag she has for sale will go toward Haiti Relief. Below you will find the rest of the interview.

I find the aura of your work to be carefree, heart-warming and certainly full of Bohemian flare. What are the steps you take to sell the concepts for your design?

The concepts for my designs are really a reflection of my personal style, which as you said is full of bohemian flare, as well as whimsical, yet refined and reminiscent of my love for Africa.

My design ideas and inspiration come from many places, my own imaginations, nature, taste of colors, African prints, etc.

I often start with a loose idea and let the design develop while it’s being created. I work with as many materials as possible, so the most exciting part of beginning a new collection is the treasure hunt.

Once I have collected all my new goodies, I sit and stare at them. Sometimes the answer is obvious and a piece will just kind of make itself. Other times, it takes me weeks to realize that the chain I bought to use as a bracelet really wants to be pulled apart and made into a pair of earrings or the hairclip really wants to be joined with another, and worn as an oversized brooch.

Even when I am not designing, my brain is always thinking of something new to create.

I advertise my brand through word of mouth, online message boards, blogs, communities, facebook, that sort of thing. I think participating anywhere and anyway you can is a good thing.

Get the word out. One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t just put it up and expect people to come to you. Some will, but you have to go out and get the others!

Tweet Felt Cozy Ipod-Cellphone

Tweet Felt Cozy Ipod-Cellphone

The year you established QuellyRue Designs, what was the competition out there in the accessories world? What made you decide to sell directly to the public rather than exclusively to a vendor like Claire’s, Identity or any other chain of Stores?

The accessories world is a huge industry, and some will say there is always competition. But I tend not to focus on this, nor do I let it deter me from pursuing my dreams.

The best feeling is to know that people are buying something you made which also expresses their personal style. I sell my products online at Etsy, which is a fabulous community for all things handmade.

I decided to go this route because I really wanted to nurture my craft and have full control of my business ideas. I have my list of stores I want to approach, when I feel I’m ready and at that point.

The one piece of advice I’ve heard over and over and will share is: Make sure your work is the right fit for a store before you approach the owner. I am doing it all one step at a time.

What kind of goals did you set for QuellyRue Designs in terms of design, profit and staffing? Your web developer should be applauded by the way, please if you can, ask him/her his secret to presenting your products so professionally?

QuellyRue Designs is a one woman show! I wear every hat from designer, model, photographer, receptionist to shipping manager, marketing and PR executive.

YES, this also includes web developer. My entire family is very creative, and I grew up in a real do-it-yourself environment. For example, my mother always made my uniforms for school.

My parents also owned their own business, so I adopted their entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. In addition, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so looking professional is very important to me.

QuellyRue Designs is my brain child. I gave birth to it, and I want to nurture and mold it into nothing but the best. Thanks to my degree in Psychology, I can keep myself from going insane when it all seems to get too much, and I’m on the verge of pulling my hair out (laughs).

Nonetheless, I don’t foresee this ever happening. I love what I do, and I thank God everyday for this blessing.

Color and product photography are key in my design elements, and presenting my products professionally. I love colors, and my design goal for the brand was for it to be colorful, funky, and bright at times, without being childlike.

Product photography is the life blood of the collection. If the presentation of your collection is bad it will be hard to make a sale. You may have the best products, prices, and descriptions on the block, but if your buyers can’t understand what they are looking at they will move on and never look back.

Pictures are what draw buyers in especially in the social media age that we are in. Profit wise, I mainly just want QuellyRue Designs to continue supporting itself, and to keep doing this to the best of my ability.

Erma Brombeck once said: When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, “I used everything you gave me”. – I love this quote, and I find it to be a perfect example of how I want to use my God given talents.

What can we expect from you in the next season?

You can expect a lot more from QuellyRue Designs in the next season. This includes a line of graphic t-shirts/sweatshirts, more hair and tech accessories, tote bags, jewelry, and the list goes on.

You can also expect more products that reflect and pay homage to the beauty of Africa. Additionally, I plan to incorporate more products geared towards awareness for causes dear to my heart, such as education, poverty, healthcare, homelessness, lupus, animal rights, disaster relief etc.

I currently sell items in support of the Haiti Relief efforts. 100% of the proceeds are donated to charity. Check out of Racquel Dwomo’s hand work below and from her website Etsy

Love Birds Tote Bag

Love Birds Tote Bag

Multi-Stran Mixed Beaded Necklace

Multi-Stran Mixed Beaded Necklace

Interviewed By Fashion & Lifestyle Columnist, Yaa Kesiwaa/GhanaCelebrities.Com

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