Marcel Desailly Eyes Black Stars’ Coaching Job

Odenke Abbey also known as Marcel Desailly, the retired French footballer and star of the France national football squad, with whom he won the 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000, has made known his intentions to fill in the vacant coaching job of Ghana’s national team, the Black Stars.

The former FC Nantes, Olympique de Marseille, AC Milan and Chelsea defender revealed this during yesterday’s UEFA Champions League group stage match between Bayern Munich and AS Roma.

On answering the question from Anthony Baffoe in the Viasat1 football studios, Desailly said he is available for the job but was quick to add that he is aware about due process in filling the prestigious position.

Desailly also told the Viasat 1 host that he hopes to become the FIRST African to wield a Coaching Pro Certificate. He is presently pursuing a coaching certificate A and believes his newly acquired knowledge is a tremendous addition to his qualification in a coaching capacity.

Is Ghana ready for Marcel Desailly? Do you think he will understand what losing a match means to Ghanaians?

GC Staff

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Ohemma says:

i think it would be good i wouldnt mind seeing a good coach who is black for the Blackstars…

ghallday says:

He don’t have a chance. Has anybody being hired yet?

mint says:


ME says:

Marcel is a great player and I think he will be very influential to the players since he has won the world cup with the french team and won alot of awards over the years. Also, since alot of people want a “local coach’ he will be the closest to it because he was born in ghana making him a ghanaian but got his coaching license in Europe, making him foreign, we get the best of both worlds. So I think appointing him will please everyone. I think the only bad thing is that he has no experience but I think the GFA will appoint a more experience Assistant Coach like Herbert Addo or Duncun. Overall, I think he will get the job….SO the haters can fall back because their opinions doesn’t really matter. Only mine does….So I hope the GFA is listening to me…hehehe

Kin says:

I wish him luck, he’s got that positive spirit …I mean look at him and remember that “emuna facial expression” of Milo….I think the fact that he’s fresh is just what we need….we don’t need BIG EGO coaches

Migayi says:

naaah take this issue off i mean he was a good defender a good player but i dont he is the right one for this team

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