Movie Review: Roger Quartey’s ‘TURN ME ON’. A Classic Movie!

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Sometimes it’s not a mistake for someone to play second fiddle to another person. I think it’s for the sake of learning that’s why we find ourselves being under some people, not for the fact that they are superior to us.

I can count over 30 movies that Roger Harold Quartey has featured as either a Production Manger or an actor or perhaps both. I’m not that old but have been on this planet for over two decades and I have seen lots of movies that Roger has been part of.

After helping several movie production houses to produce chart topping movies, now comes Roger Q Productions. And there comes his first production ‘TURN ME ON’.

Before I continue, I have a confession to make, I know Ghanaians are quick at taking sides, am a victim. I’m quick to say ‘this movie is the best local movie I have seen’ but after watching the above movie, I think I will be careful from now onwards.

Roger Quartey is a classic example of a learned person who has acquired a little bit of this and a little bit of that from his years of being in the movie industry to make a complete movie. Will it be over ambitious to say he’s scored a higher mark than his bosses? Don’t mind me I like controversies.

The movie with Love, Greed, Blackmail, Hatred, Treasure and Deceit as its theme featured all the highly sought after movie stars in Ghana. It featured Jackie Appiah, John Dumelo, Kofi Adjorlolo, Yvonne Nelson, Roselyn Ngissah, Beverly Afaglo, Timothy Bentum, Ben Kwadey, Vivian Achor, Khareema Aguiar, Eddie Nartey, Ken Fiati and Omar De 1st.

‘TURN ME ON’ is a story of one Dr. Harry Buckman, a successful businessman and a family man who has toiled so hard to achieve a lot in life. With four children Tyler, a lawyer by profession, Kendell, a renowned fashion designer, Woody, a musician and a drug addict, and Julia their half sister.

Tyler Buckman (Played by John Dumelo), the elder son of the family unknowingly to his siblings hires one of his dad’s escorts to secretly kill their dad.

Kendell Asamoah (played by Jackie Appiah), a renowned fashion designer and the wife of Michael Asamoah, a stammer (played by Eddie Nartey) mistakenly knocked down and killed an innocent girl. The knock was not her fault; but she however narrated the whole incidence to her husband. The husband then started blackmailing her, writing letters to her requesting for various amounts of money every now and then.

Woody Buckman (Played by Benjamin Kwadey) a struggling musician. His dad wanted him to become an engineer against his wish of being a footballer or a musician. His own deeds made sure he didn’t become a football, an engineer but a struggling musician. He became a drug addict through the fault of his own wife (played by Roselyn Ngissah).

For the wife, it was a pay back time for her against a husband who impregnated her own best friend and in addition to her real sister. The two ended up losing their lives when they opted for abortion to terminate the unwanted babies.

Greed For Money

With GHC 4 million left for the three of them and as the eldest son, it was stated in the Will that he is supposed to receive more than the rest. But the family lawyer (played by Kofi Adjorlolo) informs them that there is another claimant to the Buckman’s property who happens to be Julia Buckman (Yvonne Nelson), the daughter of Rosemary.

Tyler takes a loan from the bank and then hatched a plan with a lady (Beverly Afaglo) he had saved from being battered to death. He pays her to impersonate as daughter of Rosemary, a former worker at the Buckman’s house who run away 23 years after getting pregnant with Mr. Buckman.

When Beverly approached the family that she is the lost daughter of the late Buckman, she needed a proof for her claim. She wasn’t able to do that, so it became necessary that a private investigator was hired to find out. Since this is the handwork of Tyler, it was successful. She was proved as their lost sibling.

So now with their lost sibling found, the GHC 4 million was to be shared equally to the four siblings. Just when Beverly was about leaving to South Africa for accomplishing her role as an impersonator, then Kendell persuades her to stay behind and wait for her GHC 1 million.

Beverly and her fiancé (played by Omar De 1st) started exhorting huge sums of money from Tyler. Meanwhile the loan he took from the bank is accruing interests.

Tyler was frustrated since he needed his money to settle the debt at the bank. Meanwhile the real Julia Buckman surfaced. Kendell also needed her share of the money to pay off her blackmailers. For Woody, his wife is on his neck, she won’t grant him a divorce until she tastes her father in law’s money.

Now that the real Julia Buckman is discovered, do you think the money will be shared GHC 1 million equally among them? You actually think so? Grab your ticket as ‘TURN ME ON’ will be premiered on 1st of October 2010 at the Silver Bird Cinema at 6.30pm. The movie was produced by Roger Quartey and directed by Frank Rajah Arase.

I Recommend This Movie To All Movie Lovers though the constant use of abusive languages such as *S* word ‘Shit’ and *F* word ‘Fuck’ was a source of worry and a turn off for me instead of turning me on just as the title reads.

The first court scene was a bit confusing, well perhaps I wasn’t paying attention. The scene opens to the court room and suddenly the judge adjudges the case. Also there were scenes where Woody had braided hair and in-between scenes where he carried bushy hair.

I give the movie 80%. THUMPS UP Roger Harold Quartery and the crew. Don’t forget to build up on your next production because will be watching closely.

Review by Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr.

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