Weekly Discussion, Let’s Get Talking:What Questions Would You like To Ask A Celebrity?

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Confidence Haugen
Confidence Haugen

So if you have the chance to interview a celebrity, what would you like to ask him/her? I would be slapping the following celebrities with these questions  if  I’m to interview them.  Make no mistake, i mean these are my questions not yours. You can add yours as well…

  • I would ask Yvonne Nelson if she is still single since I’m openly available.
  • So do they really think they should earn this much (money) when doctors, nurses and teachers  do not earn this much?
  • Are they chasing Fame or Success?
Heart Of Men
Majid in his element
  • I would like to ask Majid how his wife feels when she sees him licking people’s ‘moongoos’ while his hairy ass sings praises to the world.
  • I would like to ask Confidence Haugen if she really wakes up Saturday mornings, dressed in a bikini (like in the photo above & below) to cut trees?
  • Why Becca sometimes dresses like a 19th century waitress when she can still do better.
  • Nadia will be the next one. Who is the man who has been forcing her to scream all those ‘oh-oh-oh…ah-ah-ah’-‘easy…easy babe’ all night long and why doesn’t she want her fans to know.
  • I would ask Filmmaker Leila and actress Lydia Forson how many pounds each one weighs.
  • I would like to know how much they often give to charity with proof or receipt.
  • What would you want to ask?
Actress Lydia Forson
Actress Lydia Forson(middle)
Confidence Haugen
Confidence Haugen

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