Celebs Outs & About: Pictures of D-Black Album Launch + Reggie Rockstone + Richie + Eazzy +Sammy Forson + Abeiku Santana + Kwabena Kwabena + Sarkodie & Eddie Blay


One of the English spitting Hip Hop rappers in Ghana D-Black in the midst of couple of friends at the Cinderellas Night Club successfully launched his maiden album ‘Music, Love & Life’.

At the event, CDs were offered to the audience contained a double CD; one was a 20 track audio CD and the other was a 8 track DVD. In addition was a sticker of the artiste.

A practice such as that is unprecedented in the history of Ghana (I stand for correction).

After posing for the cameras outside, he performed selections from his album as the crowd looked on. He performed alongside Reggie Rockstone, Kwabena Kwabena, Dr. Cryme and also Sarkodie.

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Enjoy the pictures of the launch.

Nice grip
That's Whats Up
Eli & Abeiku Santana
Eli & Sammy Forson
Eli & Sarkodie
Jake & Eddie of Peer Pressure
Kwabena Kwabena, Eli & Dr. Cryme
Kwame Farkye & Eli
Reggie Rockstone
Richie, Eli & Eazzy

Photo Credit: OMG MAG

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All your haters of Reggie needs to step back. I mean for a person of his age, he sure is looking good. I mean how many of the “youngins” have a body like he does at his? Please don’t let me name names….Reggie do your thing. I go support you non stop…

Of course I love kwabena kwabena…..love love love his voice, when I want to have a romantic evening with a “special’ someone that is the way to go. Love his new album

p.s. it seems like the groupies are holding on tight. Do you see the girls in the purple and gray? they were holding on so tight so no b!tches will come and take their place….heheheheheheh

I keep saying. Reggie needs to step aside and let the youngins’ do their thing. He looks very out of place in this scene. I mean, you’ve promoted hiplife enough, we know Panji Anoff started it in ’93 and you took the sole responsibility to PROMOTE it. That’s cool. But the time has come to step aside so the game can grow. You and your ‘Oseikrom First’ boyz are choking the game to death with your silly antics and you know it!

Step aside ma dude and you’ll be respected more instead of stooping low to the level of this up and coming ‘young boys’ and what not. Word to the wise.

but wht Reggie dey wear. Grand P, dis one di3, ankoyie. D-Blacks album is tight, Ghana Bwoi is doin well, big up man. Kwabena Kwabena too dey luk sharp o. some girl hunting go happen for der.masa relax o yooooooo.

Opanin, Grand P dey want show some fashion level be kwraa but the thing no dey work.Yea, true Kwabena kwabena looks all sweet.I luv him.