Video: Funny Face (Chorkor Trotro) @ Nite Of A 1010 Laughs! Get Your Swag On

Funny Face / Chorkor Trotro

Funny Face / Chorkor Trotro said the ladies have started calling him a ‘Sexy’ man after the Night of 1010 Laughs and music. Short of words… just check the video below … hey don’t forget he got his Swag On…

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  • very hilarious, and very good to have a stand comedian back in Ghana ones again.

  • Michael Owusu Adjei

    He is very funny, no wonder he use the name funny face, i pray that he become a super star.

  • madam social

    oooh i’ve heard of him. i listen 2 his interview on entertainment review aba 2 weeks ago. he is indeed funny

  • onion

    dis guy is natural born comedian he is so good erthing comes naturally.big ups to him

  • Funny guy!

  • I laughed my head off about the ways one walks when he/she has a running stomach. That was good. He is a funny guy, and I wish him all the best.

  • MiMi

    this is soooooo good. i can’t stop laughing. show me ur leggie leggie……..very very good.

  • fii

    can i be the only one with a different opinion? Yes, he has potential and can be a good comedian, but he is no where near great. he put so much effort into trying to be funny and that is not cool. he was just restless on the stage. he has a lot to learn from ppl like clint the drunk, gordons, etc. but yes, he can be good. i laughed a couple of times though

  • Adjoa nbaaso)

    I luv this guy.He is so funny.Will always come back to watch this.Swag on.

  • cici

    yeah dats funniest dude in ghana..hes just too gud n i pray he goes far wit dis comedy thgy..

  • Looking at him alone makes me laugh