BLOG: Who Is A Native English Speaker?

Who Is A Native English Speaker?

Who is a native speaker of English? This question often fuels up controversy anytime it is discussed on English forums. The more people share their views, the more controversial the word ‘native’ becomes.  Are countries like Britain, America, Australia etc. considered as the only Native English Speakers?

What is the difference between official/first language, Native language and Mother tongue?  Let’s take a look at this example.

Though English is the official language in Ghana, we also have our local dialects. English is mostly the language of communication, the media, the people and even the educational system rest on it. Does it make Ghanaians native English speakers?

This example also applies to countries like Singapore, Ivory Coast, China etc.


*English is the mother tongue of  Britain, America etc.

*English is the official language in Ghana; Ghanaians are native speakers (really?)

*English is not the mother tongue of Ghanaians

*Chinese are native speakers of Chinese (note, apart from Mandarin which is the official language, each town has its own language which is very different from the official Mandarin)

*What is your view on Native English Speakers?

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