Football: Anthony Annan Squeezes Opponent’s Testicles

Anthony Annan in action

Tell me if i’m wrong, isn’t this a headline that squats over your cup of tea and pisses into it? Black Stars midfielder, Anthony Annan has added squeezing of testicles and fondling of buttocks to his resume of (what some dudes call) “Dirty Tricks” in football.  (I wish i could use ‘balls’ instead of testicles but since we’re talking about foot ‘ball’, those ‘balls’ can confuse some people)

The Ghanaian international has been accused of groping his opponent’s ‘moongus’ without permission. Oh yes, Annan didn’t stop there, he also fondled the guy’s ass as well (as you can see from the picture above).

…and listen to how that dude (Andre Muri) explained it!

“Annan actually did the act. He got his finger here and there but there was not much there to touch,” Muri told TV2 pointing towards his genitals and backside.“He was pinching the two most intimate places it. This is what the referee should be giving cards for not the sending off of our player.”

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Thesalonika says:

I want to advise Anthony Annan, Ghana’s midfield international to work quickly on his present abysmal form for him to recapture his former form. If he relaxes, Derek Boateng will take his position as he is very much aware. The Ghana England match was just too bad for him. Wake up, guy!! or else…..

Abena says:

He is not gay as you can see it was only for a laugh,So if i slap my friends ass does that mean im lesbian.

EN says:

He is a good player but he is a midget with really bad attitude

EN says:

There is something seriously wrong with Antony Annan…He keep doing this stuff ..STOP IT ANNAN !!!

Spankydeluv says:

WTF? that’s his butt not his testicles,anyway it still isn’t appropriate.
His actions are for a reason, and its purpose is to hurt but not (you know what)

Kin says:

honest this player is known to use these tactics to ‘reruna’ or intimidate players. Anyone recall how he poked the eye of Mikel Obi at CAN 2008 then turned around to fall and fake like he rather got hurt by Mickel Obi….Im not even surprised by this

marvin says:

i dont realy know why some of u can’t mind thier own bussines ahh ahh.
the man is getting his money and u wil be writin nd postin pics about him dis no be ur probleem mind ur own probleem mr man.the world is changing so change ahh let me tel u u want make any name for putting dis on net idiot

syn says:

@marvin, then y do u come here. this is a gossip site so mr perfect quit coming here 4 de sake of de changing world. yea de world is changing alrite we have a lot of gay people or maybe marvin is one himself.

marvin says:

@marvin, yo b*tch i dont give a deem
about watch ya gonna say motherf*cker the world is changing cant u see
just mind ur own ur bussines biatch u dont know me nega and point of correction i didn´t disrespect
the site aii so f*ck of sucker

MEE says:

Eeiiii syn paaaa….lol

Anyway marvin, u should comment more, we value ur opinion(well except for the b*tch, and motherf*cker stuff..hahahah)

Syn go easy on the man….ahahaha

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

I dont think He did intentionally.Afterall what would He gain out of this?Its not important.

syn says:

@Adjoa Nbaaso), he grabbed his balls nd butt

Adjoa nbaaso) says:

So do you want to say he did it for a purpose or what?And I dont even think his butt is even soft to grab.Well, i dont know but this news is too hilarious!

syn says:

dis is sooo gay

55 says:

this might just be some sort of reflex…na’n so 3nim guasi3 about it….its a physical sports.

Obaa says:

3nim guase sem akwa akwa!!!!! ohh,this guy be gay or what!!!

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