4 Play Movie Reload, What Is That?

Actresses On Set For 4 Play Reload

Actresses On Set For 4 Play Reload

Okay, maybe I like to get geared up by little things. Whatever it is, I will pour out my sentiments here. I heard the various actors and actresses were on set shooting “4 Play” Reload.

Do you remember the movie “4play” which starred Jackie Appiah, Juliet Ibrahim, Yvonne Okoro, John Dumelo, Majid Michel and co?

They are filming its reload. What is a Reload when it comes to movie? Can someone educate me on this please? Is it something like a Remix as we have in music?

Anyway, if what I am thinking is really what it is, I will be disappointed in the producer and director. “4Play” was not that great and the storyline was unconnected, it was full of bad acting and too complicated such that Einstein cannot even follow it. So why a Reload? Geez!

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That was the movie Juliet Ibrahim showed her Goodies which she said those scenes were captured without her consent. If a Reload is a remix as I am thinking, what happens to Juliet Ibrahim and those scenes then? Should we wait for a remix of nudity or what? Maybe, a remix of bad acting since some of the actresses were at their worst in “4 Play”.

The shooting of the “Reload” started somewhere last week. Check out the photos below and whatsup with the long weaves on all of them? It will be surprising if  Socrate Sarfo pops up with “Hot Fork” Reload too…

Actresses On Set For 4 Play Reload

Actresses On Set For 4 Play Reload

Actresses On Set For 4 Play Reload

Actresses On Set For 4 Play Reload

Watch The Trailer Of The Original 4play Below

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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  • cici

    Yvonne Nelson koraaaaa…what de heck is dis red lipstick??i guess de remix or reload whateva dey gon call would b de worst of all movies ever produced in ghana..

    • Adjoa nbaaso)

      Thats exactly what I was going to ask.Before applying any lipstick on, you need to check on the color of your skin.As to whether it will look perfect on you or not.I guess its a new fashion trend out there and everybody keeps on experimenting regardless their looks.Okoro looks gorgeous, I love her dress, simple and nice.The director of the movie is confused.

    • akosua

      @cici, she’s always wearin 2 much make in all her movies nd pics she needs 2 let her natural skin show once in a while

      • cici

        @akosua,great dat u guys saw what i saw..shes just too much..she needs sum advice..

  • ghallday

    4play reloaded ? encore? refill?   lol

  • ben

    hmm time will tell.

  • Semi – Cartermatic.

    Yvonne Nelson looks lke the Joker in de Dark Knight movie..

    • syn

      @Semi -- Cartermatic., haha. wat is she doing in de movie? shes gonna make it worst than it already is with her annoying accent and voice.

  • syn

    i guess they were thinking matrix reloaded??? lol on hot ford reload

  • delicious

    Jackie dress is cute tho.

  • lily

    OMG…in fact dis tyme, GHANA is disappointing me…aaahhh…and jackie really needs to change her wardrobe…i really can’t stand her dressing (i mean i dnt get her dressing)…but I LUV U YVONNE OKORO…out of all da girls standing there, she is the best…da rest r yawa

    • nanayaa

      @lily, love yvonne okoro too.pretty gal i have a friend who looks like her.

      • lily

        @nanayaa, aawww….yea girl, i love love yvonne…she is awesome

    • nancy

      @lily, you are a big liar and a devil how can u say her dress isn’t nice because it is really beautiful. I’m not a fan of jackie or the other girls but I can confidently say the dress is really classy. I’m sure your just a player hater lily.

      • lily

        @nancy, OK, thank you…dats ur opinion…and i have mine too…GOOD DAY…

        • syn


        • @lily, you are a fool you better talk well.do you smoke wee.thank you.GOOD DAY.

  • mike

    The writer has not watched the first 4play ,because yvonne nelson was not in the 1st part so he has no right to insult the movie. Anyway jackie you look very good

  • mike

    Jackie appiah you look very beautiful

  • who told you 4play was not good? the movie i and my other African friend is so crazy about it. i watch it over 10 times and i’m not tide watching it. if you did not enjoy the movie, do not say it was not good. any movie juliet, jackie, both yvonne’s i’m all for it

    • syn


  • ruth

    Jackie looks beautiful, love her dress

  • gina

    True jackies’s dress is really gorgeos and 4play is a good movie.

  • sena

    I love the diamonds on jacckie appiahs dress it must have cost a fortune

    • syn


      • sena

        @syn, i know its not real diamonds, its just that its really nice and because of the work in front of the dress it will cost a lot, thats what i mean

      • hanna

        you look great jackie and im loving your louis vuitton bag, th other ladies look pretty aswell

        • syn

          @hanna, fake louis vuitton bag. u think dey can afford de real ones? hellll nnooooooooooooo

      • rama

        jackie you look hot and her outfit is drop dead gorgeous, i am loving your hair and your louis vuitton bag is off the hook. the other ladies look hot to

        • rama

          @rama, i forgot to add i hope the big girl is gonna make us laugh and where are the guys in the movie john, omar etc i want to see them

        • @rama,that maame water hair and kantamanto bag ?jackie needs coaching on fashion ,also she likes repeating dresses which is out of class .eg she wore a dress in her movie twisted faith to mike ezoronyes wedding and this very dress to turn me on premier.a said to be a highest paid actress ?

  • Tisha

    That movie ended well……..so wat else do dey have for us???

  • Tisha

    That movie ended well……..so wat else do dey have for us??? I think Yvonne Nelson wantz de red lipstick to be her signature look……

  • Joseph Midnight

    This is what happens when directors run out of ideas. They spew sequels after remixes making the confusion “basaa”.

    • Adjoa nbaaso)


  • tina

    jackie i love your dress its nice,and i love your hair.

  • yoyo

    4 play is a really nice movie how can anyone say it isnt nice, they must be insane to say that. anyway u look nice jackie, love your dress

  • mike

    Jackie you are a beautiful girl

  • dela

    I love the first movie 4play and all the actors but what is yvonne nelson doing there

  • nanaama

    I love 4play so much hav watched the movie 5 times, and am sure will be too beautiful, I love juliet and jackies dress. But all look nice apart from yvonne nelson make up why.

  • Tisha

    wow, why do people hate YVONNE NELSON so much.??? why…hehehehehehe.

  • Lovistic

    4 play was a great movie and i had a good time watching it. The girls look fabulous and I’m in love with Jackie’s dress and look. I think she has lost some weight and looking hot. Congrats to all the acts and the director and i hope the reload will be worth watching. Those girls are just too hot and beautiful, muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  • lily

    @ syn, was anybody talking to u…dis is how ppl frm out of nowhere start nonsense, and then come back and speak english…whn someone says good day, it is not to insult anyone, but rather it simply just mean GOOD DAY..wat better phrase do u suggest i use…get a life and stop responding to everybodies post….no wonder u have over 100 responses on here….SADNESS….

    • syn

      @lily, GOOD DAY LOL

      • lily

        @syn, YEA….GOOD DAY

  • TheChuckylee

    Dis movie is one of the worst Ghanaian movies ever so I’m not surprised they want to reload it.I guess the idea was taken from hollywood as usual or probably the nigerian movie reloaded which had a Naija all star cast including our own Van Vicker.Reloaded was more successful than it’s prequel games men play so I presume dis 4play reload would be better than the 1st one.I’ve always wondered why out of the better directors in Naija it is dis low class director Frank Rajah Arase who decided to stay & direct our mainstream movies in Ghana. No wonder his movies are always mediocre.I hope dis one is also not filled with foul/indecent language and nudity.But I’ll still give it a chance.

    • Semi – Cartermatic.

      @TheChuckylee, look when talking dont comapre us to de nija ppl.lets put Frank whtever his name is out of de equation.we got sum best directors in town who r putting ghanaian mainstream ahead in de movie industry.For example i was watching dis America show (amazing Grace) on one of de nations big TV station CBS..n tht show was film in ghana y because we got a good vision for our movie industry(some of de reasons).So stop comparing us to dis Nija directors n lets focus on hw to educate or get rid of dis Frank Rajah dude in our movie industry..!!

  • yoyo

    if she can afford a range rover she can afford a bag

    @hanna, fake louis vuitton bag. u think dey can afford de real ones? hellll nnooooooooooooo  

    • syn

      @yoyo, oh pls do u even know wat a little purse cost?? everybody can buy a range rover -- a few. dey only have de fake stuffs in ghana.

      • shady


        Im pretty sure you dont know how much louis vuitton bags cost


        if ive never been to a store love y not just google it 😉
        if i can afford one as wiv ma job i;m pretty sure she can afford 1..


        btw i’m just educating

    • @yoyo, because of jackies i want everybody to see me SYNDRONE she will buy a range rover and because also for her POOR and BAD of FASHION she will buy those cheap and unreal items.

  • mark

    your dress is sooooo classy jackie, love u and want to marry you.

  • lisa

    hi jackie i met u in paris in the LOUIS VUITTON shop i think when u were buying this bag in particular do u remember? i even took a picture with u outside i wanted to send you the picture on facebook but i dont no which one is you. please email me

    • syn

      @lisa, liar. u cant afford louis vuitton. maybe u met her at de chinese store where dey make de fake ones

    • @lisa, you are deceiving yourself ,honestly jackie is classless.and need serious attention on her fashion.the bag and dressing do not add up.the fact that you made her your godess do not dispute the fact that she is below average in her wack fashions ,including make ups.and remember we have kantamanto abroad fake as well as obroniwawu.

      • Lovistic

        @jenny, Stop prostituting here. If someone needs fashion lesson, it is your wacky whore Nadia. Get your ass here loser. If she is classless to u, na your own problem. Attention whore, get a life and be useful to your people. What do u know. Shameless hater who has no life. If u think u know fashion, kudos to u. Teach Nadia and your people how to dress and leave Jacvkie alone. She doesn’t need a nobody like u. Jackie you are simply the best my dear. U are so blessed with beauty, talent and grace. Haters shall die of hatred and you shall advance higher and higher.

        • @Lovistic, the truth hurts ,even jackies fans who speak the thruth will agree.this is no hate but the thruth ,your insults will not change that.by the way what attention are you talking about go and watch black soul and you will justify that she has a poor fashion ,am not saying she is a whore NO neither i am saying she is not a GOOD ACTRESS all am saying is she should watch her fashion ,thats all.

      • onion

        @jenny, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH U

  • Opanin

    is that Jackie or a wax impression of her????????? i’m sorry but i have to diss ma own girl Jackie.omg !!!home girl looks like bad…….it’s become a norm for us to copy others so i’m not surprised abt the reload nonsense. did we have to go der??????? trust me, in the next 2months, we’re gonna have the market flooded with reloads. Ghallywood lovers, get ready for the RELOAD generation….

  • silver

    dont care…jackie is still too damn short.always n*ked in movies…sick of it.

    • syn

      @silver, wat u gonna do abt it?

    • rody

      @silver, short like your father, stupid boy. jackie you are looking great, the people insulting you are people close to you dont be shock if they are one of the people standing next to u in the pictures above. i love your dress

  • barbie doll

    seriously u guys that think jackies dress is nice u should allow it coz i know damn well none of u will be caught dead in dat…..