Social Issues: Pastor’s Vagina Ringtone Out Now!!!

How will you feel when someone opens your legs, forgets about mercy and gives you a hard blow exactly where ‘that thing’ is located while asleep? It’s only in Ghana that a strange thing like this can happen. I didn’t mean to use the word ‘vagina’ in this article but since Rev. Ebenzer Adarkwa has already set the pace, let me just spill the beans. This article is all about vagina, you can navigate to another page (for the sake of privacy) but if you’re interested, then start warming your brain cells by repeating the word ‘vagina’ until your mind reboots. The interview has become a ringing tone for most of the youth in Ghana now. Checkout the story by News One.

Kumasi-based Rev. Dr. Ebenezer Opambour Adarkwa Yiadom (Prophet-One), leader of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Center, is in the news again for controversial reasons.

An audio recording in which he was heard interviewing a woman on how she received slaps on her vagina anytime she went to bed has become one of the fastest spreading cell phone ringtones in town.

The said interview, recorded in a church auditorium during a church service, captured Rev. Opambour urging the hapless woman to repeat the word ‘vagina’ several times and he leads her to explain what her problem was.

The recording has sparked a raging controversy as opinions remain divided on whether or not the controversial man of God acted rightly.

Because Opambour’s voice has become a familiar tune to many Ghanaians, several people are using Bluetooth and infrared to send and receive the vagina-tapping recording on their mobile phones.

Though the original interview was in the Twi language, NEWS-ONE has translated it into English for the benefit of its readers.

Rev. Adarkwa: What is your problem?

Woman: My Problem is that….

Rev. Adarkwa: (interrupts) Let this place be quite. I beg you all don’t move out, wait. Yes Maame…

Woman: My problem is that someone comes to tap the top of my vagina every night.

Rev. Adarkwa: What did you say?

Woman: I said someone comes to tap the top of my vagina.

Rev. Adarkwa: Your what?

Woman: My vagina?

Rev. Adarkwa: Your vagina?

Woman: Yes my vagina. So I came to give an offering and you gave me anointing oil and you said I should come so that you deliver me. So I have come.

Rev. Adarkwa: You said that at night someone comes to do what to you?

Woman: Someone comes to tap my under parts, my vagina.

Rev. Adarkwa: Eiii Maame? Does the person tap you with a blow or what?

Woman: The person taps the place like this. The person taps my under parts. And it makes me wake up.

Rev. Adarkwa: The person does not tap any part of your body except which part?

Woman: That place.

Rev. Adarkwa: Which place?

Woman: My vagina and it makes me feel pain all over my waist and back.

Rev. Adarkwa: Which part?

Woman: My vagina

Rev. Adarkwa: The person does not tap any part of your body except your vagina? Oh Maame, Maame, Maame. Eii, as for today we are hearing things. Deliver her for this is serious.

Source: News One

 Yes, we are hearing words on GC today. You see, my problem with that ‘journalist’ in the above interview is the way he kept on asking about the location. How far can we go with these pastors, don’t you think Ghanaians are paying too much attention to religion?

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Eve says:

wel u can gimme ur email so i send it 2 u guys

elena babe says:

why didnt you bring the picture of this man.hahhahahahahahaha this is hilarious.

ghallday says:

What’s happening in our churches out there. Pastor wanted to here the word vagina too many times. Was he making fun of the terrified woman who was talking about her “private” matters in front of a congregation?

ei Awurade as3m b3n nie!

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:


Opanin says:

why bring the story without the audio????????? post the audio here quick.

Frank vicker says:

I have that recording nd if u want it. Plz contact me 4 more.

maame says:

@Frank vicker, we need it please lol. (:

55 says:

haha…ish is funny………….hard copy pls..

syn says:

can we get de recording?

cici says:

@syn,yes the real recording..dat will b so funny..

That Guy says:

It’s official, Agyegon! 🙂 lol

nana yaw says:

why do you call these people men of GOD when they are preaching lies all over the country? is every folk blind so that u dont know the truth? where in the bible did people pay money for deliverance? these men are false prophets, just take it like that. all those so called gurus in ministry who come to you and tell u that GOD wants u to get visa, money, cars, houses fame and power are all preaching lies and i dont care the number of years u have been in the ministry or the name that u bear, whether archbishop, bishop, or prophet as they call themselves i dont care. these men are deceiving u, why do u still fo to church to listen to lies?

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