New Movie From Socrate Sarfo “Rhapsody Of Love”

Rhapsody Of Love
Rhapsody Of Love

The man that brought us “Hot Fork”  is out with another movie titled “Rhapsody Of  Love”. I have gotten limited information of this movie since I was just “gisted” about the finish product some few minutes ago.

I have managed to get hold of the promo poster which is posted above. Are you seeing what I am seeing? Anyway, the title of the movie sounds catchy and I will commend Socrate Sarfo for the right diction. Even if you do not agree with me on this, you should surely agree that “Rhapsody Of  Love” is far better than “Hot Fork”.

I tried to check out other meanings of “Rhapsody Of Love”.  This can also mean  “Ecstasy Of  Love” or “Great Joy Of Love”. Until I get hold of the trailer, let us keep our fingers cross and keep starring at the promo poster. What do you think this movie will be about? Any clue from the name?

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I sense new faces in this film and it MAKES IT ENTICING….and oh yeah aint no sigynifyingWhitey up in this guy’s films ever.

I just wish he’d make more high calibar films.

I dont think its anything different from his everyday story except he might have ommited some s*x scenes.i dont really look forward to seeing it thou.

lol i dont wanna judge but looking at dis guy n de poster nu.hmm he mite hve even taken it to de nxt level above Hot Fork..anyway we will be waitn!!!

Is she playing the role of a witch or romance?, I don’t get it. But then again she is wearing a s*xy gown…hm actors. I guess she is learning how to act

The greatest p*rn movie maker in Ghana has arrived with anoda blockbuster!!!Lets see how dis one too goes.

if people follow the picture on the cover of the movie i dnt think they might like to watch it. what was she trying to do? jezzzz, i hope she wasn’t trying to be romantic cos it will have been horrible