Weekly Discussion, Let’s Get Talking: To What Extent Can You Brag About Your Woman Or Man?

I am single and I am content with being single. I have chosen to be single for reasons which I consider necessary and important. I know a lot of single people on here share the same sentiment.

It is sometimes really annoying to have things rubbed in your face by friends and acquaintances. I spent almost my entire weekend listening to one of my friends who visited extensively bragging about her man.

It got me a little jealous and then it became annoying. Everything was “Kelvin this, Kelvin that”. I know it is good to be in a relationship but to what extent can a woman brag about her man and the vice versa?

Do you think a woman should tell her friends everything good her man does for her or share with her? Should a man also use every minute and opportunity he gets to brag about her woman? Let’s get talking….

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