Ghanaian Comedian David Oscar Is A Complete Joke

David Oscar (Left) & Jocelyn Dumas Of  Viasat1

David Oscar (Left) & Jocelyn Dumas Of Viasat1

As my fellow people may know, part of the Ghanaian National Pledge reads “I promise on my honour to be faithful and loyal to Ghana my motherland” which stares at me every morning I woke up from bed. With this on my mind and as proud that I am as a Ghanaian I’m ready to protect my country in anyway I can. I’m ready to do anything possible to protect Ghanaians, but in the course of doing this; I will not hesitate to show my strong aversion to any inconsiderate Ghanaian.

I always laugh anytime I watch ‘Laugh A Minute’ on Viasat1, not because the show is funny but because of the hullabaloo concerning the presenter of that show. It’s a case of ‘if a child says he won’t allow his mum to sleep, he himself won’t sleep’.

The presenter is one of the most boring hosts of the most boring show on TV now, David Oscar reminds me of events leading to the annual Charterhouse show ‘Night of 1000 Laughs and Music’.

David was gallivanting around from one media station to the other raving and ranting about the fact that the organizers of that show weren’t fair to him and Ghanaian comedians. Okay! Let’s say the organizers erred in not including him but now he has a whole show to take care of and he’s messing up big time. Geez!

David Oscar On Viasat1’s Laugh A Minute

‘Laugh A Minute’ on Viasat1 is a copy version of ‘America’s Funny Home Video’, where funny videos are shown to a live audience or recorded and played later. Interesting, the host of that show is funny and he’s able to make the audience laugh intermittently.

For David who is or has been trying to copy the trait of the host is very dry. He is not a funny person. Some of the videos are even over 15 years old. Though some of them are real funny, David’s jokes are just too dry.

One of the reasons for the introduction of the show was to enable the station to get closer to its local audience to increase their advertising market. Also to erase the notion that the station is only for foreign productions. But so far its ‘enkoyie’ for the show.

I think it is appropriate that when a person if offered the opportunity to take a shot at something, especially when the person claims he’s better than his colleagues yet he was dropped, it is only appropriate that he steps up his game for the organizers who dropped him to feel ashamed but from what he is doing now, Charter House is vindicated.

If I’m right, most comedians are naturally funny. Immediately you set an eye on them, laughter sets in before they finally open their mouth to take you to a ‘laughter land’.  KSM has that face, Funny Face has it. I see that in Tommy Annan Forson and Fritz Baffour. I don’t see that face in David.

Now I ask myself what David was thinking in his mind when he was jumping from media house to the other insulting (not literary) Charter House for not engaging in his services. Who does business have to lose?

David Oscar At The Citizen Kofi Comedy Show!

I don’t have any personal agenda against David but constant repetition of jokes is another turn off for many people, including myself. Citizen Kofi Comedy Show was another show David messed up. The show was tagged “if you thought there were no comedians in Ghana, you must be joking! Yeah right.

The show featured Tommy Annan Forson, Hon. Fritz Baffour, and Funny Face among others.

Lots of audience were present though the show should have ended after Funny Face performed. But after David rather ended the show on a boring note. On a more serious note, Ghanaians are tired of David also repeating a joke that a Nigerian comedian has said over and over again.

Imagine this … You go to the club, see a lady dancing and facing the glass in the club. Funny ideas get into your mind. You approach her by tapping her at the back, she turns to face you. Upon seeing her rather not beautiful face, you instantly change your mind …

Come on, David this is Basket Mouth’s joke and anytime he says it, it remains as funny as the first day he said it. Instead of going around town painting Charter House black, just sit down and look out for more creative stuff to tell Ghanaians like he said “there are equally good comedy materials in this country that can shine any and everywhere, giving the opportunity.”

This is simple logic! If David cannot make the viewers of Viasat1 happy and cannot make the handful of people at the Citizen Kofi Comedy Show laugh, then surely he should stop dreaming of being given the opportunity to mount a bigger stage, such as Charter House’s annual comedy show.

Stop joking David and up your game, if you want to be taken serious.

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