Mzbel Reveals That She Left Metro TV Because of Jon Germain



According to top Ghanaian female hiplife act, Mzbel, she left her job at Metro TV due to the ‘bossy’ nature of broadcaster, Jon Germain. Speaking to Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM) on Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF) on that same TV channel, Mzbel said “I left Metro TV because Jon Germain was giving me a hard time”.

She explained that she was brought on as a producer for the entertainment TV magazine, ‘Smash TV’ (now Allo Tigo), a show that was being produced by Jon Germain.  Judging by her posturing in TGIF, there was a clear clash in their characters making it difficult for Mzbel to cope. She said that in the end, she decided to leave Metro TV as a case of ‘who is boss’ couldn’t be avoided. “It was a case of boss over boss”, she explained.

Subsequently, Mzbel left Metro TV to pursue a job in editing at Apex advertising Agency before eventually turning to music. She also revealed to KSM that she has now gotten used to all the controversy and media frenzy around her. According to her, she buys publications that gossip about her and reads them for fun at home.

Among the other issues that came up for discussion on TGIF included her love life, her son and family.  Mzbel disclosed that she is currently in a very serious relationship that should lead to marriage soon but was she hesitant to give more information to avoid the usual speculations surrounding her love life

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Posted By: Ameyaw Debrah

Ameyaw holds a B.A Publishing Studies degree from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, where he was voted the Best Publishing Student in his year group (2005). He had his Senior High School education at Adisadel College, After university, he did his National Service at Ovation International (Ghana) Limited and stayed on after completing his service.

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  • cindy

    and so what?!

    • elena babe

      @cindy, hahahhaahahahaha and so she left.heheheheheehehehehehehe

  • zionfelhx 4rm koss

    wil keep quite 4 him 2 fink ab@ himself

  • Opanin

    who cares if she left.she aint talented anyways,the evidence is in her “Edey be” video. total crap. But this Jon Germain koraa wht dey wrong am? he figga say the whole world belongs to him eh. Kwaw Kese go have am.

    • Syn

      @Opanin, she is talented than ur mama

      • osei

        @Syn, u’re stupid..cant he express his view on mzbel?

      • Opanin

        @Syn,so i for no speak ma mind.maybe for u den ur family she be very talented. u knw ma mummy?so why u dey insult am??

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      HAHA….Yep, yep watched his music video(JON GYIMI GYIMI)

  • 27 calibre

    jon you not try koraaa

    • sei

      @27 calibre, no try for what? mizbel left cus she couldnt allow john to control her while she has taken over within a short while.hahahaha. or r yu jeeeeaaaaalous???

  • sei

    i said ma mind and it did not come. what should i say again

  • maame nyarko

    okk so lets get talking this Mzbel gurl is starting to get on my DARN nerves like everytime when an article is written about her, it seems trashy to me.. talking about Castro, her getting married and she’s not, her son and this one and BLAH BLAH BLAH like she is literally getting on my nerves.. wonkoa what do you want from us.. Everyday Mzbel.. and not even any good celebrity(SHE DOES NOT QUALIFY TO BE ONE TO ME) ughhh…….

  • Kwame

    @  opanin f*ck u. Jon Germain is a Fucken Asshole AND I WILL EXPOSE THE  JOB THE CORRUPTION THAT GOES ON AT Metro Tv. 

  • ese wo ara

  • u people should leave mizbel alone.u got 2 respect her viiews.

    • ghallday

      @maame a,We can’t. When you familiarize yourself with being a public figure you get ready to deal with the positive side alongside the negativity. 

  • ghallday

    Mzebel taking a swipe at this guy. Makes for interesting gossip. Is this Jermain guy Ghanaian? Never heard him speak any local gh dialect on tv before.