Readers’ Mail: I Am Happy Yvonne Nelson Is Banned, She Needs A Year Off To Go Learn Acting And Check Into Rehab To Learn Some Sense & People Skills…

Yvonne Nelson At The Game Premiere

Yvonne Nelson At The Game Premiere

About an hour ago, I published the article on Yvonne Nelson’s BAN and I have received 4 E-mails from loyal readers who seem to be sharing the same mind. I have decided to publish the one below (because it came in first).

Thanks to Alicia for writing …..Read her e-mail below


Dear Chris,

I was sad fused with excitement when I read that Yvonne Nelson has been banned in Ghana and Nigeria as an Actress.

I was sad because a young girl did not learn from all the advice people including other Actresses and her fans gave her about her attitude and behavioural disorder.

On the other hand, I am excited because Yvonne Nelson is out of the game for one year and Juliet Ibrahim is pregnant, meaning 2 crap Actresses will be off the Ghana movie industry for about a year. I will be spared all their “shitty” acting and make up disasters.

The positive side of Yvonne Nelson’s ban is that, it will serve as a deterrent to other Actors and Actresses who think they can walk on people’s faces anyhow and anytime. As the adage goes, “You do not bite the hands that feed you”.

I hope Yvonne Nelson uses this mandatory break to check into an Acting school somewhere in Lagos, South Africa or if she can afford, enrol at a prestigious acting college in London or USA to learn some key skills needed to be a good Actress.

As a part time job when studying Acting, she can check into any of the Rehabs to learn about people skills and treat her behavioural disorder. She really needs it.

Maybe, she will never come back. Whatever the case may be, I am sure I will be enjoying some quality African movies without her poor acting skills for now.

Loyal Reader,

Alicia xxx

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