Birthday Bash: Naa Ashorkor Looking Wow At 22…

Guess what, she was only 21 and won the AMAA Best Actress award. She is probably the youngest actress who has won the award so far. Naa Ashorkor is 22 years today, how i wish to sing the ‘happy birthday’ song in ‘Twi’ for her.

Anyway, i will leave that to ‘Striker’ Samini Batman to work on it. GC wishes her all the best and we hope that Naa can win an Oscar at the age of 25.

Enjoy the photos, click for a proper view…

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Mahoney says:

It is a lie.Naa Ashokor looks 30 to me.What the hell is 22.Do this writers think we are kids or blind?
Please spare us all these lies.

nana aba says:

this is unbelievable!!! is Naa that young and she is a november born too!!! November borns we are blessed!!!

Bernard says:


BB says:

Ahh Naa is not 22.she luks older than dat.Oh i remember stephen appiah is even 29 years then Naa u really 22.

queenie says:

its non of any body’s business whether she’s luks older than her age..aden  kraa haters!

adjoa says:


Bernard says:


Everlove says:

Oh Naa paa!, what do u take us for? 22 yrs my behind, how could u be just 2 years older than me when u could certainly pass for my mum. Be proud of your age and embrace it. I love u though and i’m proud of u. Keep doing what u love best.

Solomon says:

difficult to believe Naa is so young like this,OMG, its incredible she won award at this age who else know the number of awards she is gonna win when she turn 30.

maame says:

danggg.. that girl looks like freaking 30 years.. mmm 22 paa?? ohh noo

cici says:

pls go do de research probably..dis lady here cannot b 22..nah its tooo impossible..22 n lookin old like dat??r u guys sure??ok lets c her birth certificate..Naa prove 2 us dat u r 22 n we will take it 4rm der..

nana yaa.a says:

@goodies hahahahhahhah……….oh yeh

nana yaa.a says:

@t….you are right

goodies says:

happy bday gal , and to think she was abt 42yrs , how wrong i was…..

Marie says:

She looks so old.  I thought she was in her 30s

anne says:

i thought she was in her early’s 30’s! b,cos thats how she looks to me,anyways happy bday..

hey says:

she looks older than her age i thought she was in her late 20’s

afua says:

wow i don’t believe her age her looks are older for her age anyway………………………………… happy birthday you.

afua says:

wow i don’t believe her age. She look old for her age anyway………………………………… happy birthday you.

T says:

Where did the author get this age from ? …. or maybe he made a mistake, perhaps its 32. – thats more believable !

T says:

Where did the author get this age from ? …. or maybe he made a mistake, perhaps its 32. -- thats more believable !

nana yaa.a says:

she is in her 30´s

TheChuckylee says:

Happy Birthday Naa.But I dont think she’s 22 cos she luks much older than dat or is it her acting age just like the footballers.

Afia says:

iIf she were european, u would have believe that she is actually 22. If she says she is 22, then she is. All da same; Happy Birthday, Naa

gh says:

she’s definately not….y does she have 2 lie abt her age….not a big deal if you are 30 grl….its jst a number

patee says:

liar wot kind of 22 is that she is actuall 42

Tina says:

O.M.G. i dnt think she is 22 but all the same some people who travel to UK and stuff have reduce their age so i will not be surprise at all. all the same nice pic and Gud luck with the 22 years.

Dennis says:

happy birthday girl nd may Godly bless u nd give u long life so we can hv great shows from u.

ellen says:

o my god she looks so much older, i thought she was about 26 years or something. she aint 22!

NYC says:

I don’t believe this? There is nothing to believe in Ghana anymore. Nothing is REAL!

madam social says:

always looking adorable. happy birthday sweetheart. wishing u many more of these

nana yaa.a says:

aaah she is more than 22 man……..find out frm her

mother says:

hmm ,i thought much older too ,folks make sure u get the right age …..

Adwoa says:


miss dior says:

@Adwoa, hahahaha, thats what i thought too, omg.

T says:

Only 22? -- I don’t think that is true … if it is then thats too bad for her becos she looks so much older In Perfect Picture, I honestly thought she was the oldest of the group -- so yu are saying she was only like 19 then? … hard to believe.

MSA says:

So she was 19 when she did perfect picture? Yeah right. i think she is much older than that. 

dob says:

are u sure u got her real age, bcos she looks much much older than 22.

Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri says:

Happy B’day Naa! 

edena says:

happy birthday girl ,may u live to be a million and sour in greater heights.

spankydeluv says:

she sure is young

Adjoa nbaaso) says:

Aww, happy birthday Naa.Thought you were older than that.Anyway Obuor Amankwa where have you been?Its been a while , wanted to ask of you from Chris.

Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri says:

@Adjoa nbaaso),

Good you are asking, He disappeared somewhere and you know China is so populated that we could even find him. Welcome back massa!

GHGulr101 says:

@Author: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, lol..china over populated

@Adjoa nbaaso),
lol Adjoa, i’m still around but a lil busy with other things, will try and keep up with chris&eben from now onwards…

Kin says:

happy birthday next is an oscar for you

SYN says:

@Kin, keep dreaming

Kin says:

@SYN, ya damn skippy, when I think good postive thoughts I think ’em big, the way I dream big, its the only way to free ya self

SYN says:

she luks too damn old geesh. de young looking old, de old luking young. i rather b old nd luk soo darn good.

edena says:


syn says:

@edena, so go wash ur stinky pu**y

Kin says:

@SYN, i have no response for you. she’s only human

nat says:

wow is she dat yung?i dont belief dis.hapi bdae ma dear.

osei says:

@nat, happi birthday Naa, but she seems more than 22.

becky says:

@osei, she looks old 4 dat age if anybody knows her tell her to get anti ageing cream other wise hmmmmmmmmmmm

abena227 says:

@becky, lmbo mean

black coffee says:

@osei, that is to tell u how uncle George love her meaning very uly

ghallday says:

@osei,She seems and probably is more than 22… or maybe her face looks much older than her actual age. 

Amoa says:

@nat, I cant believe it either. 22 years?

afrakoma says:

@nat, is that her real age?

ghallday says:

@afrakoma, Might be the “professional” age. The other actual age is kept away from the books. 

Look at Asamoah Gyan for instance and they are telling us he is 25?! hahahaha

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