John Dumelo Clears The Air Saying, Sex Scene In “Hidden Passion” Is Not Me”, Could It Be A Fixed In Scene?

After publishing the article on the upcoming vulgar centred movie “ Hidden Passion”, I had a call from John Dumelo who said, he does not remember shooting any revealing s*x scene like seen in the movie.

As the trailer flows with a deliberate effort not to show the face of the person showing his butt which comes just after John Dumelo’s s*x scene , it is clear that the producers want us to believe it is John’s back side and that is exactly what I did.

I am therefore changing the title of the article until we are able to reach the producers and ascertain whose backside it is in the trailer.

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I will refer to the person showing his hairy butt as “Mr Nobody” until the producers come out to tell us who it really is in that scene.

If it was a scene cut from another movie just to be fixed in “Hidden Passion”  to represent John Dumelo, then as I apologize to John Dumelo for the mxed-up, the producers should also make their way to him to equally apologize.

Eventhough John Dumelo was engaged in some s*x scenes in the movie, he said ” the butt is not his, that scene is not him”,  and he does not know where that came from…

Below is the trailer, watch it and help us solve the mystery since John Dumelo said he does not also know whose butt it could be. Obviously it is not mine and not yours either…

description=”Ho Sit Down: This Is A Disgrace, Please Ladies Dont Ever Try This”

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com. Contact:

when i saw the foto dat ppl were complaining abt, i knew its was not john’s cos john has a very dark chocolate skin while the one on the foto is little light skin. hhmm in this world ppl like giving bad comment when they dont even know the truth of the matter.

This is no other person but Frank not John, i wouldn’t say that John can’t do it but this time its not him but rather Frank, so we shouldn’t even shift the attention from Frank cos looking at his colour compare to john even talks much about this scene.

its definetly nt john he’s got self respect……wat’s ghana turning into..i think ghanaians over do stuff damn! nd for kalsum i never expected dat.hmmmmmmmmmmm

Jim carrey showed his ass in ace ventura…….john dumelo showed his ass in chelsea……why complain about johns own????

jim carey is in well respected industry that makes good movies and quality once too. John is in a yawa bogus industry that is still crawling since day one. that’s why I think ppl are complaining. Lets first focus on making good movies and then show our ass later. u dig naira boo?

lol i agree with you. there should be a quota before showing skin, after 50movies you can show it. but then again we need to think of creative ways to show lovemaking and affection without skin. Aint no fresh ideas in Gollywood on how to do this ….sucks

I don’t care whether it is John’s butt or not. The bottom line is it ‘s disgraceful 4 our main actors to be always involved in one p*rn movie or the other.Besides John has showed his butt in several Chelsea

When its bad news u’ll see how quickly people comment… that the website has apologised to john dumelo nooone is commenting…..shame on u all who insulted john dumelo because of this mix up. John is one of the best actors Africa has produced!

i’m shocked dat some one wuld do a movie like dis nd dat a veteran like kalsoume sinare wuld accpeted a movie role like dis

@CHRIS,why didnt u confim 4rm JOHN b4 assuming it was him?Ppl like John and Jackie wouldnt iindulge in such nasty acts but de likes of NADIA,YVONNEL n MAJID re capable.


Surely what you saying is what should have been done if I even had a little doubt as to whether it was John or not. To be frank, as i followed the trailer through, it never occurred to me that a producer will fix in a scene deliberately to represent anyone.

I have had a good talk with John and as a gentleman as he is, he understands the mix-up and has accepted my apology.

What i cannot still comprehend is, who could the butt belong to? John says he has no idea so all we have is to chase the producers and hear what they have to say to us.

I held the honest belief at the time of the publication that it was John… As you can also see, it is an effort to deceive us all….

I think the identity of the butt should remain anonymous. Sometimes it is better that way unless they are a p*rno actor

well untill a child is born then we can know who he looks like,let the film comes out then we can know if is dumelo or not.


@ekua,u’re verystupid to spew dis trash.Did jackie Flirt wit Ur ugly FATHER?Tell dat BITCH mum of urs to divorce dat UGLY father of urs since he was Flirting wit BEAUTIFUL Lady JACKIE.Ekua idiotic beign from de BUSH… wonder MEN use u like de way dey use dat BITCH NADIA of urs.

she flirts with the nigerian to get money for her fliving because she is soo GREEDY and want to overshadow every actress in ghana DONT YOU SEE HOW SHE PLAY ashawo WLL IN MOVIES ? that is what she is GRADUATED FROM .JACKIE will continue to be that MARRIED WHORE, IF JACKIE CAN FLIRT IN HER MARRIAGE THEN I CAN BET SHE WAS WORSE IN SPINSTERHOOD THAN NADIA .ABOABA : YES JACKIE WILL CONTINUE TO ROCK IN ASHAWO AND GREEDINESS ONIBREFO WOMAN.THAT IS A FACT LIVE WITH IT.

the same way you adore JACKIE the HYPOCRITE MARRIED WHORE ,who will do anything in the name of money ;WHICH TALENT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?YOU ARE A JOKE ,since you have made up your mind to drug nadia in the mud you will definatel meet your waterloo ,

kwasia why do you always say bad things about nadia is she not also a human being just like the jackie you adore?you insult ,i will insult that is tit for tat.

u obviously hve no idea wat ure tlkin about first of all john nd jackie hve done more p*rn movies dan nadia so get ur facts straight

i’m shocked dat some one wuld do a movie like dis nd dat a veteran like kalsoume sinare wuld accpeted a movie role like dis

@akosua dpnt mind that |Crackhead osei dude is on drugs the only thing he learned in live is to be obsessed with jackie 

Am not on CRACK n wil never be on crack if dats de WISH u can pray 4 me.I dont tthink u need a rocket scientist to prove to u “How wunderful and talented JACkIE is? compare to dat Wannabe BITCH NADIA who is fading out cuz of inferiority complex.Dat BITCH NADIA BUARI can never and WILL never compare herself wit TALENTED jackie Appiah.With inferiority complex dat has taken de whole life of dat cheap NADIA… u think she can attain her potentiality?Stupid MIYAGI,tell NADIA to be her self and no wonder she is a TYPICAL BASTARD.Anyway,jackie knos her FATHER…Unlike DAT Bastard NADIA.Foolish ppl wil adore a BASTARD n prostitute like NADIA as a role MODEL.

@osei your a BIG FOOL with Capital letters, Me cago en tu puta madre you’re more worhtless than a homeless bitch have ever asked your self how the relationship is between jackie and her father and that he is not even in support with what she is doing Dickhead 

how can u  say dat….above  all Nadia is the one who hasnt done any nasty p*rn movie apart from the others…

im not surprised John came out 2 say its not him cos dat butt is a lil light skinned dan his…lol

im not surprised John came out 2 say its not him cos dat butt is a lil light skinned dan his…lol

Osei what uve said is a big lie..u obviously don’t african movies because if u did u wudn give those egs u did..Jackie does s*x scenes in most of her movies..Nadia doesn’t do a lot of dat..John does s*x movies most of de ur research properly b4 u say sumthg.