Weekly Discussion, Let’s Get Talking: Marrying Outside One’s Religion? Would You Ever Do That?

Over the weekend, Sulley Ali Muntari (Muslim) married his long term girlfriend “Menaye Donkor” (Christian) in Accra.

Despite how happy the couple appeared and not to talk of how long they have been together, various people are of the view that Sulley as a practising Muslim should have married within his religion.

Marriage I believe goes beyond religion; what matters most is your happiness and compatibility.

Many have valid and alternative reasons why it is not ideal to marry outside your religion. Scratch modernisation, education and all its associates, to some people marrying outside your religion is a big No to them.

  • What do you think about inter-religious marriages?
  • Who carries the burden to convert?
  • Would you ever marry outside your religion?
  • If yes, under what conditions will you go into the marriage?
  • Would you convert as a result of inter-religious marriage?
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